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Chapter 790 - Conversation

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Chapter 790: Conversation

Staring at the figure that looked more like the descendant of the Dragon of Destruction than Tutankhamun did, Lin Li did not dare to let his guard down at all. Even though he had barged into the big crack, and seemed to be oblivious to the dangers within, he had already condensed all of his mental strength as if he was laying a big net around him as soon as he entered. Any and all changes would be detected by him. At this moment, he had already converged all of the mana fluctuations within him, and while he seemed to be extremely calm, he was already in the best state for casting. Hence, he could unleash his strongest combat power at any time.

Lin Li was bold but not arrogant. Otherwise, he would have long died during the various near-death experiences that he had had in the past few years in Anril. Back in the Endless World, Lin Li had dealt with the real Dragon of Destruction. Although he had had the Stars of Fury and all seven pieces of the debris of the stars, and also seized the opportunity to strike when the Dragon of Destruction had been weak, it still had been the most difficult and thrilling battle he had had so far. Although he was not facing the actual Dragon of Destruction now, but only a descendant of it, Lin Li was not as invincible as he had been in the Endless World, and he didn't have the Stars of Fury and all seven pieces of the debris of the stars, either. Even the powerhouses of the Sanctuary-realm would be worried and alert when dealing with the prehistoric magical beasts that were above the Legendary-level, let alone Lin Li, a level-23 Legendary-mage.

Lin Li didn't want to be a hero, and although he had some ties with Sendros, their relations.h.i.+p alone was not significant enough for him to put himself in danger for the sake of saving the Darkness Shrine. In fact, if there had been other options, Lin Li would never have put himself in danger by gambling like this. As long as he could get what he wanted, he wouldn't mind letting the beasts out and ruining the Darkness Shrine again.

However, Lin Li was very clear that those beasts that had been sealed for countless years often went back on their word and would say one thing, only to do another. Even though that figure sounded rather nice, Lin Li knew that the beasts would become dominant over him once he released them. How could Tutankhamun's brother possibly talk things out with him calmly? Would he even answer Lin Li's questions? Hence, unless Lin Li didn't want to find out about anything, he definitely had to enter the crack. Besides, even if he didn't release them now, they wouldn't stay in the crack for long according to Sendros' hunch. By then, there would be no need to say anything.

Of course, Lin Li did not think that Tutankhamun's brother would be intimidated by his bravery in barging in and then blurt out everything he knew. Lin Li knew very well that no matter where he was, he would have to show his powers and prove himself to be strong enough in order to a.s.sert dominance. Otherwise, he would have to be suppressed by others. He reckoned that Tutankhamun's brother had to know about that too. In order to get an answer from him, Lin Li would probably have to give him something in exchange too. Hence, a battle would definitely be inevitable now that he had barged in.

However, what surprised Lin Li a little was the fact that Tutankhamun's brother, the descendant of the Dragon of Destruction, did not seem to have any intention to attack Lin Li, even though he was surprised to see that he had barged in. Instead, he smiled faintly, and said in a calm tone, “I reckon you've probably guessed my ident.i.ty. Yes, I am the other son of Azardas, the Dragon of Destruction. I'm Tutankhamun's brother. You may call me Nefa.”

Lin Li didn't find his tone hostile, and he even felt that there was a touch of friendliness in his tone. However, that was also precisely why he dared not relax at all. In this world, there were many who pretended to be sincere about being friends and forging a strong friends.h.i.+p while stabbing their friends in the back. Lin Li was no longer a child; hence, he wouldn't believe others easily. Besides, he could tell from the current situation that the conflict between them wouldn't be mediated or solved easily, because he wanted to find out some secrets without releasing Nefa, while Nefa wanted to leave.

“You actually know that I have seen Tutankhamun before?” Lin Li asked since Nefa didn't seem to have the intention to attack him immediately. However, he didn't put down the Helios' Scepter which still contained plenty of mana that never decreased at all. It seemed that it would be able to cast powerful Legendary-level magic spells anytime.

Nefa didn't seem to care much about Lin Li's att.i.tude, and he still had a smile on his face, though it was unknown if it was genuine or not. He glanced at Lin Li's hand, and said, “Isn't that ring on your finger the Evil Eye Tyrant's magical crystal that is one of the three treasures that Geresco got my brother to safeguard? Since you already have it, you've definitely met Tutankhamun.”

Nefa's explanation seemed to be rather reasonable, but Lin Li didn't believe it. He could not have seen the ring on Lin Li's hand through the big crack even with good eyesight. Besides, the Evil Eye Tyrant magical crystal had been made into a ring, and it definitely wouldn't be easily recognized. Lin Li reckoned that Nefa probably had some special connection with Tutankhamun since they were both hatched from the same Dragon Crystal. Even human twins had a telepathic connection, what more the descendants of the Dragon of Destruction.

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The first question was answered in a perfunctory manner. Although it was not an important matter, Lin Li was even more certain that the conversation probably wouldn't proceed smoothly. Even if Nefa didn't attack, Lin Li would have to show his prowess if he couldn't get the answers that he wanted.

Actually, Lin Li, too, found it strange that Tutankhamun was guarding the Blackstone Mountains; he was still the mighty son of the Dragon of Destruction, after all, not the adopted son of the Immortal King. Was he really going to stay in the Blackstone Mountains for more than a thousand years just because of the bet with Geresco? That was clearly abnormal.

However, although Lin Li was curious, he did not ask Nefa about it directly. Instead, he gibed in a hostile manner, “In that case, what do you think you should do in order to live up to your status as a descendant of the Dragon of Destruction?” Given Nefa's current predicament, it was obvious what Lin Li meant. At least, Tutankhamun wasn't sealed in a s.p.a.cetime rift, and was allowed to breathe the fresh air of Anril and enjoy the vast sunlight. Meanwhile, Nefa who continuously called Tutankhamun incompetent could only live in purgatory in this barren world.

Although the remark was sarcastic, Nefa wasn't infuriated, and it was as if he didn't catch the hidden meaning at all. Instead, he answered, “As a descendant of the Dragon Aspect, I ought to dominate the entire world of Anril and stand on the very top to look down on the world beneath me. I shouldn't be one of the ordinary beings.”

“Haven't you heard this saying before? The higher you climb, the harder you fall. Be careful not to fall to your death,” Lin Li retorted sarcastically. The Dragon Aspect was indeed a supreme existence in the world, but the Dragon of Destruction, Azardas, had been slaughtered twice, that was in both worlds. If it weren't for the death of the Dragon of Destruction, Tutankhamun and Nefa wouldn't have existed, and no one could be sure that he wouldn't have the same fate as his father even if were to become the new Dragon of Destruction.

“So, do you stop climbing upwards just because you're worried about falling? To the ordinary people, don't you stand at the height where they would look up to? The Sanctuary-realm is probably your goal now, right? As a descendant of the Dragon Aspect, he actually chose to be ordinary and live in the Blackstone Mountains. That's choosing to succ.u.mb and abandon the Soul Brand in his soul that symbolizes the glory of the Dragon Aspect,” Nefa said calmly, not infuriated by Lin Li's word at all. It was as if he were just debating with a friend.

However, his behavior made Lin Li secretly keep his guard up. As a descendant of the Dragon of Destruction, Nefa definitely mastered the Laws of destruction and Evilness. Yet, he still pretended to have a good temper, and if weren't for Lin Li's good manners, he would have thought that he had the upper hand.

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