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Chapter 742 - All Sorts Of Trump Cards

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Chapter 742: All Sorts Of Trump Cards

Lin Li then pushed the Helios' Scepter forward a little, and a Six-pointed Star Array suddenly appeared on the ground. The tall and burly demon Gordon pounded his chest and walked out of the Six-pointed Star Array with heavy footsteps. Although he had been imprisoned in the same dungeon as countless demons in the Sky Castle, and had insignificant strength, Lin Li acquired him out of curiosity. However, after devouring all kinds of precious metals that Lin Li fed him, he finally broke through, gaining more strength.

After summoning the Lord of Nightmares and the Crimson Dragon, Lin Li did not stop immediately, and the 10 Shadow that were also alchemy puppets appeared beside him in the blink of an eye. Lin Li had managed to obtain 20 shadow from the Sky Castle, and the first time that he used them was when he was dealing with the Dark Blade. However, at that time, he had merely sealed some magical beasts in the alchemy puppets. Hence, their power could not be fully exerted.

This time, in order to explore Osric's mausoleum, Lin Li had specifically sealed the souls of the that Ujfalusi had collected in the battle in the 10 alchemy puppets, turning them into actual Shadow Although the souls of the were not powerful, and couldn't make the Shadow reach the Legendary-level, they still had power that was at the peak of level-19. Besides, the characteristics of Shadow Iron allowed them to exert power that was beyond level-19.

Looking at the Crimson Dragon that was revolving above their heads, the Lord of Nightmares who was wrapped in black mist, as well as the tall gilded figure, Gordon, everyone was startled and speechless. The 10 Shadow made them feel fearful as well. Lin Li actually had a bunch of trump cards, which made everyone feel flabbergasted since having one or two was already considered formidable. Of course, in this situation, the more cards that Lin Li had, the more hope they felt. Hence, they wished he could pull out his trump cards and destroy the Zago Demons.

Watching Lin Li pull out the trump cards, Rosen's face grew increasingly sullen. However, he was not worried about what would happen later, but rather was angry about the fact that Lin Li had not pulled these cards out earlier when facing the silver-armored knights. Had Lin Li done so, he wouldn't have had to use the staff to summon the twin wyrms.

While everyone was frightened, Lin Li's movements did not stop. He took out a magic scroll from the Ring of Endless Storm and tore it apart, and a huge Six-pointed Star Array flashed in front of him. Then, the Lich Ujfalusi, the Vampire Norfeller, and the 18 Death Knights who exuded a strong death aura while riding Nightmares gradually appeared in the Six-pointed Star Array.

It was a Summoning Scroll which would instantly summon all servants that had signed a Soul Contract with Lin Li, no matter where he might be in Anril. It was precisely because of the scroll that Lin Li had not brought the two Undead servants into the mausoleum—he'd been preparing to use them as backups. However, that was meaningless at this point—if they couldn't overcome the ordeal now, everything else would be in vain.

Rosen knew about the two Undead servants, Ujfalusi and Norfeller. Hence, when he saw Lin Li summoning the two Undead creatures, he thought to himself that Lin Li the rascal had finally whipped out all his trump cards.

However, Lin Li did not care to talk to the two Undead servants. Instead, he raised his arm again and pointed Dream Garden towards the front. “My little ancestor[1], please hurry and come out, or I'm going to die soon!” Lin Li muttered as he smiled wryly.

Finally, a small head protruded out of Dream Garden and looked around, particularly noticing the Zago Demon Legion which was getting closer and closer. It then flew out reluctantly and landed on Lin Li's shoulder. It then tugged Lin Li's ears with its tiny claws, seemingly resenting him for waking it up from its sweet dreams.

Compared to when it had just been born, the Elemental Wyrm did not seem to have changed much, except that the patterns on its body had become much clearer and prettier than before. Its power was also worlds apart thanks to the mana that it had absorbed from the magical crystal that controlled the Sky Castle back in the chaos of time and s.p.a.ce. Although it was still an infant, it had already broken through the threshold of the Legendary-level, and thus was not any weaker than it used to be.

If the trump cards that Lin Li had pulled out previously had given Rosen a great shock, Rosen was completely astonished by the pet.i.te and adorable Elemental Wyrm Xiao Hua. Although it was tiny and cute on the surface, like the pets women loved, and the mana it gave out was only level-21 or level-22, the pure and formidable Menace of the Dragon made Rosen feel daunted and small. He had never felt that way before, not even when he was in front of the arbitrators.

Looking at Lin Li's profile, Rosen found him to be extremely terrifying, and he felt that it was no wonder that Lin Li would be able to lead a Guild of Magic that was established less than two years ago, and enjoy such a resounding reputation in the Breezy Plains. His power was incredible even in the Felan Kingdom.

After glancing at Andoine who was not too far away, Rosen was feeling extremely jealous and hateful as he had no idea why his compet.i.tor was so lucky to have such an impressive student. Compared to Andoine's student Lin Li, his disciple Gryffindor, who was nicknamed the successor of Geresco, was just like a huge joke.

“d.a.m.n, is this little b.a.s.t.a.r.d the illegitimate child of the G.o.ddess of Destiny? Why do all the good things happen to him?” Andoine remarked when he saw his student, whom he had “adopted”. Within just two years, Lin Li managed to make tremendous progress; hence, Andoine was naturally proud and heartened.

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When Andoine had found Lin Li in mountains, Lin Li was all alone, and he could not even be considered an apprentice in terms of magic. Yet, within just two years, Lin Li had already become a level-23 Legendary-mage. In terms of status, he was the glorious President of the Breezy Plains Guild of Magic—the Tower of Dusk which was a significant force in the Breezy Plains.

After all, the mages were the elite of the elite, and had truly experienced life-and-death situations. Although the Black Current formed by the Zago Demons was definitely terrifying, everyone were determined and serious when the real battle began.

It could be said that when there was no battle, they were all alive and emotional like normal humans, but after the battle began, they would become the parts of the precision machine that was the group of mages. All of their positive or negative emotions were put away at this moment. If the commander needed their help, they would not hesitate to give aid to the commander even if their brother and buddy had just died in front of them. Even if they needed to use their bodies to block the attack of the enemy, they would not frown nor hesitate.

The row of mages pointed their Crescent Staffs towards the front, and an ice wall that was about several meters wide instantly blocked the Zago Demons from proceeding. Unfortunately, the ice wall that was stronger than a real city wall seemed to be weak and fragile in front of the Sickle Black-armored Demons. The dense shadows of the Sickle Black-armored Demons could be seen shaking through the crystal ice wall, but in the blink of an eye, dark red sickles pierced through the wall, and spider-web-like cracks quickly spread outward from the holes.

However, just when the Sickle Black-armored Demons broke through the ice wall, overwhelming magic engulfed them together with the ice wall. Just as the magical storm was coming to an end, another, stronger ice wall was erected again near the initial position almost instantly.

Although they were both battling in groups, those on Lin Li's side seemed to be much messier compared to Alanna's mages. The Light and Darkness Domain had already been exhibited completely. The 10 Shadow were hidden in darkness; as their bodies appeared every now and then, their sharp arm blades could always penetrate accurately through the cracks of the firm and smooth carapace. When the Sickle Black-armored Demons noticed them, they had already blended back into the darkness, or even hidden themselves amongst them.

However, although the attacks launched by the Shadow were sharp, the damage that could be done to the Zago Demons that way was almost insignificant. The vitality of the Zago Demon was notoriously tenacious; even if their heads were cut off, they would still be able to continue fighting for a long time. Hence, after discovering that, Lin Li had to order the Shadow to attack the joints of the demons. He did not have to give them fatal blows; making them lose their combat power was quite a good means too.

The 10 Shadow could be considered to be a small combat group, but because their attacks revolved around, it was impossible for them to form a defensive perimeter. The only thing on Lin Li's side that could be considered a battle team would be the 18 Death Knights that had been following him since a long time ago.

[1] Meaning young and very spoiled.

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