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Chapter 756 - Return

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Chapter 756: Return

However, Megard didn't seem to have caught the hidden meaning in Rosen's words. Instead, he simply addressed his question by saying, “The crystal coffin is not just a coffin. As far as I know, it's a furnace that Osric used to create the perfect body. At the same time, it's also the core of the eighth Sky Castle of the High Elves. Unfortunately, the Supreme Council did not get hold of the Eternal Furnace that Osric created. Otherwise, we might've been able to replicate and reproduce the eighth Sky Castle.” Megard then looked at Lin Li instead of Rosen who asked the question.

Seeing that Megard had simply answered his question, Rosen knew that he didn't want to pursue the matter about Lin Li taking the items away. Hence, he returned to his seat miserably.

“Okay, now that you have no doubts, I'll be announcing the respective rewards that each of you will be receiving on behalf of the Supreme Council.” Megard looked around at everyone, and slowly said, “Andoine, Rosen, both of you successfully completed the task entrusted to you by the Supreme Council, and you will be granted the rights to study the High Elves Print. Aldwin and Macklin, you two and the Alanna Guild of Magic have made a great sacrifice for the Supreme Council. The Supreme Council will reward you with a batch of magical equipment and materials. As for Felic…”

Speaking of what Lin Li would be receiving, Megard paused for a while. However, the slight pause made everyone's expressions turn peculiar. Andoine and Aldwin thought that Megard would forbid Lin Li from receiving any rewards because he had already taken away the perfect body created by Osric and the magical weapon. Hence, they all looked rather worried because they thought that Lin Li was about to be sanctioned. Rosen thought just about the same as others, but he seemed to be gloating instead. He thought, I thought Megard didn't hold it against him, but seems like he's settling scores with him now.

However, what Megard said next made everyone's expression change drastically. After a short pause, he continued, “Felic, you've played a vital role in this mission. What do you want?”

He actually asked Lin Li what he wanted! Andoine and Aldwin were instantly surprised, while Rosen, who was initially gloating, was full of disbelief at this moment. Such a reward was absolutely unprecedented, and it was actually offered by the arbitrator himself. Even if Lin Li were to ask to go to the treasure vault to pick out an item or ask to become an authoritative figure in the Supreme Council, it wouldn't be impossible for Megard to agree.

However, the treasure vault of the Supreme Council wasn't that attractive to Lin Li, and he was much less interested in becoming an authoritative figure. Although Megard had allowed him to pick his reward without restrictions, he couldn't really ask for anything he wanted. Lin Li touched his chin and looked up at Megard. “Respected Arbitrator, since the Supreme Council has no use for the crystal coffin, please give it to me.”

Although the Supreme Council did not have the Eternal Furnace, Lin Li did, and he just lacked the crystal coffin which could be used as the core. Since Megard had let him choose, how could he give up the chance to pick something that would be the most useful for him and choose something useless instead? However, Lin Li had also put some thought into how he worded his request. If the crystal coffin was useless to the Supreme Council, wouldn't the arbitrator of the Supreme Council be compelled into giving Lin Li more than just something he didn't need?

Megard smiled a little, clearly having seen through Lin Li's intentions. However, he didn't expose Lin Li, and simply nodded before saying, “Yes, in addition to the crystal coffin, I'll give you another item. It's your chance to take your pick and tell me what your request is.”

Megard's words made everyone else freeze immediately because of their astonishment. They even doubted if Lin Li was related to Megard by blood because it was simply too exaggerated. The crystal coffin was the furnace that Osric used to create the perfect body. How could it be useless for the Supreme Council? Not only did Megard give it to Lin Li. he even allowed Lin Li to make another request. They thought, Is this the arbitrator I know!?

Even Lin Li was surprised when he heard Megard's words. Of course, it was one thing to be surprised, and another to grasp the opportunity. He would be a fool not to. After thinking about it for a while, he said, “Sir, one of my companions, Angelano, has also contributed greatly in this mission. He has broken most of the magic traps that we encountered in the mausoleum, and he wishes to take a look at Osric's journal. Is this request a little too much?”

“You mean that Goblin who has mastered Alchemy well? Get him to come here with Andoine tomorrow. I'll give him seven days to read the part about Alchemy in the journal,” said Megard who agreed to Lin Li's request readily. He then ended the conversation and told everyone to go get some rest.

Lin Li decided to fight for this opportunity for Angelano partly because he wanted to fulfill the original promise he made, and partly because of his own selfish reasons. Anyway, he had already successfully made Angelano promise to go back with him to the Tower of Dusk, and Angelano would definitely have to create Alchemy Puppets for the Tower of Dusk in the future. Hence, it would be a great benefit for Lin Li if Angelano could use this chance to improve his Alchemy skills.

As for why Lin Li did not take the opportunity to request a chance to read Osric's journal himself, it was because he still had the Book of Eternity left behind by Geresco. The knowledge about magic contained in that book was not inferior to that of Osric's journal. In other areas like pharmacy and inscription, Lin Li had already reached the Guru-level, so he didn't need it urgently.

When he went out to see Angelano, Lin Li told him everything that happened, and the Goblin Angelano was immediately touched. From his point of view, Lin Li had given up his chance to get a better reward for an opportunity for Angelano to read Osric's journal. In the tens of thousands of years that he had lived, he had never met such a good person. At the same time, Angelano also had more faith in Lin Li's credibility, and he believed that Lin Li definitely wouldn't go back on his words.

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Angelano was given the opportunity to read Osric's journal, and although it was only for a short period of seven days, it was enough for him to benefit greatly given his level of attainments in Alchemy. While Andoine took Angelano to the Sky Tower to read the notes, Aldwin was busy rebuilding the Alanna Guild of Magic. Macklin advanced to the Legendary-realm when he was in the mausoleum, and was rather busy as well. Even Connoris was busy fusing his soul with his new body. After all, the higher the rate of fusion, the stronger he would become. Everyone who left the mausoleum was busy with their own things, but Lin Li became a slacker.

After a frustrating dance, Lin Li ignored the sultry gazes of numerous ladies and followed Prince Arthur of the Felan Kingdom to a reception lounge that was much quieter. At the command of Prince Arthur, two waiters guarded the front door of the reception lounge to stop others from entering and disturbing them. When Prince Arthur revealed the content of the deal and Lin Li saw the item on the table, the latter found it a little unbelievable, even though he had already read it on the invitation card.

“The Dragon Crystals of the Ice and Fire Twin Dragons, are you sure you want to trade this?” Lin Li had never expected there to be such a treasure hidden in the treasure vault of the Felan Royal Family. Although dragons liked mating with different creatures, they had low fertility. The Double Death Dragons that Lin Li had encountered in the Haiga Mountain Range were extremely rare, especially since they had different attributes.

Although the Ice and Fire Dragons were wyrms, they were considered the dragon version of Romeo and Juliet. It wasn't wrong to call it an interracial combination, either. The fertility of dragons of the same element was already very low, yet not only did they have a love child, they produced an extremely rare pair of Double Death Dragons.

Of course, another possibility was that the conflicting attributes might actually increase the birth rate of the twin dragons. After all, without a leader, it would be a rare thing for them not to fight each other, and sparks of love were simply a miracle.

“Yes, I know that general wealth means almost nothing to Master Felic, and your Tower of Dusk doesn't lack any magical equipment. Hence, the only thing we could think of are these Legendary Dragon Crystals obtained from the High Elves' treasure vault,” said Prince Arthur, who seemed a little embarra.s.sed as if he could not bring himself to give those two Dragon Crystals to Lin Li.

Prince Arthur had personally traveled to the Tower of Dusk to partic.i.p.ate in Lin Li's inauguration ceremony. Hence, he had witnessed the Tower of Dusk going from nothing to becoming a powerful force that was feared by many. Therefore, he showed great respect to the competent, young and legendary President Lin Li.

Lin Li could tell from Prince Arthur's words that the Dragon Crystals of the Ice and Fire Twin Dragons seemed to be extremely precious to Prince Arthur, but he only saw them as two Legendary Dragon Crystals. However, the fact that the Ice and Fire Twin Dragons were more precious and rare seemed to have been completely ignored.

However, Lin Li thought about it carefully, and began to understand the situation better. For most people, the role of the magical crystals would be nothing more than just a mana source for Alchemy Arrays and mageweaths. Based on those uses alone, the Dragon Crystals of the Ice and Fire Twin Dragons were indeed functional and rather similar to the other magical crystals of the same level. Hence, from a practical point of view, no matter how rare they were compared to the others, their value was about the same.

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