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Zhuang Bifan

Chapter 784 - Brainless

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Chapter 784: Brainless

If he could exert the power of the debris of the stars, Nothingness, he could probably try to break through the s.p.a.ce, but unfortunately, he was still far from that level. At the thought of the debris of the stars, Lin Li's eyes suddenly lit up. Indeed, he couldn't control the World Laws of this realm, but Gloomy Dark symbolized the purest form of Laws of Darkness, and should be able to override the Laws of this world. Although he owned Gloomy Dark, and only had limited control over it, he could just put Gloomy Dark away after the Laws of Gloomy Dark replaced the Laws of this world. Without nomological power, there would be no way for this world to continue existing, and he would then be able to leave.

At the thought of this, Lin Li did not dare to hesitate at all, and simply took out the debris of the stars Gloomy Dark. When Gloomy Dark appeared in this world, Lin Li had yet to use his mental strength to activate it when it had already emanated a ma.s.sive amount of power, which was far beyond the power that it had when Lin Li used it.

With the eruption of Gloomy Dark, the entire Shadow Realm seemed to stagnate for a while, and the three Shadow Wyrms froze in the air all of a sudden. As the power of Gloomy Dark increased bit by bit, the three wyrms actually began to quiver and fall onto the ground one by one. They put their wings away and leaned forward as if they were wors.h.i.+ping Gloomy Dark.

When the power of the eruption of Gloomy Dark reached its peak, the three Shadow Wyrms began to crumble and collapse as pure Dark Force poured out of their bodies and surged into Gloomy Dark. Lin Li could also clearly feel that even the Shadow magical beasts that had already fled far, far away had also become pure Dark Force that was surging towards Gloomy Dark in his hands.

Lin Li didn't know how much Dark Force Gloomy Dark had consumed, but he closed his eyes and used the opportunity to release all of his mental strength while Gloomy Dark was suppressing the World Laws of this realm. He carefully tried to experience the Laws of Darkness in detail.

In fact, this was not the first time Lin Li had ever done that. In the Seven-Realm Spiral, Lin Li had also used this method to gain a lot of insight into various nomological powers. Hence, he didn't take up much time this time, and managed to make all of the experience deeply etched in his mind rather quickly. He also managed to summon back Gloomy Dark, which had completely replaced the World Laws.

As Gloomy Dark was placed in the Ring of Endless Storm, Lin Li immediately felt a force of repulsion suddenly descend on his body, and he abruptly felt that he didn't belong to this world. Before he could even react, he suddenly felt dizzy. Next, he realized that he was already standing in the Darkness Shrine with the ancient gate behind him, as if he had really just pa.s.sed through the gate.

Lin Li also saw Zoquila, who had brought him there, standing at the gate together with the four other high priests. Since he was in a good mood because of the new insights into the Laws of Darkness that he had obtained inside, he decided not to hold it against them for sending him into the Shadow Realm.

However, just as Lin Li walked over to Zoquila and the rest, and was about to say something, Zoquila spoke to Lin Li in a tone of surprise, but the words he said made the joy on Lin Li's face vanish immediately.

“Master Felic, you actually made it out unharmed. Seems like you are indeed the incarnation of the G.o.d of Darkness,” Zoquila exclaimed in surprise. Although the four high priests had their faces obscured, it seemed that their joy was noticeable too.

Those words were what made Lin Li's face grow sullen; it was obvious what he meant. Zoquila had led him to the Shadow Realm, but he clearly hadn't done it simply for the sake of letting Lin Li gain some insight into the Laws of Darkness. Instead, he had been trying to test something to verify Lin Li's ident.i.ty. Lin Li was not interested in the incarnation of the G.o.d of Darkness, and he only knew that if he hadn't had Gloomy Dark, he would have definitely died in the Shadow Realm.

“I'm sorry, High Priest Zoquila, but I'm not an incarnation of anyone. Sorry to disappoint you,” Lin Li said before turning around to leave without taking another look at them.

Staring at Lin Li while he left, Zoquila and the rest could not help but look at each other in dismay. In their opinion, the incarnation of the G.o.d of Darkness was an extremely honorable ident.i.ty, yet Lin Li looked extremely unhappy and full of resentment after hearing the news. However, after confirming Lin Li's ident.i.ty, the five high priests were too overjoyed to consider other issues.

However, when the five high priests walked out together happily, and even wanted to report to Sendros and break the good news to him, they saw Sendros walking towards them, and a cold chill was sent down each of their spines, dampening their spirits and killing their joy.

“High Priest Sendros, you are back. We happen to have good news for you,” Zoquila hurriedly said to Sendros.

“Good news? Do you guys still take me seriously? What did I tell you before!? Can you people use your brains before deciding to do anything!? Yes, Zoquila, Gergila, and Nostalo, you three are already brainless, but what about the other two? Are you guys idiots too!?” Sendros hollered in exasperation, wis.h.i.+ng he could turn the five of them into Undead creatures of the lowest level.

Sendros initially went to the Eternal Darkness Altar today, but before he could even observe anything there, he began to sense something amiss going on in the Darkness Shrine. When he felt the changes in the Shadow Realm, he immediately thought of what might've happened, and so hurried back from the Eternal Darkness Altar.

However, something had clearly already happened. If it had been someone else and not Lin Li, Sendros probably wouldn't have been that infuriated, but knowing Lin Li's personality well, he knew that they were in huge trouble.

“High Priest, we can already confirm the ident.i.ty of Master Felic. Isn't this a good thing?” Zoquila asked while trying to suppress his fear.

“Good thing? We have to make him stay to help us. Are you guys trying to send the Darkness Shrine into a dead end by doing what you've just done!?” Sendros berated in fury.

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“Him becoming the incarnation of the G.o.d of Darkness would be a very beneficial thing for him and for the Tower of Dusk. How could he refuse it?” The five high priests couldn't figure it out at all, because the matter was definitely worth rejoicing for anyone. They couldn't think of a reason for Lin Li to turn it down.

The five high priests did not hesitate any longer, and quickly stepped forward to bow to Lin Li. “Master Felic, we are at fault for this…” Although they were high priests of the Darkness Shrine, they were extremely willing to apologize because they had already found out that Lin Li was the incarnation of the G.o.d of Darkness. Even if they were made to apologize to him despite having done no wrong, they still wouldn't find it to be inappropriate.

“High Priests, I do regard you guys as seniors and friends, but what have you taken me for!? Since Master Sendros has come forward to apologize to me for this matter, I will let it slide, but if this happens again, I'll make the culprit pay the price.” Lin Li was polite and cordial with Sendros, but he couldn't be bothered to be nice to the five high priests. No one would be pleased to get plotted against.

Seeing that Lin Li had finally agreed to stay, Sendros waved his hands to chase them away, and he planned to continue to appease Lin Li. In fact, the five high priests had indeed given him some help too. At least he managed to verify Lin Li's ident.i.ty through the characteristics of the Shadow Realm.

“Master Sendros, when I met Balesi at the Brilliance Shrine previously, he mentioned that you invited me this time because of an important matter. After I arrived, you didn't mention it, and I didn't have the opportunity to ask, either. However, can you tell me what it is now?” Lin Li asked before Sendros could even say anything. Although he had forgiven the five high priests, he still had to know the reason they had put him through everything.

Lin Li had arranged the matter of going to the Darkness Shrine to be the last of his itinerary because he had no idea why Sendros was looking for him. If he had encountered the same issue that he had in the Sky Castle previously, and ended up wasting more than half a year, Pope Rosario of the Brilliance Shrine would have probably been in danger.

Moreover, the Darkness Shrine and Brilliance Shrine were rivals, after all, and had been at odds for countless years. No matter how the Darkness Shrine felt about Lin Li, they would definitely stop him if they were to find out that he was going to the Brilliance Shrine to give Pope Rosario the antidote. Actually, the only thing that the Darkness Shrine lacked compared to the Brilliance Shrine were powerhouses of the Sanctuary-realm, who were powerful and daunting. Hence, the Brilliance Shrine definitely wouldn't let go of a chance to make the Brilliance Shrine's Sanctuary-realm powerhouse fall.

“Master Felic, when you came from the Brilliance Shrine, the Viper's poison in Rosario's body must have already been removed, right?” Sendros asked with excitement in his gaze even though he didn't have much of an expression.

Although the fact that Rosario had been poisoned by Viper's poison had been kept under wraps, it was actually only a secret to the believers of the lower The big shots like Sendros had already found out long ago. Besides, the Darkness Shrine couldn't take advantage of the matter anyway. After all, Rosario was still a powerhouse of the Sanctuary-realm, even though he had used a portion of his power and energy to suppress Viper's poison.

Sendros didn't ask about the matter with the intention to blame Lin Li. After all, Lin Li was not a member of the Darkness Shrine, and the Darkness Shrine was in no position to interfere with what he did. However, Sendros was also a pharmaceutics Master, and his pa.s.sion for pharmaceutics was also the reason he could become friends with the Archbishop Englos of the Brilliance Shrine. Hence, Sendros knew that a pharmaceutics Guru was necessary for the Viper's poison in Rosario's body to be removed. That was what he was interested in.

Lin Li touched his nose embarra.s.sedly because he had delayed his acceptance of Sendros' invitation and treated Rosario. Although there was nothing wrong with it, it was still somewhat embarra.s.sing.

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