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Chapter 759 - People From The Shrine

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Chapter 759: People From The Shrine

The spine of the t.i.tan was cut vertically into two halves, surrounding the Skeleton Square and becoming the walls of the Black Front Fortress. The t.i.tan's huge skull was supported by two shorter ribs, with its jaw embedded in the ground of the Skeleton Square, looking like it was roaring. It was the entrance and exit of the fortress.

Shortly after Lin Li completed the Black Front Fortress, Angelano and Connoris also completed the transformation of the Death Knights. 12 black-armored Death Knights that were shrouded in immense death aura had already become silver-armored knights that were emitting pure holy aura. However, the 12 Death Knights did not become the first residents of the Black Front Fortress. Instead, Lin Li sent them to the Scar of Death in the Blackstone Mountains, and ordered them to kill as many Undead creatures as they could and devour more soul fire while waiting for the Retribution Knight to summon the other Death Knights.

Although the Black Front Fortress was built for the Death Knights, the Lich Ujfalusi, his Humerus Wyrm, the Vampire Norfeller, and Lin Li's Crimson Dragon were the first ones to live in it. For the Undead creatures, the enhancement effect of the Black Front Fortress was not inferior to the Psychic Array's, except the Sky Castle of course…

After adding the crystal coffin, the Eternal Furnace took shape, and although it could not be considered complete, it only lacked some details. Lin Li could gradually improve it with his own strength. The t.i.tan skeleton was used to build the Black Front Fortress, which also gave Lin Li and his Death Knights a place to advance rapidly and safely. On the other hand, the 12 Death Knights that were transformed into Divine Death Knights using the crystal coffin had their strength more than doubled. The gains that Lin Li had risked his life to obtain had all become a great help to him and the Tower of Dusk.

The only thing that made Lin Li feel regretful and helpless was that the Stars of Fury, which he'd once thought was with Osric, was still missing. He had no idea what Osric had done before entering the crystal coffin alone, for there were no clues in the memory of the perfect body. Lin Li had no idea if the memories had been sealed or Connoris' fusion was still insufficient.

However, despite the regret, Lin Li did not mull over it excessively. After he completed the Black Front Fortress, he focused most of his energy on studying the debris of the stars Nothingness, and got some enlightenment about the nomological power of s.p.a.cetime. After all, even if he had obtained the Stars of Fury, there was no way for him to exert all of his level-24 power, and his understanding of the power in the debris of the stars was the most important.

It was not just a hunch that Lin Li had. Instead, he was confident that after he obtained the seven pieces of the debris of the stars, he would be stepping into the Sanctuary-realm. He already had five pieces of the debris of the stars at the moment, namely Holy Light, Gloomy Dark, Rebirth, Thunderbolt, and Nothingness. Every piece of the debris of the stars contained nomological power that was equivalent to extremely great wealth. As for Polar Snow and Raging Flames, they became easily attainable because of the large order from the Felan Kingdom.

In Anril today, even 2000 Master-level potions would only be considered advanced potions to Lin Li's Tower of Dusk. Although it was impossible to stop all other pharmacy business and put in all their efforts and energy into preparing the 2000 potions, the pharmacists of the Tower of Dusk were fortunately capable of formulating potions of a certain level on their own. Since it was a task where contribution points were awarded, the mages who had knowledge of potions were also willing to spend their spare time on this task. Hence, it was only a matter of time before the potions were completed.

After exploring the Sky Castle and Osric's mausoleum, Lin Li had ample time on his hands. Apart from waiting for the Dragon Crystals of the Ice and Fire Twin Dragons and going to the underground palace of the Dragon Mountain, there was nothing else on his agenda. Hence, in addition to reading the Book of Eternity and studying the debris of the stars, Lin Li used the rest of his time to study other things, such as the Viper's poison that had been troubling the Brilliance Shrine for numerous years.

When Lin Li was appointed as the President of the Breezy Plains Guild of Magic, he received a hefty gift from the Brilliance Shrine, and that was the Magic Summoning Lamp, in which the Lord of Nightmares was sealed. The lamp was of great help to Lin Li later on, and it helped him obtain the Humerus Wyrm, defeat the elven mage Vidas, and overcome various ordeals. Hence, Lin Li could never forget the agreement he had with the Brilliance Shrine.

When making that agreement, there was no problem with Lin Li's level of pharmacy. However, the Viper's poison was highly toxic, after all, and could not be dispelled with just a potion. There were other issues that needed to be specifically considered. Therefore, Lin Li was not entirely confident at that time, and it was impossible for the Brilliance Shrine to allow their pope to be the subject of Lin Li's experiments.

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Fortunately, the elves and the Moonsaber Panther in the Haiga Mountain Range gave Lin Li a chance to verify his theory, even though they were only poisoned by a descendant of the Viper. Lin Li was now 90% confident in curing the Viper's poison in the pope's body. With time and confidence, Lin Li decided to put this matter on the agenda.

However, the preparation of the Gift of The Earth G.o.ddess made all of them realize that a Master of pharmaceutics was merely the beginning of becoming a good pharmacist. The medicinal principles and techniques involved in the preparation made those who were proud, conceited, and satisfied with what they had learned feel ashamed.

After formulating the potion, Lin Li answered the endless questions posed by the pharmacists while considering when to go to the Brilliance Shrine to fulfill the agreement. After all, the Brilliance Shrine was located in the Ledin Kingdom, which was still quite far away from the Tower of Dusk, and curing Pope Rosario was far beyond just giving him the potion. Lin Li still had to consider his condition; hence, Lin Li had no idea how much time he would need to spend in the Brilliance Shrine. It might be more than 10 days, or a month or two.

However, what Lin Li did not expect was that the people from the Brilliance Shrine had already come knocking on his door before he finished planning his visit. The visitor was none other than Bishop Martin, whom Lin Li had met before during his inauguration ceremony. However, at that time, Englos and Martin hurriedly returned to the Brilliance Shrine halfway through the ceremony for some reason, and thus Lin Li didn't get to speak to him much.

This time, Bishop Martin came alone, and looked like a servant who had rushed there straight from the Brilliance Shrine. There was worry and anxiety written all over his face.

“President Felic, I heard that some elves had been poisoned by a descendant of the Viper in the Haiga Mountain Range and you managed to cure them. Is that true?” Bishop Martin asked eagerly as soon as he saw Lin Li. After seeing Lin Li nod, his anxiety seemed to have dissipated as he immediately requested to speak to Lin Li in private.

Lin Li knew that Bishop Martin wanted to talk about the original agreement. After all, the poison in Rosario's body was indeed related to the survival of the Brilliance Shrine. Even in the Brilliance Shrine, only a few people knew about it. Hence, after taking Bishop Martin to the reception room, Lin Li told the rest outside not to disturb them. He then finally asked about the specific condition that Pope Rosario was in.

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