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Chapter 805 - : Explosion

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Chapter 805: Explosion

“This is only a small amount of the power of the Branch of the Tree of Eternity, and this is all I can do. This state can only be maintained for at most a day, after which everything will be restored,” Rogge explained with some regret after seeing that Lin Li was looking at him in shock. He then turned his head to say to Nefa, “We only have a day’s time. If we can’t let the Flame Dragon Lothar go into hibernation within a day, we…”

“Don’t worry, I won’t court death together with you,” said Nefa, whose eyes were filled with inconcealable worry, even though he appeared to be indifferent. To observe the surroundings, he had no choice but to look around as if he were appreciating the beautiful scenery created by the Branch of the Tree of Eternity.

Rogge shook his head helplessly and turned to look at Lin Li again. He said, “If things really escalate to that level, I’ll send you back to Anril first, and get you to help the Darkness Shrine make preparations. I hope they can survive this terrible disaster.”

Lin Li knew his own abilities; hence, he didn’t say any foolish things about dying together. Instead, he nodded and said, “Please rest a.s.sured, High Priest. If things really develop to that extent, I’ll do what you say.”

The battle was nigh, and there was somber tension in the air. The three of them sat on the ground, and no one was in the mood to talk. Although they were in the forest that was full of vitality, there was an aura of death everywhere because of the lack of the chirping of birds and the roaring of beasts. The lush greenery did not feel refres.h.i.+ng for them at all, and although there was no fire element present, everyone was filled with frustration that could not seem to go away.

The Flame Dragon Lothar was the top powerhouse amongst the ancient dragons, and was a terrifying existence that was almost on par with the Dragon Aspects. Now that they were about to face a strong enemy, even Rogge, who wanted to attack the Flame Dragon Lothar, could not help but feel nervous. His life was secondary, but if he couldn’t even stop the Flame Dragon Lothar, who in the Darkness Shrine would be able to really save the Darkness Shrine?

Rogge glanced at Nefa who was beside him. Previously, Nefa took the opportunity to release the prehistoric magical beasts there while he was in deep sleep, which resulted in a huge blow to the Darkness Shrine. However, he still did not have what it took to destroy the Darkness Shrine; hence, the Darkness Shrine had the chance to rise again. However, this time, the end and destruction of the Darkness Shrine would be foreseeable if the Flame Dragon Lothar were to barge into Anril.

Rogge s.h.i.+fted his gaze onto Lin Li, who had awakened him, and sighed secretly in his heart. He thought, This young mage is so young, and yet already so competent. He’s so talented in magic, and I even see some of Geresco in him. However, he’s still in the growing stage, after all. If Geresco was the one here with us now…

At the thought of Geresco who had once fought alongside him, Rogge couldn’t help but be a little distracted. Although he was known as the powerful mage who was second only to then, who knew that he and Geresco were actually words apart? If Geresco had been there now, he would have probably already entered the Fire Elemental World and sent the Flame Dragon Lothar into hibernation.

At this moment, even Roger couldn’t calm down, let alone Lin Li and Nefa. Nefa had always been reluctant to partic.i.p.ate in this battle which they had no chance of winning, and he had even cursed Rogge hard deep down. If it weren’t for the fact that Rogge mentioned in the end that he knew about the Dragon of Destruction, Nefa would rather lose the Branch of the Tree of Eternity than take part in the battle that was almost sure death for them. Although his younger brother, Tutankhamun, was waiting to kill him in Anril, he could just find another s.p.a.ce to hide in.

To his dismay, the Immortal King, Geresco, and his own younger brother didn’t want to let him become the new Dragon of Destruction. If he were already the Dragon of Destruction now, why would he be afraid of the Flame Dragon? He thought, Forget it, I’ll just run away if I can’t fight when the time comes. What would that Flame Dragon do if it broke into the world of Anril? What would it have to do with me!?

Before the battle started, Nefa had already secretly developed an idea to escape. However, he was a little reluctant to give up on the information Rogge had revealed.

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Although Lin Li was weaker than Rogge and Nefa, he was in a better mood compared to them because he knew that he was just a bystander in this battle. Apart from having to be careful not to be affected by the battle, he basically did not have much to do. Of course, Lin Li still admired Rogge’s determination in the end. That respectable old man had been living there for hundreds of years, and now had to risk his life to fight for the survival of the Darkness Shrine. That was something that Lin Li could never do.

The three of them leaped up into the air and avoided the horrifying Fire Elemental Storm. Lin Li then looked out of the channel of the Fire Elemental World to see that it was already covered in red. The giant tree that had stemmed from the branch of the Tree of Eternity was the only one that was still standing and emitting a green light which was going against the Fire Elemental Power. The hundreds of trees around that giant tree had all been charred, and the ones in the outer radius had also withered to varying extent.

Before the three of them could take action, the ma.s.sive force of oppression immediately descended on this world. Lin Li, who was the weakest, almost lost control of his Power of Flight at this moment, and almost fell from midair. As for Rogge and Nefa, they were not performing that much better despite being Sanctuary-level powerhouses. Their bodies, which were originally suspended steadily in the air as if they were standing on a flat ground, began swaying uncontrollably under the ma.s.sive and violent pressure.

Lin Li who had finally regained his balance after having a hard time was also in shock at this time. The ma.s.sive and unbearable oppression was probably not inferior to that of the perfect body of Osric that he’d encountered previously. Besides, it was coming from the Fire Elemental World channel. At this time, Lin Li was even more certain that he really couldn’t intervene in that battle, because his strength was way too inferior. Intervention would just be courting death for him.

Back when Lin Li had faced the perfect body of Osric which had level-26 to level-27’s power, Lin Li had a group of Legendary-level companions. However, that perfect body had been only manipulated by a tiny Soul Imprint of Osric’s. It wouldn’t even use any powerful magic, and simply relied on its formidable physical strength. It was also limited by the crystal coffin. The limitations were also the reason that the perfect body did not exert level-26 to level-27’s strength. That had given Lin Li the chance to win during the dangerous situation.

However, they were now facing the Flame Dragon Lothar, which was not restrained like Osric’s perfect body had been. Instead, it was a bona fide powerhouse of the Sanctuary-realm. Although the level did not mean everything, ignoring the difference in level when everything was true to level would simply be courting one’s death.

While the three were watching and keeping their guard up, the Fire Elemental World channel was also continuously expanded and torn under the irresistible power. Next, a ma.s.sive figure wrapped in golden flames squeezed out of the channel tyrannically, and the oppression in the air that was initially already terrifying enough became purer and more brutal with the appearance of this figure.

“Roar!” With a groundbreaking dragon’s roar, the ma.s.sive figure wrapped in golden flames finally surged out of the channel and announced his arrival to the entire world. It then flew up into the sky and looked down at everything on the ground beneath it.

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