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Chapter 794 - The Wyrm That Got Deceived

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Chapter 794: The Wyrm That Got Deceived

Lin Li had just obtained from Osric the debris of the stars Nothingness, which contained s.p.a.ce Laws as well. However, Lin Li's current strength did not allow him to exert the power of Nothingness or comprehend and master the s.p.a.ce Laws of Nothingness. With the Immortal King's robe that had been sealed, Lin Li would be able to increase his mastery of Nothingness by studying the s.p.a.ce Laws in the robe and exert the power of Nothingness, which was the strangest of all pieces of the debris of the stars, to a greater extent. It was definitely a huge temptation for Lin Li, even more so than reading the Light Bible and the Darkness scripture.

Seeing that Lin Li was tempted, Nefa smiled smugly, and said, “You can rest a.s.sured that I won't harm you, at least until you get that thing back. Hurting you wouldn't do me any good.” He knew that a conscientious person like Lin Li wouldn't believe him if he were to continuously express his friendliness with no signs of hostility. Hence, he decided to make the interests a priority.

However, while the robe of the Immortal King which contained the sealed s.p.a.ce Laws might be attractive, it was not enough to make Lin Li forget his need to be cautious. Although Nefa made it sound effortless as if an ordinary person would be able to get the item safely too, Lin Li believed that there was no free lunch in the world. If things were as simple as Nefa made them out to be, why didn't Nefa let the Minotaurs do it? Since they were all Legendary-level, he could easily make 10 of them go if one or two weren't enough. Although Nefa couldn't move away from his spot, Lin Li felt that there should be no problem for him to control those Minotaurs.

Hence, although Lin Li was a little bit tempted, he did not agree immediately without hesitation. His expression soon became calm again, and he still looked at Nefa with his guard up. He said in a hostile manner, “It's not bad, but it's not up to you to decide if it is dangerous or not. You'd better not hide any details about what you want me to take and what dangers I might encounter. I'll contemplate if your robe is worth risking my life for.”

“You are very cautious. Although it seems unnecessary to me, that also makes me more confident in you,” Nefa said in a tone of approval. He then continued, “Before I tell you what the item that I need you to get is, I'll first have to talk about this s.p.a.ce. Do you know where this s.p.a.ce is from?”

Legend had it that when Anril was born from chaos, it emerged together with countless s.p.a.ces of various sizes. Due to the fact that the Laws of those s.p.a.ces were not as well-balanced as the ones in Anril, some of the s.p.a.ces had already been destroyed a long time ago, while some had survived in Anril after thousands of years of evolution. Examples included the World of the Undead which contained countless Undead creatures and the Shadow Realm which was known as the reverse of the world. Besides, it was also said that the Endless Abyss created by the ancient deities was created by gathering some relatively stable s.p.a.ces.

The s.p.a.ces that were floating in the chaotic flow of s.p.a.cetime outside Anril were like stars in the sky, and even powerful existences like the Immortal King and Geresco dared not claim to know the s.p.a.ces in the chaos of time and s.p.a.ce, let alone an insignificant mage like Lin Li who had just arrived in Anril a few years ago. Hence, Lin Li didn't interject when Nefa was speaking, and simply stared at him coldly, waiting for him to continue.

Nefa wasn't bothered by Lin Li's att.i.tude, and he unhurriedly said, “This s.p.a.ce is one of the s.p.a.ces between the four Elemental Worlds of earth, fire, water, and wind, and it also relies on the balance and stability of the World Laws of Anril. In fact, ever since the birth of Anril, the relatively unstable s.p.a.ces have all collapsed and gotten destroyed. The ones remaining were all related to Anril, and an amazingly perfect balance had long been created. If nothing were to go wrong, the balance would change with the years, and perhaps after tens of thousands of years the worlds may even merge with Anril. However, the collapse of the Tree of Eternity resulted in a huge impact on the Laws of Anril, causing the worlds to fall out of balance.”

Regarding the influence of the Tree of Eternity on Anril, Lin Li had already heard about it from Tutankhamun back in the Blackstone Mountains. Actually, Geresco had expected that situation since a long time ago, but the most important thing to do was to prevent the resurgence of the High Elves. If the Tree of Eternity hadn't fallen, the High Elves wouldn't have been destroyed. Even if the High Elves had all been killed at that time, they would still be born and grow again as long as the Tree of Eternity existed. It would then be a far-fetched idea for humans to end the Dark Age.

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Geresco had also made the agreement with Tutankhamun for the sake of finding and grooming someone who could solve the issue. Previously, Tutankhamun mentioned that once Lin Li reached the Sanctuary-realm, he would be able to use the magic spells in the Book of Eternity to seal the cracks in s.p.a.cetime in place of Geresco. However, it seemed that the matter wasn't that simple. For Anril that had lost the Tree of Eternity, the seal probably wouldn't get rid of the root problem.

The fact that Nefa had lost his temper all of a sudden made Lin Li feel rather stunned for a while. He could not help but be a little curious, and asked, “Is that human mage Geresco?”

Rogge had entered this realm after Nefa did; hence, other than Rogge, it seemed that the only human mage who had the power to bring Nefa there was Geresco, the G.o.d of Mages. After all, Nefa wouldn't have been convinced unless Geresco had enough power.

However, what made Li Li feel even more puzzled was why Geresco only managed to trick Nefa there given his formidable strength. At the end of the Dark Age, Geresco could already be considered the strongest mage in Anril. Killing the High Elven queen and ruining the Tree of Eternity was something that an ordinary powerhouse of the Sanctuary-realm could not do. Although Nefa was a descendant of the Dragon of Destruction, he was still just a descendant, after all, and did not inherit the blood of the real Dragon of Destruction. If Geresco had really wanted to get rid of Nefa, it would probably not have been too difficult to kill him. Hence, there was no need to trick him into going there at all. Could it really be to suppress this power?

“Indeed, it is that horrendous b.a.s.t.a.r.d. Who else could it be!?” Nefa hollered angrily, seemingly filled with resentment that he had acc.u.mulated for thousands of years. At this moment, Nefa had cursed at Geresco countless times before, but this time, he was particularly thrilled, perhaps because someone was listening.

“Have you had enough? If you have, let's go on to talk about business,” Lin Li said impatiently, keeping his guard up even higher against Nefa at the same time. Lin Li often read Geresco's Book of Eternity, and had heard many legends about him. Although he dared not claim to know him too well, he felt that Geresco wouldn't be a horrendous villain; hence, Nefa was definitely not as innocent as he made himself out to be.

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