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Chapter 741 - Zago Demons

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Chapter 741: Zago Demons

Ordinary people had never seen or ever imagined anyone go to the extravagance of using the Resting Crystal to create such a large crystal coffin like Osric, who had probably wiped out the entire 20th floor of the abyss for it.

The words of the Fire Demon King, the aura of Nothingness, and the extremely precious coffin made of Resting Crystal were enough to convince Lin Li that Osric and the debris of the stars, Nothingness, could very likely be in the large coffin.

However, at this moment, Rosen who had been silent so far walked out of the team, and then turned back to face Andoine and others. With a sullen expression, he said, “Now, we've already made it here, and I need to announce the main objective of the Supreme Council in this expedition.”

While in the Alanna Guild of Magic, Lin Li had asked Andoine about what his motive was when he intervened in the exploration of Osric's mausoleum. However, for some reason, Andoine seemed to be unsure of the goal of the operation, even though he was also an authoritative figure of the Supreme Council just like Rosen. The information that he knew was merely based on some of his own speculation.

Hence, when Rosen said that he would announce the decision of the Supreme Council, Lin Li, Andoine, Aldwin, and the rest could not help but pin their attention on Rosen. Andoine looked a little helpless as he was concerned about what he would get from the Guild of Magic, and Lin Li began to frown slightly.

“The task that the arbitrator has given me is to bring this crystal coffin back to the Supreme Council!” Rosen glanced at Andoine and Lin Li before proudly continuing, “This is the Supreme Council's decision. I hope you will all cooperate. Otherwise, you will be regarded as an enemy of the Supreme Council!”

“d.a.m.n, is this idiot telling a joke?” Angelano the Goblin remarked, and said to Lin Li using mental strength, “Master Felic, I believe you will not take that idiot's words seriously. If I help you get that crystal coffin, can you give me the magical crystal beneath that crystal coffin?”

Angelano had long recognized the relations.h.i.+p between Lin Li and the others. Otherwise, he wouldn't have treated Rosen harshly along the way while being impressed with Andoine and Aldwin, as well as Macklin who had yet to enter the Legendary-realm. Although Angelano was a Goblin, and he did not have much power on his own, he had lived for tens of thousands of years; hence, he did not really take the extraordinary Legendary powerhouses seriously.

Although Angelano did not hear the conversation between Lin Li and the Fire Demon King, he could tell that Lin Li had to be looking for something important, which was probably the weapon in Osric's coffin. Since Rosen wanted to take the crystal coffin back to the Supreme Council, there would inevitably be some conflict between Lin Li and Rosen.

Although Angelano had been staying in the mausoleum ever since Osric died, and thus had no idea about the changes in the outside world over the past 1000 years, he also learned about the status of the Supreme Council in the outside world through the conversations he had heard along the way. Besides, he also knew that Andoine belonged to the Supreme Council, which was related to Aldwin's Guild of Magic.

In Angelano's opinion, Andoine and Aldwin would at most remain neutral if Felic and Rosen were to get into a conflict. Since Felic and Rosen were both level-23 Legendary-mages, Angelano would play an important role.

Hence, Angelano mustered up the courage and bravely raised the request to Lin Li, who was even more terrible and horrifying than demons. He hoped to get the magical crystal under the coffin; of course, he was in fact l.u.s.ting over Osric's weapon as well. However, he did not have the courage to compete for it with Lin Li.

“What magical crystal?” Apart from the special fluctuations from the Resting Crystal and the aura of the debris of the stars, Nothingness, Lin Li had long noticed a terrifying magical crystal that was coming out of the levitating crystal coffin.

Lin Li had initially thought it was the power of Osric, but the crystal coffin that was made of Resting Crystal seemed to be in a s.p.a.ce where time had frozen. If it weren't for the fact that Nothingness had the power to break time and s.p.a.ce, it would be impossible for any aura to leak. Hence, the mana fluctuations that he'd detected should be from the mana source outside of the coffin that was keeping it in midair.

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However, in terms of the mana source, the mana fluctuation seemed to be a little exaggerated. Lin Li couldn't imagine how powerful the magical beast it came from had to be in order to possess such a ma.s.sive and terrifying mana. Prehistoric magical beast? Ancient wyrm? However, it didn't matter whether he knew it or not. He had two of Osric's subordinates, including the Fire Demon King who was the most loyal servant of Osric.

Angelano's strange behavior immediately attracted everyone's attention, but before the Alchemy Colossus even stood up, they suddenly felt a tremor coming from beneath their feet, causing the ground to shake violently. All of a sudden, everyone tensed up and looked around. Finally, some of them who looked in the direction of the crystal coffin suddenly raised their arms and pointed to the distance with their mouths wide open—they were all speechless.

In the direction of the crystal coffin, black clouds poured out, covering the void and rolling towards the crowd. Meanwhile, on the ground, the black pressure and an endless army of demons seemed to have appeared in their field of vision, and were as dense as black tides surging out. They suddenly rushed under the crystal coffin and towards the small team.

“It's the Zago Demons, get ready to fight!” Aldwin yelled anxiously at the mages as his last bit of hope was dashed.

Looking at the endless Black Current[1], everyone, including Lin Li, could not help but feel their hair rise. Although the real battle had yet to begin, irrepressible fear had already bred in their hearts. Fight? Is there a need for that!?

The Black Current formed by the Zago Demons was already approaching, but there were still more coming as far as they could see. The ground was covered with the dense, extremely numerous Zago Demons and burning flames. Even a powerhouse of a Sanctuary-realm would be engulfed by the endless Black Current.

As Aldwin was still a level-22 Legendary-mage, and—given the current situation where they were facing the demons—they could not afford to waste a single bit of combat power, he handed the Commander's Badge to Macklin, and allowed him to be in charge of commanding the mages while he walked out on his own. He put away the staff that he had been using so far, and replaced it with another one that looked rustic and una.s.suming. However, the mana waves that Aldwin was giving out rose to the peak of level-23 in the blink of an eye. Only the weapon of G.o.d of Mages, Geresco, in the Alanna Guild of Magic could do that.

Just like Aldwin, everyone knew at this moment that there was no need for them to hold back. Otherwise, they could only die with their trump cards. Lin Li first took out the Summoning Lamp, and instantly summoned the Lord of Nightmares and Crimson Dragon. If it wasn't for the burning souls everywhere, he would have wanted to summon the soul of the Fire Demon King too.

[1] I now think the author is fond of using this term for any swarm of beasts/demons, so it's not necessarily the same thing as the one in the mountains.

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