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Chapter 768 - Big Shot

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Chapter 768: Big Shot

Although they had the permit, the Tower of Dusk did not use it often, and would usually just bribe the guards with some gold coins. After all, they would still have to obey the unspoken rules. Anyway, they didn't have to spend much this way, either.

However, Gavin could tell that the guards were obviously out to create trouble. It was something that could not be settled easily with money. Hence, he didn't say much after seeing the situation, and simply handed over the permit that Duke Andre had signed personally.

“Oh?” The officer grabbed the doc.u.ment in Gavin's hands, and seemed to have originally intended to read it under the light of the torch, but when he moved the torch closer, he burned it instead. The pa.s.s was made of paper, so it immediately turned into ashes because it wasn't a magical item.

“Oh, I'm sorry, I was too careless,” he said, clearly not apologetic at all. Instead, he seemed rather smug and proud of himself. He glanced at Gavin, and said, “Are you the leader of this caravan? Someone reported that your goods contain prohibited item. Please get your people to put their weapons down for inspection.”

Even a fool could tell that it was definitely not a careless mistake. The fact that he even dared to burn Duke Andre's permit showed that he was definitely a big shot. Gavin began to feel a little worried too. After all, he was not in his own territory. Although the development of the Tower of Dusk was already rapid and intrepid, they couldn't compare to a strong nation.

“Huh, what? Magical Crystal Cannons? The Tower of Dusk is really wealthy, eh!” exclaimed General Clark, who was the commander of the Northwest Legion of the Ledin Kingdom. He couldn't believe his ears when he'd heard the news from his subordinates. 15 magical crystals were worth a total of nearly 10,000,000 gold coins. Most importantly, if it were just ordinary goods, he wouldn't be able to do anything to them other than create trouble for the group. However, it was different for magical Crystal Cannons because they were prohibited weapons.

“General, what should we do about these people?” said the officer, who was the same one who burned Gavin's pa.s.s. Obviously, he was not a city guard of Tolon City.

“What else is there to do? Detain them. I shall see how capable they are. How dare they disregard me!” General Clark tried to stop himself from feeling smug as he spoke coldly to his subordinate.

Actually, while those Magical Crystal Cannons might be expensive, they would only be valuable if there was demand for them. If no one wanted them, they would be nothing but a pile of sc.r.a.p iron. The 15 Magical Crystal Cannons were worth nearly 10,000,000 gold coins, but if Clark were to really confiscate them, he probably wouldn't be able to sell a single one. The high price of the Magical Crystal Cannons was one aspect, but more importantly, the number of magical crystals required to use them was simply not affordable for ordinary people.

Pure mana was required for the magical Crystal Cannons, and that kind of mana could only be supplied by magical crystals. Besides, it couldn't be an ordinary magical crystal. Even a level-15 magical crystal would only last for 10 shots. Even if one could afford it, they might not be able to use it. Apart from Lin Li who had excavated various treasure ruins and gained a ma.s.sive amount of wealth, no one else could afford to supply the Magical Crystal Cannons with mana.

The Dwarf Kingdom could produce Magical Crystal Cannons for their own use, but so far, there were only 18 magical Crystal Cannons on their city walls. Besides, it was said that the kings of the Dwarf Kingdom were all been banned from using the cannons unless they were on the verge of death and faced with formidable enemies.

Of course, Clark was not a thief, and he didn't want to confiscate those goods to sell them. Hence, it didn't matter how valuable they were. The most important thing was how valuable they were to the Tower of Dusk.

Clark had just been transferred to the Northwest Legion as a general, being responsible for the defense of the northwest of the Ledin Kingdom. Hence, it was not an exaggeration to say that the entire northwestern region was his territory. Shortly after he rose to the position, his subordinates reported to him that the caravan of the Tower of Dusk was delivering a lot of important goods to the relevant n.o.bles and officials. However, he was not included.

In fact, Clark did not really care about that small amount of money, and he merely thought of them as a caravan from a foreign force. However, it was a matter of pride to him because he was the only one who was excluded from the list of officials who were supposed to receive gifts. That would only reflect badly on him.

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Of course, after discovering that the confiscated goods were actually 15 Magical Crystal Cannons, Clark also knew that the gifts that the other officials were receiving were also exorbitant. That made him find it difficult to suppress his anger. As a general, he had never heard of the Tower of Dusk before. Even the members of the Supreme Council, with the exception of the powerhouses of the Sanctuary-realm, would have to follow his rules.

However, just as everyone was lamenting about time pa.s.sing too quickly, a pastor arrived and fearfully said, “Master Felic, there's someone outside asking to see you. He claims to be Gavin from the Tower of Dusk, and says that there's something important that he'd like to see you for.”

Hearing this, the senior executives' faces grew sullen. Since someone from the Tower of Dusk had arrived, it was clear that it was time for their pharmaceutics lesson to end.

Lin Li found it bizarre as well. After all, Gavin had been responsible for most of the affairs of the Tower of Dusk, and he also had the power to make most decisions. Even if something major had happened, Gavin probably would have just sent someone over to relay the message while he tended to the Tower of Dusk.

“Yeah, I know, you don't need to bring him here. I'll just go look for him,” said Lin Li, who then headed to the foot of the Holy Mountain by himself without waiting for Gavin to be brought there in order to save time.

“Wait a minute, Master Felic, I'll go with you. I have a question, and I'd like to ask you for guidance,” Holliard interjected as he frantically scurried over to chase after Lin Li. Clearly, no matter what the issue was, Lin Li was going to leave anyway. Otherwise, he could have just made Gavin to come upstairs and report the situation to him.

Lin Li did not refuse. Anyway, he could not fly on the Holy Mountain, and walking wouldn't take up much of his time anyway. Even if the higher-ups of the Brilliance Shrine had no issues, they had all improved greatly in the past few days under his guidance. At this moment, it was necessary for one of them to see him off. Since everyone knew that he was cooperating with the Brilliance Shrine, they wouldn't arouse any suspicion.

Yet, after they made it to the foot of the mountain, everyone got a great shock. Although they had long heard about the pharmaceutical business cooperation between the Brilliance Shrine and the Tower of Dusk, the scene was a bit too flabbergasting. Lin Li was walking in front, while Holliard, the head of the Holy Paladins, was following him and asking him some questions eagerly. Fergor was walking behind them together with the other big shots of the Brilliance Shrine, such as Archbishop Englos, Archbishop Domingo, and Cardinal Jefferson.

At the foot of the Holy Mountain, Gavin was pacing back and forth anxiously, and when he suddenly heard a greeting coming from afar, he quickly turned his head to look at the staircase of the Holy Mountain. Gavin thought that he understood Lin Li very well. After all, Archbishop Martin was the one who personally invited Lin Li to the Brilliance Shrine when he visited the Tower of Dusk.

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