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Zhuang Bifan

Chapter 739 - What’s Yours Is Still Mine

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Chapter 739: What's Yours Is Still Mine

The hundreds of Vengeful Spirits were condensed into physical ent.i.ties, each of which possessed powers that were close to the Legendary-level. Although they were not dealing with Osric, the enemies were definitely a powerful force that couldn't be ignored. In an instant, the two teams fought fiercely. Be it voluntary or forced, the Souls of the Dead that stayed here to protect Osric seemed to have still remembered their fighting instincts from when they were part of the Magic Legion. Although they did not have a commander, they were advancing and retreating in order, and sharing a tacit understanding with each other.

If it had been in the past, Aldwin's team of mages would definitely have had an advantage when encountering the Souls of the Dead, be it in quant.i.ty or strength, yet even with the four Legendary-mages, there would inevitably have been casualties. However, Aldwin was now holding onto the Commander's Badge which would give him access to a huge spiritual network that would unite more than 150 mages into one whole. Despite the lack of drills for a long time, the mages were still in top condition, and their combat power was more than twice of what they had before.

Under the union of the Spiritual Network, Lin Li and the two other Legendary-mages found it hard to join in. Aldwin, who was in command, was an exception. The three of them were even idling for a while, and the only thing they had to do was to gradually advance with the mages. Lin Li also took out two gemstone bombs and tossed them at the Souls of the Dead, and the Holy Light that erupted from them immediately devoured a dozen Souls of the Dead.

Although the spiritual ent.i.ties had very high resistance to magic attacks, spells would not only deal them magical damage. For example, Ice Spear would mainly cause damage by piercing, while falling rocks would bring a certain amount of blunt damage. Considering the characteristics of the Vengeful Spirit ent.i.ties, Aldwin commanded the mages to continue approaching. Each wave of magic attack would force the other party to retreat, and those who refused to retreat would then be overwhelmed by the targeted powerful magic attacks.

With the help of the Commander's Badge, the battle was almost one-sided in favor of Lin Li's team. The fierce combat lasted for less than 10 minutes, and the Souls of the Dead disappeared. The immense death aura faded as well, revealing the stairs of the minaret. The leaders looked at each other, and although they didn't say anything, they could see the doubt in the other's eyes.

Aldwin commanded the mages to step onto the second floor of the minaret. Although the s.p.a.ce was vast, everything in it could still be seen at a glance, but the second layer seemed to have directly transformed into another world, surrounded by endless layers of wild gra.s.s. The sky was dark, but there were no clouds, sun, moon, and stars. It wasn't until crazy enemies suddenly rushed over that they all knew that it was actually the 17th floor of the abyss.

The Tren Demon which had a bull's head and a lion's body was a special kind of demon that was unique to the 17th floor of the abyss. The most powerful weapons it had were sharp horns on its head and its claws that could rip rocks apart. At the same time, they could also release curses that would cause things to fossilize. People hit by the curse would instantly have their organs solidify, while their flesh became the food of the demons. Even the Demon Lord of the Abyss on the 17th floor did not dare to confront the Tren Demons, but to the mages today, the nearly 1000 Tren Demons could not hinder them.

Back then, Osric's Magic Legion swept through tens of abyss levels, searched for unique resources, and captured the Demon Lords. Although the strength of the mages was still far from the High Elves' Magic Legion, they could be regarded as a quasi-Magic Legion now that they had the Commander's Badge. The impact of nearly 1000 heads of Tren Demons was instantly dispelled by the mages, and the 17th floor abyss also disappeared, revealing the view of the true second layer.

Although the enemies on the subsequent floors were clearly getting more and more powerful, they could not even put up their defenses under the destructive attacks of the four Legendary-mages and Magic-Legion-to-be. It was such a smooth process that it made Lin Li and others more puzzled. That was where Osric's coffin was located. Even if the mages had the Commander's Badge and Lin Li had already detonated more than 30 gemstone bombs, everything seemed to be proceeding a little too smoothly.

In retrospect, they realized that the battles in the minaret seemed to have been extremely easy and even less taxing than the battle with the three grave keepers like Angelano and the other silver-armored knights. Even the battle with the Alchemical Undead Army at the beginning was much harder, and would've been worse if Lin Li had not found the control center.

With doubts in their hearts, the crowd found their way to the sixth floor of the minaret, where there was a door that was giving off a strong ancient and retro vibe. Through the flas.h.i.+ng layers and ripples on the door, everyone could only vaguely see the seemingly dark and dead barren land inside.

When Lin Li tortured the Fire Demon King, the rest did not manage to hear a single word of their conversation, but afterwards Lin Li also told everyone that the sixth floor of the minaret was probably the place where Osric's coffin was located. Hence, everyone decided to take a short break here so that they could return to the best possible state, even though the first few layers seemed to be way too easy.

“Fe… Master Felic, can you…” Angelano murmured, seemingly wanting to say something while controlling the alchemy machine.

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“What?” Lin Li asked in amus.e.m.e.nt as he turned to look at the cowardly Goblin. No one would ever imagine one of Osric's three strongest warriors to be a timid coward who felt scared to leave the Alchemy Colossus.

Upon sight of the partner who had accompanied him for thousands of years, Angelano immediately forgot about the fear within him and maneuvered his machine to sit down. He then leaped towards it.

Only the joints of the Alchemy Colossus had been damaged by Lin Li, and those were the parts that were usually subjected to wear and tear anyway. Hence, he naturally had spare parts. Angelano first looked carefully at the damage done to the Alchemy Colossus' body, taking out some metal parts, and began to get busy.

“Felic, aren't you worried that the goblin might harbor other intentions now that he has the Alchemy Colossus?” Andoine asked with a frown as he walked to Lin Li and looked at the busy Angelano.

Lin Li smiled, and indifferently said, “Since I could subdue him once, I can do it again.”

Lin Li was definitely not bragging. Even if Angelano was well-behaved and Lin Li no longer touched the t.i.tan Dragon Spear or stimulated the power in it, he still had another powerful debris of the stars, Thunderbolt. The amount of lightning power contained in Thunderbolt was not comparable to that of the t.i.tan Dragon Spear. Even if he didn't have the real Stars of Fury, Lin Li's replication of it, the crossbow, would give out enough power to subdue Angelano coupled with his level-23 strength.

Soon, Angelano stopped and jumped off the alchemy machine in excitement before ducking into the control room of the Alchemy Colossus. With a rattling noise, all kinds of Alchemy Arrays began to emit dreamy rays of bright light, and the huge body slowly rose from the ground. The Alchemy Colossus grabbed the alchemy machine that Angelano had been riding and stuffed it into its body before propping itself up against its arms that were placed on the ground, as agile as a warrior.

“Wow, hahaha, the great Lord Angelano is back. Shudder now, tiny humans!” A dull voice came from the body of the Alchemy Colossus, which was different from Angelano's sharp and shrilling voice. Lin Li reckoned that there must have been a voice-changing device in the machine. The Alchemy Colossus then moved and shook its limbs to warm up before stomping its foot down onto the ground, causing the entire earth to shake violently as the seismic waves immediately spread out to the surroundings.

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