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Chapter 776 - The Six Giants

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Chapter 776: The Six Giants

Lin Li had just come from the Brilliance Shrine. Although he had seen the powerful strength of the Brilliance Shrine, he could also sense that they were declining a little. Since there were no compet.i.tors, the Brilliance Shrine gradually stopped being aggressive and motivated. Apart from Pope Rosario and a few higher-ups of the Brilliance Shrine, the believers of the Brilliance Shrine had probably been taking everything for granted since a long time ago.

There was a square paved with obsidian magical gemstones in front of the majestic shrine. However, when Lin Li looked down from above, he could see that there were numerous cracks and deep grooves that seemed to have been made by axes and swords in the square. It was as if an extremely tragic battle had taken place in the square before. However, the damaged square did not seem ruined, but instead gave off an even more menacing vibe.

There were some people standing in the square under the lead of the High Priest of the Darkness Shrine, Sendros, who had five “people” of different shapes standing behind them. The ones at the back were the ordinary priests of the Darkness Shrine. The scene was extremely grand, and given the current status of the Darkness Shrine, there were very few people in Anril they would show such great respect to.

Lin Li didn't find anything strange about Sendros and the rest who were standing in the square. He reckoned that Sendros had already received the news of their arrival as soon as they entered the Night Canyon. Lin Li didn't fly too close, and instead landed slowly on a spot that was about 300 to 400 meters away from them before walking towards Sendros.

“Welcome to the Darkness Shrine, Master Felic,” Sendros said in a hoa.r.s.e voice. A stiff smile formed on his pale face, which was extremely daunting.

The people behind Sendros were clueless, but Balesi, who had come with Lin Li, couldn't believe his eyes at this moment. He had been in the Darkness Shrine for numerous years, but he had never seen the high priest smiling before, even though it seemed rather terrifying.

Balesi knew that High Priest Sendros valued Lin Li, whom he had invited, rather greatly, but he had not expected Lin Li to be so important that Sendros would actually come out to greet and receive him personally with a smile, which was very rare of him. At this time, he couldn't help but secretly rejoice about the fact that he didn't disrespect Lin Li along the way. Otherwise, he would never be able to escape the wrath of the High Priest Sendros even though he was a priest.

“Master Sendros, I'm very sorry for taking such a long time to come here,” said Lin Li, who began to feel a little embarra.s.sed. After all, Sendros had invited him already in the Blackstone Mountains, and Lin Li had been pus.h.i.+ng him away and delaying the matter until now because of various reasons.

Sendros was the chief high priest of the Darkness Shrine and its actual leader. In the current Darkness Shrine, he was the actual leader of the entire Anril's believers of Darkness. Even though he could not compare to Pope Rosario of the Brilliance Shrine in terms of status, he was probably not too inferior. He personally brought five high priests and numerous followers to the square to welcome Lin Li. It was obvious how important Lin Li was to him.

“Good that you're here, Master Felic. This way, please, let me introduce you to these priests,” said Sendros. He didn't blame Lin Li for turning up late, though he gave off an icy cold vibe. The terrifying smile on his face had also disappeared, but there was a look of enthusiasm in his gaze.

The people behind Sendros were, strictly speaking, not actual humans. The first high priest, Culostein, was said to be the oldest pure-blood vampire in the entire Anril. As a result, he was called the ancestor of Vampires. Hence, the mana waves that he emitted were much stronger than those of the Undead Lords in the Shadowglen. Of course, he was not the progenitor of the Vampires; he was merely closer to a direct descendant of such a Vampire.

The three Undead Lords in the Shadowglen were level-23 powerhouses in the Legendary-realm. They only seemed to be somewhat incompetent previously because their opponent was the formidable Megard of the Sanctuary-realm. After all, the difference between the Legendary-realm and the Sanctuary-realm was too huge. Even those who were at the peak of the Legendary-realm could not fight the powerhouses of the Sanctuary-realm. However, in Anril, there were only a few such powerhouses. Even Lin Li would face difficulty in dealing with an Undead Lord of the Shadowglen if he didn't use any debris of the stars.

The ancestor of the Vampires, Culostein, was almost on the same level as the three Undead Lords, and was perhaps even more powerful. However, generic Vampires tended to resemble human; in fact, Vampires could be considered the most outstanding natural However, the Vampire Culostein was dressed like a Dark Mage, and he was also emitting pure Dark Magical waves.

Next to the Vampire Culostein was a Necromancer named Zoquila, whose thin and pet.i.te body was wrapped tightly in a black robe. The wide hood of the robe concealed his face completely in the darkness. Even when he was responding to Sendros' introduction, all that could be seen beneath the hood were two palpitating soul fires.

As he was a high priest, the magical waves of the Necromancer Zoquila were extremely faint like stagnant water and full of death. However, Lin Li could feel that the Necromancer Zoquila was likely to be more dangerous than the Vampire Culostein. Lin Li had encountered plenty of Necromancers before, but Zoquila seemed to be the most terrifying one thus far—apart from Sendros.

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Of course, the Ghost in the Sky Castle was an exception because that creature was far beyond a Necromancer. In order to enter the world of the Undead, he was probably going to become the actual king of the Undead. To be honest, Lin Li had yet to come up with a solution to s.n.a.t.c.h the Sky Castle back, and he reckoned that the Sky Castle had probably already been engulfed completely by Undead creatures.

While Lin Li was observing the five high priests, they were also scrutinizing him, the young mage who was praised by Sendros. Everyone could tell how highly Sendros valued Lin Li. Although the five high priests did not know much about Lin Li, they also gave him due respect. After all, although Lin Li was young, he was genuinely emitting level-23 magical waves.

It was no wonder that he was valued by Sendros. Not only did he enter the Legendary-realm at a young age, he even made it to level-23, which was an unprecedented feat in the history of the entire Anril. Even Geresco, the G.o.d of Mages, was still preparing to enter the Legendary-realm when he was at Lin Li's age. If nothing went wrong, it would only be a matter of time before Lin Li entered the Sanctuary-realm.

To their greater disbelief, the young prodigy Lin Li actually managed to achieve unprecedented accomplishments in pharmaceutics as well. The five high priests were also aware of the fact that Pope Rosario was poisoned by Viper's poison, and that Lin Li was the one who gave him the antidote. Previously, there had also been news of Rosario, who hadn't left the Holy Mountain in decades, suddenly appearing in the city of Sparta in the Ledin Kingdom. Clearly, Lin Li had gotten rid of the poison in Pope Rosario's body. In other words, Lin Li was likely to be an actual pharmaceutics Guru.

The role of a pharmaceutics Guru was evident in the development of the Tower of Dusk. Within just more than two years, the Tower of Dusk had grown from a small fry that was disregarded by everyone to a force with status that made everyone look up to them. Although there were also various other factors involved, it was no doubt that Lin Li's attainments in pharmaceutics played a vital role.

Truth be told, the five high priests would have thought that they were reading myths and hearing fict.i.tious stories had they not known about the various information about Lin Li and the Tower of Dusk and been particularly trusting of Sendros. The five high priests greatly approved of and agreed with Sendros' approach. Although the Darkness Shrine had declined over the years, they definitely wouldn't ignore such a genius even during their heyday.

However, they still wondered if they could really rely on the young mage Lin Li this time. As Sendros pulled Lin Li into the shrine affectionately, the five high priests who were following closely behind looked at each other. Although two of them had their faces hidden, they could still tell that the two were also worried and doubtful.

They did not doubt the authenticity of the various information about the Tower of Dusk and the young mage Felic. However, they also knew that the chief high priest Sendros invited Lin Li to the Darkness Shrine this time not only for the purpose of forging closer ties, but also because of an important matter that involved their existence.

Indeed, Lin Li's talent was very convincing, but talent simply meant that he had great potential which would perhaps allow him to progress faster than ordinary people, or go further than ordinary people. However, even if he was a genius, he still couldn't exert power of the Sanctuary-level at level-23. Compared to people of the same level, even a genius couldn't be that much stronger, and in fact, they might even have less experience due to the fact that they had advanced too quickly.

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