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Chapter 761 - : The Holy Kingdom

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Chapter 761: The Holy Kingdom

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Of course, there would be chapels in some smaller places like towns and villages, which were generally managed by priests.

Generally speaking, as long as one performed his job well, he'd be promoted accordingly. However, in the Brilliance Shrine, it was impossible for an individual to be incompetent. No matter how well a priest did, he'd never be promoted beyond the level of a bishop if his abilities could not reach the mark. In fact, he might forever remain a priest in a chapel.

This might seem unreasonable, but it was rather fair in the Brilliance Shrine because the way that the religious professions enhanced their strength was different from others before reaching the Legendary-level. There was no need for them to meditate and acc.u.mulate mana or train their body to a certain level. They simply had to believe in their faith firmly, and their power would increase steadily.

Hence, in the Brilliance Shrine, strength and status were considerably related more often than not. Pope Rosario was a powerhouse of a Sanctuary-realm, and that was a fact that everyone in Anril knew about. No one dared to question the faith of the Pope. The four archbishops were all around level-23 and level-24, and were near the Sanctuary-realm.

The Court of Heresy and the Holy Paladins were the strongest forces under Pope Rosario. Among them, there were also a few Legendary powerhouses. The strength of the Judge of Heresy and the Holy Paladins was not weaker than the four archbishops'. A cardinal was also in charge of the great parish, and if he weren't of a certain level, he wouldn't be able to convince the people to acknowledge him. Even the bishops of the cathedrals in each city had to have at least level-15 strength in order to exhibit the greatness and sacredness of the Holy Light to the believers.

Jyker was just an ordinary priest of the Darkness Shrine, and if he were in the Brilliance Shrine, he would be considered to be on the level of a bishop. In terms of strength, he had also just reached level-16, and he seemed to be extremely far away from the Legendary-level. Hence, he couldn't be compared to Archbishop Martin at all.

Seeing that the person who came from the Darkness Shrine was not Sendros, Archbishop lost interest, and instead bade goodbye to Lin Li and asked another mage to take him around the Tower of Dusk.

After Archbishop Martin left, Lin Li motioned for Jyker to take a seat. He then asked, “Why did Master Sendros send you?”

Jyker's face eased up a little, and he finally remembered that he hadn't finished speaking just now. Hence, he frantically and apologetically said, “President Felic, the High Priest can't make it here, because he's tied up with something, so he has sent me to invite you back with me to the Darkness Shrine as soon as possible. However, he didn't mention any reason, and he simply told me that it's something very important.”

“Something very important?” Lin Li could not help but secretly contemplate. Although he didn't have much contact with Sendros, the latter had indeed helped him a lot. The design sketch of the Black Front Fortress was given to him by Sendros, who also gave him the precious Heart of the Fallen, which allowed his Humerus Wyrm to obtain sentience. Hence, he couldn't turn down Sendros, especially since it was something important.

However, the messenger Jyker did not mention explicitly how important the matter was; hence, there was no way for Lin Li to deduce it. If he were to go to the Darkness Shrine, it would take him just three to five days, or 10 in total. He was confident of rus.h.i.+ng to the Brilliance Shrine in time to give Rosario the antidote. However, if it were like exploring the Sky Castle and Osric's mausoleum, it would take him about two to six months, which was too long for Rosario. If Rosario were to suffer another relapse, even a deity wouldn't be able to save him.

After weighing the pros and cons again and again, Lin Li decided to go to the Brilliance Shrine first. After all, he still had a rough idea of ​​how long it would take him. As for the Darkness Shrine, Sendros didn't tell him in detail what the important thing was, nor did he mention any deadlines. Hence, Lin Li reckoned that it shouldn't be too urgent. Otherwise, the Darkness Shrine wouldn't have sent just a level-16 priest. After all, a Legendary-mage would've been able to arrive faster by flight.

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Hence, Lin Li had no choice but to apologetically say to Jyker, “It's unfortunate that Archbishop Martin has also come to invite me to the Brilliance Shrine to save someone's life. Hence, I can't delay it. Please tell Master Sendros that i'll rush to the Darkness Shrine immediately after I'm done handling the matter at the Brilliance Shrine.”

Although Angelano was originally the type to take advantage as much as he could, he was rather afraid of Lin Li's brutal means. Besides, he was also grateful to Lin Li for giving him the opportunity to read Osric's journal. Thirdly, he also couldn't bear to give up Balak's magical crystal that Lin Li had promised to give him. Hence, he willingly stayed in the Tower of Dusk to help. After turning the 12 Death Knights into Holy Death Knights, he began to make Alchemy Colossuses and alchemy puppets.

The most important thing was still the lack of weapons above the Eternal Furnace. Lin Li did not obtain all 12 Magic Lamps, and thus could only use simple and efficient Magical Crystal Cannons to make up for it. Compared to the magical weapons created by Osric, Magical Crystal Cannons were rather simple, and the highly compressed mana from cannons indeed contained great power. If Lin Li could install hundreds of Magical Crystal Cannons on the Eternal Furnace, even the powerhouses of the Sanctuary-realm would probably have to retreat in hopelessness.

Hence, another part of Lin Li's instructions was to get Gavin to continue sending people to the Dwarf Kingdom to purchase Magical Crystal Cannons without limit. Although the Tower of Dusk currently had 30 Magical Crystal Cannons, Lin Li felt that there wasn't enough, especially since he had seen the hundreds of magical Crystal Cannons in Osric's mausoleum. Of course, although Lin Li asked for an unlimited amount of Crystal Cannons, it would be difficult for the Dwarf Kingdom to fulfill the order within a short time given their manufacturing capacity.

After Lin Li arranged everything, Archbishop Martin had also finished exploring the Tower of Dusk. Without any further discussion, the two immediately set off for the Brilliance Shrine. Lin Li did not bring anyone with him, since he was just going to give Pope Rosario the antidote, and not embarking on a dangerous expedition. Besides, most of his servants were Undead creatures, and even if Pope Rosario didn't mind them, the strong Holy aura was bad for them. Meanwhile, if Lin Li really dared to take the 12 Holy Death Knights with him to the Brilliance Shrine, it would be a huge insult to them, and even Rosario would be infuriated.

The Ledin Kingdom was known as the Holy Kingdom of the Holy Light. From the royals to the lowly civilians, most of the people were loyal faithful of the Brilliance Shrine. There were countless churches in Ledin Kingdom, and even in a small village with only a dozen households there would definitely be a church that was taller and cleaner than the surrounding buildings. The holy professions were the most respected ones in the nation, and no n.o.ble would dare to offend even the priest of a small church in a small village.

Located in the heart of the Ledin Kingdom near the capital, Delano City, which was also known as City of Dawn, was the holy ground to the believers in Anril. Although it was only a few hundred square kilometers in size, and did not seem to be a prosperous city, it was a true country within a country. In the hearts of the believers, it was the true center of true center of Anril.

The city of Delano was built on a mountain, and the tall, majestic stone walls that were clean and flawless made the city seem like it was emitting holy rays of light every single moment. In the middle of Delano City, there was an ordinary-looking mountain; it was not steep, and similar ones were rather commonly found in Anril.

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