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Chapter 803 - Flame Dragon Lothar

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Chapter 803: Flame Dragon Lothar

“Old Rogge, do you want me to do something for you when you say that you'll give the branch of Eternity to me?” Nefa landed on a spot opposite Rogge which he personally thought was safe. After all, he was wary of this Dark Mage who had been his neighbor for hundreds of years.

“Right, I need you to collaborate with me for something. Once it's done, I can give you the branch of Eternity.” Rogge wasn't bothered by Nefa's rude tone, and directly stated his demand.

“Collaborate? What kind of task can't you accomplish yourself and need my help with?” Nefa looked alarmed. No one was clearer about Rogge's abilities than Nefa, especially after Rogge had transformed into his current state. When Rogge needed to collaborate with others even with such terrifying abilities, it definitely wouldn't be a simple task.

Rogge stared at Nefa, and replied, “It's all because of you.”

“Because of me? What a joke!” Nefa looked like he was laughing, but his eyes were still filled with wariness. He said, “I've always been tormented by the seal at the mountaintop. If anything, Geresco is to blame.”

Rogge wasn't angered by Nefa's att.i.tude. He calmly explained, “Because you've released the power of this fire element world several times, the seal was damaged, and the s.p.a.cetime rift in the outside world has started to expand. Thus, this dimension that existed in the crack has also become unstable. I've already sensed that a terrifying presence will be awakened soon in the fire element world. If he is awakened, the balance of Elemental Power in the whole world will be destroyed. You should know what catastrophe that will cause.”

“You're worried about the Darkness Shrine, aren't you? I thought that you don't care about it anymore! Although the Darkness Shrine would feel the impact first should anything happen in this dimension, what does it have to do with me?” Nefa pretended to be lighthearted, but he was rather worried internally since Rogge wasn't someone who liked to exaggerate.

“Don't forget that the first to feel the impact isn't the Darkness Shrine, but you and me.” Rogge hit the nail on the head. No matter what would happen to the Darkness Shrine, Nefa and he wouldn't be able to escape, since they were in this dimension. As such, Nefa had to do this whether he was willing or not.

“You… Never mind. Tell me what you want to do.” Nefa knew that Rogge was telling the truth. After all, the most likely outcome of the loss of balance of Elemental Power was the collapse of this world. Even though he was the descendant of the Dragon of Destruction, he most likely wouldn't be able to make it out alive.

“I believe you've heard of the ancient Flame Dragon called Lothar who sleeps in this fire element world. After my slumber this time, I can clearly feel that he's going to awake soon—” Even with Rogge's composure, his tone was filled with worry when he announced this piece of information.

Upon hearing this piece of news, Nefa jumped without letting Rogge finish his sentence, and yelled, “Impossible! So you want me to deal with Lothar together with you? Don't you know how powerful Lothar is? Even my father couldn't defeat Lothar easily, and he has similar power compared to the Dragon Aspects! No, I would rather face my brother in the outside world than follow you on a crazy quest. I advise you to leave here and bring your Darkness Shrine as far as possible. Our strength is nothing compared to Lothar's.”

When Rogge asked Lin Li to look for Nefa, Lin Li knew that what Rogge wanted to do was not so simple. However, he didn't expect Rogge to be dealing with an ancient flame dragon. After hearing Nefa's words, Lin Li had some understanding of the ancient Flame Dragon Lothar's level of power. Given the fact that his nearly matched that of the Dragon Aspects, Tutankhamun probably was also no match for him. This was really something Lin Li couldn't help with at all. Even if he put out all his trump cards, it would also be impossible for him to hurt Lothar a single bit.

It was just too crazy to combat an ancient flame dragon! Honestly speaking, even Lin Li agreed with Nefa now. Everyone should just avoid Lothar as far as possible. No matter what would happen when the flame dragon got into Anril, at least the Sanctuary powerhouses wouldn't just sit back and do nothing. Then, the Sanctuary powerhouses would probably defeat the flame dragon together.

Although Nefa outright rejected Rogge's offer, Rogge didn't give up, and unhurriedly said, “As the descendant of the Dragon of Destruction who vowed to become the new Dragon of Destruction, you are scared so easily? Flame Dragon Lothar is indeed very powerful, but we have a chance if we collaborate. The branch of Eternity that you desire is just here. As long as you agree to collaborate, it's yours after everything is done.”

Nefa looked at the shade of green in this crimson-colored world, and a bitter smile appeared on his face. He shook his head, and replied, “Although I really want this branch, my life is still more important. Flame Dragon Lothar is a lunatic that we definitely can't defeat. I won't go crazy with you.”

“Do you think you have a choice? At least you still stand a chance facing Lothar, but do you think the skills Geresco has taught Tutankhamun are useless? You are very clear of Tutankhamun's personality. Although you two are biological brothers, and he pleaded for your life in front of Geresco, he will definitely keep his promise that he has made to Geresco. Do you want to die in your own brother's hands, or fight for your chance of survival against Lothar?”

Rogge's words were rather cruel, but it was the truth that Nefa had to admit. Although Nefa was a bit stronger than Tutankhamun, Tutankhamun had learned skills that specifically countered Nefa from Geresco. Unless Nefa became the new Dragon of Destruction, he would be defeated no matter how much stronger he was compared to Tutankhamun. Moreover, with the special telepathic connection between the brothers, he wouldn't be able to escape from Tutankhamun once he stepped into Anril no matter where he hid. That stubborn brother of his wouldn't let him off so easily even if he cared about him.

“Fight for survival… It's easier said than done. That's Flame Dragon Lothar…” Nefa felt extremely conflicted now. He was doomed to die no matter what he chose; it was just a matter of how he'd die. d.a.m.n it! If not for Geresco, I wouldn't have to deal with all this unlucky stuff!

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Rogge noticed Nefa's internal conflict, and put another important chip on the table. He said, “If you agree to deal with Flame Dragon Lothar together with me, other than the branch of Eternity, I can help you find the power that your father had left behind at the suitable moment.” This was definitely a greater enticement to Nefa than the branch of Eternity. After all, Nefa's ultimate goal was to become the new Dragon of Destruction.

Although Rogge was very confident that Nefa would be tempted by the conditions he put out, anything could happen until it was confirmed. Seeing that Nefa finally agreed, Rogge heaved a sigh of relief in his heart, and said, “Then let's discuss how to deal with Flame Dragon Lothar now.”

“What do you know about that battle?” Nefa didn't pick up Rogge's topic, and asked Rogge anxiously about what had happened during the battle between the Immortal King and Dragon of Destruction.

“I will tell you what you want to know after we are finished with what we want to do now,” Rogge replied without any hesitation, sealing off the topic with just one sentence. Now, he wasn't worried that Nefa would leave at all. That wasn't because he trusted Nefa's sense of integrity, but rather because he was confident in Nefa's desire to become the Dragon of Destruction.

“You…” Nefa was indeed angry that Rogge sealed off the topic just like that, but thinking that Rogge had information that he needed urgently, he had to suppress his anger, and stiffly continued, “Okay, tell me what you plan to do.”

“Not me, but us,” Rogge emphasized, and turned towards Lin Li. “Felic, can you fetch the branch of Eternity for me now?”

“Glad to help you,” replied Lin Li courteously. He then turned and flew towards the shade of green in this crimson-colored world. Although he wanted to get this branch of Eternity as well, he knew that it had more important use now. At least, it could help Rogge to get Nefa as a temporary ally.

Rogge could have left the Night Canyon with the Darkness Shrine. Although Flame Dragon Lothar would cause a catastrophe should it be let into Anril, no one would blame Rogge for that. Moreover, the catastrophe wouldn't be blown out of proportions when the Sanctuary powerhouses joined against it. This was certainly a more advantageous and safer choice for Rogge. However, he chose the more difficult path to stop Flame Dragon Lothar here. This was why Lin Li sincerely admired Rogge.

If he was Rogge, would he make the same choice? Lin Li shook his head. Not to mention that he didn't consider himself as someone belonging to Anril, even in his original world, he probably wouldn't risk his own life to save others. He would help with some things within his capacity at the very most.

Due to the strong pressure after Rogge awoke, the fire elemental creatures in this fire element world all ran far away from here. Thus, Lin Li got to the location of the branch of Eternity without any hindrance.

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