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Chapter 760 - Brilliance Shrine

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Chapter 760: Brilliance Shrine

“Archbishop Martin, could there be any changes in the Viper's poison according to religion?” Lin Li asked. He had heard from Englos that the Viper's poison in Pope Rosario was injected into his body during the trip to the Sunset Mountains with the Supreme Council. Throughout the years, Pope Rosario had been trying to suppress it with his own body. However, Lin Li was well aware that the Viper's poison could be considered the most insidious and deadly poison in the world. Although it could be suppressed by the host's body, the root of the poison would not be eradicated. The stronger the Viper's poison, the greater the damage to the body of the poisoned person. Over time, the toxins would acc.u.mulate, and the viper's poison would explode again. By then, even a real deity would not be able to save the person.

However, Archbishop Martin shook his head anxiously, and said, “His Holiness Rosario did suffer a relapse a while ago, and although it has already been suppressed, His Holiness has a hunch that he may not be able to make it through the next relapse.”

In fact, several archbishops who knew about this matter already felt rather hopeless. Even Englos, who had been feeling hopeful about Lin Li's pharmaceutical skills, didn't think that Lin Li could reach the Guru-level and have the ability to resolve the Viper's poison. They only saw a new glimmer of hope when they heard the news of Lin Li having given the poisoned elves an antidote for the Viper's poison in the Haiga Mountain Range.

Upon hearing this, Lin Li could not help but feel a sense of relief because at least there was still some hope for Rosario's recovery. Otherwise, he might never get to return the favor that he owed the Brilliance Shrine.

“President Felic, I also know that the Viper's poison that was in the elves' bodies is very different from the poison in His Holiness's body. I'm afraid the hunch that His Holiness has had is true, and the relapse should be happening soon. I don't know if it's convenient for you to go to the Brilliance Shrine now. Even if you can only reduce and weaken the toxin, that'll be great too,” Archbishop Martin said worriedly. Although he had been in the Legendary-realm for many years, and was also a person of high status, the matter concerned the safety of the pope and the existence of the Brilliance Shrine. Thus, he could not hide his worry.

The Brilliance Shrine was born at the end of the Dark Age, and during that chaotic era where there were raging wars, everyone had to rely on faith to keep surviving. They had to push themselves to live on by relying on the hope that light had given to them. The doctrine of the Holy Light had soon spread throughout Anril.

Throughout the past 1300-something years, there had been countless believers of the Holy Light in all human kingdoms other than Felan Kingdom. Be it the rich, the poor, the aristocrats, the royals, the civilians, the affluent businessmen, or the poor farmers who were struggling to survive, all of them regarded the Holy Light as their religious faith, and they would follow the guidance of the popes, spreading their faith to every part of the world.

In Anril now, only the Supreme Council that was created by the Mage Geresco had the power to resist the Brilliance Shrine, but that happened only after the inexplicable decline of the Darkness Shrine. Even in terms of secular power, the Brilliance Shrine was definitely superior to the Supreme Council. Except for the Felan Kingdom, almost all kings of the human kingdoms would have to be crowned by the pope of the Brilliance Shrine before they could ascend the throne and be recognized by the people.

Pope Rosario, who was a powerhouse of the Sanctuary-realm, was the legendary incarnation of the Holy Light who had ascended the throne of the pope at the age of 30. The neighbors of Ledin Kingdom, including the stubborn Felan Kingdom, had all established numerous churches of various sizes during his reign. That was a formidable feat that none of the previous popes could achieve. To the believers of the Brilliance Shrine, Pope Rosario was the embodiment of the Holy Light, especially in the sacred Ledin Kingdom. His words were just like the will of the Holy Light. Compared to him, the king was insignificant, and the pope's approval was required for all decisions.

That was also an important reason why Pope Rosario had been able to keep the news of his poisoning under wraps for so many years. If the news of Rosario's poisoning were to spread, then there would definitely be an uproar in the Brilliance Shrine.

Lin Li touched his chin, looked at Archbishop Martin, and said, “Actually, before you arrived, I've already prepared the antidote for the Viper's poison. I'm just worried if there had been other changes in the Viper's poison over the years. I also have to consider the physical condition of His Holiness. Please tell me more about the symptoms of the Viper's poison relapse, and I'll see if there's anything I have to add.”

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Archbishop Martin did come this time because he saw a glimmer of hope, but it was mostly because he felt that Lin Li might have a way to weaken the toxins in order to allow Pope Rosario to endure for a longer time. However, he did not expect that Lin Li had already formulated a potion. He was shocked so much that he thought that he was hallucinating.

Hence, Archbishop Martin didn't say much about the arrival of the people from the Darkness Shrine. Not to mention, they were in the Tower of Dusk, and not the Brilliance Shrine. Even if there was a feud between them, they couldn't solve it there and then. Hence, Archbishop Martin simply smiled at the mage, and turned around to tell Lin Li that he could wait a few days.

Lin Li had learned about the relations.h.i.+p between the Brilliance Shrine and the Darkness Shrine from Sendros a long time ago. Hence, he was naturally not surprised by the reaction of Archbishop Martin. He could more or less guess the reason the person from the Darkness Shrine came. Back in the Blackstone Mountains, Sendros had said that Lin Li should definitely visit the Darkness Shrine if he had the time. Since he only had to worry about the development of the Tower of Dusk and his future expeditions, he did have some spare time now.

“President Felic, I'm Jyker from the Darkness Shrine, and I'm here to visit you on the order of the High Priest Sendros. I'd like to invite you…” Upon sight of Lin Li, Jyker immediately stood up and eagerly expressed his purpose of visit. However, when he was halfway through his explanation, he saw the Archbishop Martin, and immediately tensed up.

Jyker still had no idea of the real relations.h.i.+p between the Darkness Shrine and the Brilliance Shrine. He only knew that the two parties would definitely get into a fight whenever they met. However, Jyker could tell from the emblem on Martin's robe that he was an archbishop. One was a priest, while the other was an archbishop. There was a huge difference in ident.i.ty, status, and strength.

In the inst.i.tutional hierarchy of the Brilliance Shrine, Pope Rosario was at the top, and below him were four archbishops, including Englos and Martin. The Judge of Heresy and the Holy Paladins were the two most powerful forces that answered solely to Pope Rosario. They were not inferior to the archbishops in terms of status, and below them were cardinals responsible for the churches. They were just like governors of provinces.

Under the cardinals were the bishops, who were in charge of all churches and presided over all the affairs of the church. The bishops usually had a certain number of priests and pastors under them. The priests were preaching the doctrine and taking in new believers, while the pastors were often responsible for the treatment of the believers or guarding the church.

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