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Chapter 789 - The King of Evilness and Destruction

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Chapter 789: The King of Evilness and Destruction

The group flew throughout the entire journey, and they soon arrived at the source of the abnormality, which was the forbidden area of the Darkness Shrine, the Eternal Darkness Altar. It was rather large, and resembled a carved hill surrounded by immense Darkness aura. However, at the same time, the immense Darkness aura was also continuously surging vigorously like an ocean during a storm.

Despite having been at the Darkness Shrine for a long time, it was Lin Li's first time seeing the Eternal Darkness Altar. After all, he didn't want Sendros to mention anything about the Darkness Incarnation again. He looked into the distance to see that the Eternal Darkness Altar was just like a huge pyramid without a spire. There was above it a wide and s.p.a.cious platform which seemed to have a larger surface area than the square outside the Eternal Darkness Altar. On the platform of the altar, a large and complex Magic Array was running at full power. The immense Darkness aura around it and the vigorous magical wave seemed to be coming from the array.

Lin Li thought, This should be the seal laid out by High Priest Rogge. He actually used the entire Eternal Darkness Altar to conduct the sealing. I wonder how powerful and ma.s.sive the thing being sealed is.

Lin Li knew that given the power of the seal, sealing just a tiny s.p.a.cetime rift wouldn't actually be too difficult. However, based on the past disasters of the Darkness Shrine and the current situation, the thing in the s.p.a.cetime rift was probably the actual goal of the Darkness Shrine.

The vibrations in the canyon did not cease, and there were rocks falling from the surrounding cliffs which seemed to be on the verge of collapse. The ma.s.sive Eternal Darkness Altar was also shaking because of the tremors, or rather, the Eternal Darkness Altar was the one causing the tremors because of its violent shaking. It seemed that there was something trying to lift the Eternal Darkness Altar and overturn it from below.

Seeing that there were no prehistoric magical beasts in the surroundings of the Eternal Darkness Altar, everyone in the Darkness Shrine couldn't help but feel a great sense of relief. After all, even in its heyday, the Darkness Shrine still wasn't able to resist the attacks of the prehistoric magical beasts. Hence, they definitely wouldn't be able to retaliate or deal with the prehistoric magical beasts if they were to face any now.

However, Sendros didn't seem to be relaxed at all. Instead, after some inspecting, he looked a little lost and distracted. He subconsciously murmured, “The prophecy is true, a big crack, a big crack has appeared. The disaster is about to strike. Is the Darkness Shrine really unable to escape the fate of death…”

The big crack! Does it refer to that? Lin Li thought. Actually, he had already noticed a crack deeper than Darkness right below the Eternal Darkness Altar. It seemed to be mocking the world unscrupulously. However, what surprised Lin Li was the familiar aura that he detected in the aura that was coming out of the crack. It seemed to be the aura of the Dragon of Destruction.

While Lin Li was surprised, he was also puzzled—the Dragon of Destruction in the Endless World had already been put into his Ring of Endless Storm, while the Dragon of Destruction of Anril had already been killed by the Immortal King. Its corpse was also used in the construction of the Sky Castles. In the world of Anril today, the magical crystal of the Dragon of Destruction that Lin Li held was considered the only trace of the Dragon of Destruction left. In that case, where did the aura of the Dragon of Destruction come from?

Lin Li had killed the Dragon of Destruction in the Endless World, and fought against the projected avatar of the Lord of Darkness in the Abyss of Tharlen. He had also been trying to incubate the magical crystal of the Dragon of Destruction. Hence, he was extremely familiar with the aura of the Dragon of Destruction, so much so that it would be impossible for him to make a mistake in identifying it. However, regardless of which perspective he considered it from, he couldn't imagine what the origin of the aura of the Dragon of Destruction in the crack would be.

However, regardless of what the source might be, it definitely was a strong and formidable existence since it could have the same aura as the Dragon of Destruction. However, that happened in another world, and back then, Lin Li also had all seven pieces of the debris of the stars and the Stars of Fury. It was also because of the battle with the Dragon of Destruction that Lin Li got a clearer idea of how terrifyingly powerful the Dragon of Destruction was as the Dragon Aspect of Anril. Its power was enough for it to dominate all ent.i.ties with power above the Sanctuary-realm; in fact, it wouldn't be inferior to real deities, either.

When Lin Li was feeling bewildered about the aura of the Dragon of Destruction, Sendros had already snapped out of his trance, and dared not delay anymore. Hence, he immediately commanded the five high priests and several other priests to do their best to reinforce the seal of the Eternal Darkness Altar. Sendros had no idea how much time the seal would buy for them, but he decided to leave it up to fate.

Lin Li couldn't help much in reinforcing the seal, and all he could do was stay near the crack to watch and observe. At the same time, he was also still thinking about the aura of the Dragon of Destruction.

Under the instructions and commands of Sendros, the five high priests and the other priests continuously surrounded the Eternal Darkness Altar, and tried to repair the damage of the seal. With the movement of the people, the Eternal Darkness Altar gradually stopped shaking, and the surging aura of Darkness that had filled the entire Eternal Darkness Altar also gradually converged, and was absorbed by the Magic Array on the Eternal Darkness Altar.

However, at this moment, the view below the crack that was about to be resealed was also revealed. Lin Li, who was standing in front of the crack that was slowly closing, could see that there were countless Minotaurs and the three-headed Manticores that they were riding, just like Sendros described.

The Minotaurs were all large and tall, and they looked much stronger than the giants of Anril. They each had a bull's head and a human body. The giant axes that they were holding looked just like two doors put together. Seeing the axes, Lin Li finally realized how the deep grooves in the square in front of the Darkness Shrine had come about. The three-headed Manticores that they were riding were also much stronger than the ones that Lin Li had seen in the past. Otherwise, it wouldn't be enough to carry the tall and heavy Minotaurs and their giant axes.

It was no wonder that the Darkness Shrine would be defeated. If such a force were to be placed in Anril, it would be the end of the world. The strongest wall that humans could build probably wouldn't endure a strike from their axes, and even the most elite Warrior of mankind would have to succ.u.mb helplessly to them.

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However, when Lin Li glanced at the Minotaurs, he was surprised to see a somewhat familiar figure amongst them. At the instant that he did, someone, or rather a certain dragon, surfaced in his mind.

As Lin Li entered the crack, Sendros and the rest who were outside the Eternal Darkness Altar were dumbfounded. The distinguished guest from the Tower of Dusk who was likely to be the incarnation of the G.o.d of Darkness actually broke into the crack. That was not a laughing matter at all. They had already guessed that the disappearance of High Priest Rogge was probably related to the large crack, and although Lin Li was not weak, how could he compare to High Priest Rogge?

All of a sudden, everyone froze, and all eyes were focused on Sendros who was also in a state of confusion at this time. They didn't know if they should continue to strengthen the seal, because that would mean that Lin Li would be sealed too. However, if they did not continue, the prehistoric magical beasts would probably continue to break through the seal if Lin Li couldn't defeat them.

Lin Li had no way of knowing what was going on outside. Although it looked like a crack from outside, it was actually like a gate. However, when he actually walked in, he discovered that there was a long and endless s.p.a.cetime tunnel which reminded him of the Teleportation Portal in the Sky Castle. Outside of the tunnel was a Void Storm that seemed to be erupting from time to time, moving quickly and sweeping everything in its path.

Fortunately, there was a clear direction, and it was not confusing like the chaos of s.p.a.cetime. Lin Li did not hesitate at all, and immediately used his Power of Flight to fly to the end of the tunnel. However, he had to fly for a long time despite his rapid speed before finally seeing the different view hidden at the end of it.

When Lin Li finally arrived at another end of the pa.s.sage, an extremely desolate world appeared in front of him. He seemed to be standing at the opening of a volcano, without any greenery or signs of life around him, and the entire s.p.a.ce seemed to have fallen into destructive silence.

The volcano was tall, and Lin Li felt like he was standing in the sky when he stood on it. There were various Minotaurs beneath the volcano, riding the three-headed Manticores. There were also countless giant eyeb.a.l.l.s supported by tentacles around the Manticores—they were the Evil Eyes that Lin Li had once seen using the time-s.p.a.ce beacon. However, none of them seemed to be an Evil Eye Tyrant.

The figure who claimed to be Tutankhamun's older brother was standing on the other side of the crater, right opposite Lin Li. He seemed to be rather surprised by Lin Li's decision to barge in.

He indeed looked identical to Tutankhamun, but he was giving off a menacing, destructive, and evil aura which Lin Li did not detect from Tutankhamun. Tutankhamun was a mysterious hermit, and the one in front of him was undoubtedly the King of Evilness and Destruction…

Yes, that's it, this is the aura of the Dragon of Destruction, and this is the descendant of the Dragon of Destruction! Lin Li could clearly feel that the destructive aura of the figure before him was exactly the same as that of the Dragon of Destruction in his memory. Although Tutankhamun, who he had seen before, also had powerful abilities, he had never been able to a.s.sociate Tutankhamun with the Dragon of Destruction. Had Connoris not mentioned it, Lin Li wouldn't have believed that Tutankhamun was a descendant of the Dragon of Destruction.

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