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Chapter 785 - Big Crack

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Chapter 785: Big Crack

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Hence, Lin Li did not hide the matter from Sendros, and simply nodded. “Yes, you probably also know that when I was in the Haiga Mountain Range, I removed the poison of a descendant of the Viper in the bodies of several elves. I've also managed to find out about the characteristics of the Viper's poison. Although the Viper's poison in His Holiness Pope Rosario's body was much harder to deal with, there were fortunately no major changes in the poison over the decades. Hence, the process was rather smooth and successful.”

Upon hearing Lin Li admit that Rosario had recovered, Sendros did not have any special expression on his face, and instead he smilingly said, “Do you remember what I said to you back when we were in the Blackstone Mountains? Did you manage to get Rosario's Sun Scepter?”

“Uh… There is no Sun Scepter, but there is a Helios' Scepter.” Although Lin Li was not the kind to let himself get taken advantage of, he had already gained plenty of benefits from the Brilliance Shrine. Not only had he clinched various business cooperation agreements, he had also learned Holy Light Magic from Rosario. The Sun Scepter was not only a scepter, but also a sacred object of the Brilliance Shrine. It symbolized the supreme power and authority of the pope, and regardless of how thick-skinned Lin Li might be, he'd never dare to ask Rosario for it.

Besides, to Lin Li, the Sun Scepter was not extremely valuable, even though it contained a ma.s.sive amount of pure Holy Light, which would be a great enhancement to theurgy. Not to forget, Lin Li still had the debris of the stars, Holy Light. In Anril, nothing could compare to that piece of the debris of the stars in terms of Holy Light.

Of course, Sendros had no idea that Lin Li had a piece of the debris of the stars that was even more formidable than the Sun Scepter, for which reason Lin Li didn't want to ask Rosario for the Sun Scepter.

Sendros shook his head in regret, and said, “You have brought yourself a ton of trouble.”

“A ton of trouble? What do you mean?” asked Lin Li, taken aback. He couldn't think of what kind of trouble he would cause himself by not asking for the Sun Scepter. In fact, he would be in actual trouble if he were to ask for it.

“That's why I invited you here. As an incarnation of the G.o.d of Darkness, there will definitely be a day when you fight Rosario. Without the Viper's poison, Rosario will definitely be able to return to the peak of his strength soon. Coupled with the sacred object of the Brilliance Shrine, the Sun Scepter, you're definitely in trouble. Don't you agree?” Sendros sounded a little sarcastic, and seemed to be gloating.

“Wait, Master Sendros, what do you mean? Why don't I understand what you're talking about? Why would I fight Pope Rosario? Although I wish to be an incarnation of the G.o.d of Darkness, I'm really not. I'm just an ordinary and insignificant mage,” Lin Li quickly clarified. Although being an incarnation of the G.o.d of Darkness and the Son of The Holy Light would be giving himself huge support, he knew that it was all because of his debris of the stars, Holy Light and Gloomy Dark.

Indeed, he would be able to become a significant figure of status and power in Anril as long as he relied on the Brilliance Shrine or the Darkness Shrine. The Dark Blade was a good example. They managed to rise and grow into the most powerful force in the Breezy Plains from a group of bandits. However, that was definitely all from the perspective of ordinary people. Lin Li did not hope for there to be any brand on himself and the Tower of Dusk.

Lin Li didn't find there to be anything wrong with his status quo. The Tower of Dusk had already been developed, and even though it still could not be compared to the Brilliance Shrine and Darkness Shrine, he believed that he would definitely grow towards becoming as strong as the two major shrines sooner or later. This time, he went to the Brilliance Shrine to get rid of the Viper's poison in Rosario, which had tormented him for many years. He could definitely be considered the major benefactor of the Brilliance Shrine, and that fact alone was what allowed him to gain plenty of benefits from the Brilliance Shrine. If he were to a.s.sume the ident.i.ty of being the incarnation of the G.o.d of Darkness, his cordial relations.h.i.+p with the Brilliance Shrine would probably vanish.

Ordinary and insignificant mage? Isn't that nonsense? Even a fool wouldn't believe his words! Sendros cussed in his head. Although Lin Li denied it very straightforwardly, he smiled nonchalantly, and said, “Master Felic, did you go to the Scar of Death back in the Blackstone Mountains?”

“Yeah, but I didn't go to the Scar of Death alone. The Judge Paladin from the Brilliance Shrine went with me,” said Lin Li, who continued to feign ignorance. Regardless of what Sendros said, Lin Li would definitely deny it.

“However, of all people, you were the only one who entered the Legendary-realm within a short period of time. On top of that, you were also the only one who created the Light and Darkness Domain. I'm correct, aren't I?” said Sendros, who didn't seem to be affected by Lin Li's att.i.tude at all. He continued to expose all the evidence that he had.

“Oh, you're referring to that.” Lin Li pretended to have had a moment of epiphany, but soon changed his expression again. He continued in a regretful tone, “Don't you know about that too? When I entered the Legendary-realm, it was actually during the battle with the Lord of Darkness in the Abyss of Tharlen. When I created the Light and Darkness Domain, I gained some enlightenment about the Laws of Darkness from the Lord of Darkness. Besides, if I'm really the incarnation of the G.o.d of Darkness, I should be creating a pure Darkness Domain, shouldn't I? Have you ever seen a Dark mage using the Power of Light?”

“That's also part of the basis for my judgment,” Sendros said, looking as if he had already expected to hear it a long time ago. He looked at Lin Li smugly, and continued, “If you only had insights into the generic and ordinary Laws of Darkness, you'd only be able to exert the all-devouring effects of the Laws of Darkness if you mastered the purest Laws of Darkness.”

“Uh, right, no wonder you misunderstood. It seems that I didn't make it clear at the time. I created the Magical Domain of frost, light, and darkness, not the Light and Darkness Domain. The Frost rule was also the intermediary that allowed the Laws of Light and Darkness to be put together. It has nothing to do with any Darkness Incarnation.” Lin Li squinted and leaned back against the chair nonchalantly, seemingly trying to say, “What can you do about me?”

Sendros was rather patient, and he couldn't be bothered by Lin Li's att.i.tude, either. He continued, “What about now? Do you still need the Frost Laws as an intermediary for your Light and Darkness Domain? Besides, do you know where Zoquila brought you to just now? That's the Shadow Realm that only the high priests of the Darkness Domain can enter and leave freely. If one doesn't have a certain degree of enlightenment about the Laws of Darkness, it will be impossible to come out of that place.”

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“So what? Since I could create the Light and Darkness Domain, I also naturally understand the Laws of Darkness. What's so strange about me being able to come out of there?” Lin Li asked in disapproval.

However, when the Tree of Eternity was overthrown by then, Rogge obtained the Darkness doctrine, and embarked on a completely different path from Geresco. At the end of the Dark Age, there was a battle to overthrow the rule of the High Elves. The first of the most famous human powerhouses was Geresco, followed by Apophis, Megard, and Rogge.

After 1,000 years, Geresco had already left Anril, and was said to have gone to the chaos of time and s.p.a.ce to search for something. Megard and Apophis, the arbitrators of the Supreme Council, had been living well in Anril for the past 1,000-odd years. However, at that time, Rogge's abilities were far greater than those of Apophis and Megard. Logically speaking, he should have a greater lifespan than the two of them.

However, that was the strange part. About only 100 years after Rogge became the first high priest of the Darkness Shrine, news of his death surfaced. No one knew why he died, and there wasn't even a trace of his corpse. All that was left were the words he had written in the scripture.

A powerhouse of the Sanctuary-realm was extremely important to a force—as evidenced by Rosario's significance to the Brilliance Shrine. With the fall of a Sanctuary-realm powerhouse like Rogge, the Darkness Shrine almost collapsed overnight, and was no longer on par with the Brilliance Shrine.

While recalling the story about Rogge, Lin Li read Rogge's message in the Darkness scripture which was rather difficult to read. The message left behind by Rogge was actually comprised of a variety of texts in different languages like the ancient wyrm language, High Elven print, and ancient Demon Language. Most importantly, there seemed to be no normal order at all, for the texts were all arranged in a messy order which gave Lin Li a huge headache.

Lin Li took a closer look, and finally had no choice but to raise his head to look at Sendros. Even though he had learned plenty of words from the Book of Eternity, he felt that it was rather difficult to understand the meaning of those texts. However, the Darkness scripture had existed in the Darkness Shrine for such a long time, and Lin Li reckoned that the Darkness Shrine had never stopped researching it. Hence, there was no point in abusing himself.

When Sendros saw Lin Li looking at him, Sendros smirked wryly, and said, “Although we've been studying this text for more than a thousand years since the fall of High Priest Rogge, we still can't find any words that are linked. We've even tried to a.n.a.lyze each word and character.”

However, Sendros nonetheless grabbed the Darkness scripture and placed it on the table before extending his arm to point out some things and explain the words to Lin Li. “This sentence should be referring to the Tree of Eternity. This phrase is simpler, and it probably refers to the Immortal King. This is something along the lines of one day… the owner of Darkness… will take his throne, and this one's slightly more complicated. Through the path to the big crack, and then…”

After listening to Sendros' explanation, Lin Li shook his head, and said, “So, Master Sendros, what do you need my help for?”

“We haven't made any progress in our research of the other texts, but we did make some discoveries recently about this big crack. We discovered that this big crack has something to do with both the fall of the first high priest, Rogge, and the catastrophe that struck the Darkness Shrine hundreds of years ago.”

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