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Chapter 766 - Distribute

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Chapter 766: Distribute

d.a.m.n it, it's only been a few days, and Holliard has already become a true Master of pharmaceutics under Master Felic's guidance. Maybe if I seize the opportunity and push for it, I might be able to become a Master too. Holliard ignored the dumbfounded Siddarth, and adjusted his expressions before scurrying towards the herbal plantation at the back of the mountain with a stiff smile on his face.

Siddarth stood in front of the door for a long time before finally snapping out of his trance. However, he could not help but s.h.i.+ver uncontrollably when he thought of the words that the Chief Judge Fergor said before leaving. At the same time, he felt incredibly puzzled because he wasn't framing Lin Li, and was simply telling the truth. Wasn't it the Judge of Heresy's duty to purify the heretics!?

Filled with doubts and horror, Siddarth proceeded to look for his teacher, Archbishop Domingo. The only truth in the words that he'd said to Rina earlier on was the fact that Archbishop Domingo was indeed immersed in studying pharmaceutics.

“Siddarth, what are you doing? I've been trying to get you to come here, and you didn't appear even after a long time. Come take a look at the potion that I've just formulated. This is a real Master-level potion!” Domingo exclaimed while fiddling with the potions in front of the table, completely failing to notice Siddarth's expression.

“Oh, yes, Teacher, I went out for a while,” said Siddarth, who was feeling vexed and troubled. He was hesitating and contemplating if he should ask his teacher that question. After all, everything that happened today was too peculiar.

Siddarth's dejected tone attracted the attention of Archbishop Domingo. Under normal circ.u.mstances, his disciple would definitely be pleased and excited to see the potions he created. Yet, Siddarth actually did not show any signs of excitement at all, despite the fact that he had formulated a Master-level potion.

“Siddarth, what happened? Why do you look so pale?” Domingo asked in bewilderment after putting the potion down. This is the Holy Mountain of the Brilliance Shrine. What made Siddarth become like this?

He's still my teacher, after all! Upon sight of Domingo's caring gaze, Siddarth felt a warm and fuzzy feeling in his heart, and he decided to consult his teacher. Perhaps there might be some huge conspiracy that concerns the Brilliance Shrine, he thought.

At the thought of this, he tried to perk up, and aggrievedly said, “Teacher, I suspect that a big conspiracy is brewing on this Holy Mountain. I think that it also involves some of our higher-ups.”

“Uh…” Domingo was slightly stunned. Dismayed, he said, “Siddarth, I've already told you this many times, stop reading those silly myths and legends that have been made up mindlessly by others. You might as well take the time to learn more about pharmaceutics from me.”

“No, Teacher, what I said is true,” Siddarth insisted frantically after seeing that his teacher was dismissing of his words. He turned around and looked out of the door to ensure that no one was eavesdropping, after which he closed the door again and returned. Trying to suppress his volume, he said, “Teacher, I discovered a heretic who entered the Holy Mountain today. The strange thing is, when I went to the Judge of Heresy's office to report, the Chief Judge Fergor didn't care to find out the truth, and simply insisted that that man was not a heretic.”

“Why have you become like the Judge of Heresy? All you do is call others heretics,” Domingo said with a look of displeasure. Although the Court of Heresy had helped the Brilliance Shrine get rid of countless enemies, they still had a horrible reputation in the Brilliance Shrine, after all. Hence, after hearing his disciple mention a heretic and going to the Court of Heresy to complain, Domingo's joy from concocting the Master-level potion vanished instantly.

Seeing that his teacher was a little angry, Siddarth frantically said, “Teacher, it's true, that mage is called Felic. You should have heard of him. It's no secret that he has Undead creatures for his servants. Everyone in the Breezy Plains knows about it. I saw him and Rina—”

Before Siddarth could even finish speaking, he saw a foreign object flying towards him, hitting his forehead before he could evade. All of a sudden, the object shattered with a loud thud, and a warm liquid flowed out slowly, exuding a medicinal scent.

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Archbishop Domingo was glowering with a sullen expression, and his finger was trembling continuously. He seemed to be too infuriated for words. The Master-level potion that Domingo had just concocted had already vanished without a trace.

However, Siddarth felt shocked again even though he had just snapped back to reality. As a bishop, it would definitely be a good thing to work at a church, but that would depend on the location too. If it were in a place that was within control of the Brilliance Shrine, a bishop's position would definitely be higher than that of a castellan. However, Felan Kingdom was a country of magic, and the clergymen of the Brilliance Shrine were insignificant there.

Siddarth suddenly thought of something. There was allegedly a bishop named Raleigh who had been sent to Alanna, the capital of the Felan Kingdom. The unlucky Raleigh preached for more than 20 years, yet he only had less than 10 followers. That probably felt worse than death. Although the Felan Kingdom was very prosperous, it wasn't so for the people of the Brilliance Shrine, because faith was scarce there.

“Teacher, I don't want to leave your side!” At the thought of the agonizing days that would await him once he went to Felan Kingdom, Siddarth teared up and leaped towards Domingo, hugging his thigh and bawling loudly.

Bishop Domingo had already made a decision, and thus wouldn't change it just because Siddarth was crying. His disciple wasn't his son, after all. On the same day, he looked for the person in charge before informing Siddarth to pack his things and get ready to leave. At the same time, the incident also reminded several higher-ups to immediately release the news of the pharmaceutical business cooperation with the Tower of Dusk so as to finally provide an acceptable explanation for the fact that Lin was respected by the higher-ups.

In fact, Lin Li didn't even care about what Siddarth said, and he even forgot his name the next day. He had no idea that the young and promising bishop was exiled to the Felan Kingdom for calling Lin Li a heretic. Apart from giving pointers to a few pharmaceutic enthusiasts, Lin Li mainly focused on the Light Bible of the Brilliance Shrine. As for the cooperation, he would send his corresponding subordinates to see to the details.

The Light Bible was the foundation of the Brilliance Shrine, and it was an important book for the interpretation of the Power of Light. Even a prodigy might not be able to reap benefits and gain knowledge just after a few days of reading. However, it was different for Lin Li, who had obtained the debris of the stars, Holy Light, a long time ago. Ever since then, he never stopped researching Holy Light. Hence, to him, reading the Light Bible was mainly just for filling in the gaps in his knowledge and gaining a better understanding of Holy Light.

However, Lin Li didn't know that there would often be several pairs of eyes watching him secretly. However, as time pa.s.sed, those eyes were filled with doubt and disappointment because when Lin Li was reading the Light Bible, he never once showed any aura of the Power of Light.

After a few more days, Lin Li knew that he could not procrastinate any longer. Although the priest of the Darkness Shrine, Jyker, did not mention exactly what the matter was, Lin Li knew that it was definitely important since Sendros had said so.

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