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Zhuang Bifan

Chapter 770 - Something’s Amiss

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Chapter 770: Something's Amiss

“No matter how perfect the laws and regulations are, it is impossible to achieve absolute justice. Everything has to be based on facts. Although the Magical Crystal Cannons that are being transported by the Tower of Dusk's caravan do fit the category of prohibited weapons, it does not cause any damage to the kingdom's interests. On the contrary, these goods will bring us a significant amount of tax revenue if we allow them to pa.s.s through our customs. You're the one who's damaging the interests of the kingdom. I've already invited Duke Wilson and Duke Jean here. I shall see how you explain it to them,” Andre said sneeringly. The two dukes he mentioned were the ones in charge of the kingdom's business and taxes. They could definitely accuse Clark for harming the kingdom's corporate credit and reputation.

“You're just being tyrannical and making an unreasonable argument. It's just…” Clark clearly wouldn't admit defeat easily. He has a backer but so do I! he thought as he tried to get a grip on his emotions. He then said with a sullen expression, “Oh, it so happens that I've also reported this to Marshal Benjamin. By then, we'll see who's right.”

Upon hearing that Clark had already invited the First Marshal of the Kingdom, Andre could no longer stay calm. Although Marshal Benjamin didn't have a high status, he was in charge of all the armies in the kingdom. He was also the most important and powerful authoritative figure in the entire kingdom. Usually, a powerful marshal like him who held great authority and political power was highly feared by the king. There would be countless suspicions about him, and they usually wouldn't end up in a good state. However, King Sinelli of the Ledin Kingdom trusted him greatly. In fact, he trusted Marshal Benjamin more than he trusted the other members of the royal family.

Clearly, there was no dominant party when it came to having backers. Actually, Count Andre seemed to be slightly inferior. However, he definitely wouldn't concede defeat. The reason was the same as General Clark's. If the matter were to go awry, he definitely wouldn't be able to gain a foothold in the aristocratic circle again.

“General Clark, now that we're on the topic of harming the kingdom's interests, I wonder if the sc.u.mbags who have deducted the military pay and resold military supplies are considered culprits of damaging the interests of the kingdom,” said Andre, who refused to give in.

“You… Hmph! Does a highly mighty count like you know how to make such groundless statements too? Well, I do have some information, but I don't know if you'd like to listen to it…” General Clark sneered.

The two big figures who held authoritative positions in Ledin Kingdom completely didn't care about their own image anymore at this moment. They were constantly exposing each other's dirty secrets after digressing from the topic of the Tower of Dusk's caravan. They then accused each other of abusing their respective authority to sell military supplies and sentence others to death…

Although the two of them were exposing each other's dirty deeds, the so-called scandals wouldn't really affect them, because they were powerful figures of the Ledin Kingdom. In fact, just because no one mentioned it beforehand, it didn't mean that no one else would know about it. Usually, one would be able to guess what the other party was like after thinking about the things that they had done.

However, Lin Li was talking to Domingo and Holliard in front of the guest hall. As he heard their words, his face grew increasingly sullen. In the Ledin Kingdom, not everyone was a follower of Holy Light, but the aristocrats definitely believed in Holy Light because that was a basic requirement for them to get that status. Otherwise, no matter how much credit they got, it would be impossible for them to obtain a n.o.ble t.i.tle.

However, the mere fact that a person claimed to be a follower and could even recite and memorize the doctrine of the Holy Light did not mean that a person was a devout believer. Saying one thing and meaning another was what humans were best at. Even the clergymen of the Brilliance Shrine did not act in accordance to the doctrine of the Holy Light, let alone ordinary people who claimed to believe in the doctrine.

Although Domingo and Holliard were both aware of the matter since they had all pa.s.sed the age of being naive, the problem was that they still had by their side Lin Li, the President of the Guild of Magic from the Felan Kingdom. Exposing each other's dirty deeds would be the same as was.h.i.+ng one's dirty underwear in public. That was an absolute shame and disgrace to the two big shots of the Brilliance Shrine.

Finally, with a heavy humph, Holliard closed his notebook and strode into the guest hall domineeringly with a sullen expression. Lin Li and Domingo didn't bother looking up at all. Instead, they were still whispering amongst themselves about pharmaceutical knowledge when they were at the door.

Holliard's body blocked the sunlight, stopping it from s.h.i.+ning through the windows of the guest hall. At this moment, Clark and Andre who were still arguing finally discovered that someone was entering.

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“Who is that…!? S-Sir Holliard!” Clark and Andre stopped arguing with each other and instead exclaimed in unison while staring at the person who entered. As the higher authorities of the Ledin Kingdom, they obviously knew who Holliard was. However, they could not help but blush at the thought of the argument that they just had, regardless of how thick-skinned they might be.

Even Holliard felt rather surprised for a while. Such things rarely happened, and he felt shock at being rejected. Although Clark's tone wasn't a.s.sertive or aggressive, it was indeed a rejection. Holliard's face grew sullen. Felic was right outside, and Holliard hadn't expected to be turned down, because he thought it was a problem that could be solved easily!

“Since it's an affair of the kingdom, Holliard indeed has no say. General Clark, I wonder if my words would be of any significance,” said Domingo, who entered the room in a pure white robe which seemed to have lit up the entire room.

Of course, the mages Lin Li and Gavin entered the room together with Archbishop Domingo. However, Andre and Clark only knew Gavin who had dealt with them in the past, and had never seen Lin Li, the real master of the Tower of Dusk, before.

“This… Archbishop Domingo, how are you…” Looking at Gavin who was behind Domingo, Clark knew that Archbishop Domingo obviously came to speak for the Tower of Dusk. However, the question was: what in the world did the Tower of Dusk actually do to make the archbishop and the leader of the Holy Paladins stand up for them? I could use Holliard's position as an excuse to turn him down, but that archbishop is someone who has the right to discuss and make decisions with the king. What excuse can I give?

Clark was horrified and resentful. Had he known earlier that the Tower of Dusk had ties with the Brilliance Shrine, he wouldn't have made such a big hoo-ha despite knowing that the Tower of Dusk didn't bring him any gifts. Even if they had made him give them gifts instead, he would've been willing to do so. He could no longer rely on Marshal Benjamin now. Even the king would have to salute the archbishop respectfully. No matter how authoritative Marshal Benjamin was, he wasn't more powerful than the king.

Clark finally realized that there was no point in being stubborn and insisting, since the archbishop had already come to stand up for the Tower of Dusk. He felt that he ought not to blame himself too much too. It was not that he didn't work hard enough, but it was because the enemies were too strong.

“General Clark, I don't know if I can request you to release the Tower of Dusk's caravan.” Domingo stared at General Clark coldly. It was a rare opportunity for him to receive pharmaceutical tips from a pharmaceutics Guru, and yet it was ruined by that b.a.s.t.a.r.d Clark. Even though he was already old, he was still full of resentment.

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