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Chapter 725 - A Guide to Fulfilling One’s Duty

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Chapter 725: A Guide to Fulfilling One's Duty

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Even if there were no magic facilities, the magic circuit still existed. Lin Li found some traces of the magic circuit hidden underground. However, to his surprise, the traces of the hidden magic circuits seemed to have nothing to do with the magic nodes of the magic circuit of the Eternal Spirit Alchemy Array.

“Look closely at the tombs that are the magic nodes. What's so special about the stones on top of them?” Angelano was very patient with Lin Li as if he had completely forgotten that Lin Li was the one who beat him.

After being reminded by Angelano, Lin Li focused his attention on the top of the tombs, and found that the magical gemstones used in the tombs that were magic nodes were the same as the surrounding ones. However, the cutting method was very strange as it was neither round nor luxurious. Instead, it seemed to have only a few faces.

“Is it a refraction?” Lin Li's eyes suddenly glistened while looking at the distribution of the magic nodes, and imaginary lines that connected the nodes gradually emerged. Although it was only the tip of the iceberg, he could link it to the Alchemy Array. When the magically condensed light criss-crossed in midair and shrouded the Alchemy Array, it created a spectacular view.

It was no longer just alchemy, but a combination of alchemy and much other knowledge. For example, the cutting of the gemstone seemed to be rather simple, but Lin Li could guarantee that the gemstone was definitely engraved with Guru-level magical talismans. Otherwise, it would definitely not be able to withstand the compression and condensation of mana, let alone cause it to refract. There was also the support of structures, measurements, calculations, magic principles, etc., which allowed the levitating Alchemy Array to be created.

“Indeed, it is refraction. Once this Alchemy Array has been activated, the mana of the mana source will be compressed and released. Through the refractions of the gemstones, an Alchemy Array will be formed. There were two types of talismans engraved, one was to maintain the compression and condensation, while the other was to reduce the damage done to the gemstone. It would also refract the Alchemy symbol at the corresponding position…” Angelano was extremely excited as he seemed to have found a confidante whom he could tell all the mysteries of the Eternal Spirit to.

Lin Li not only listened, but also raised several questions from time to time, extending the topic and arousing the interest of Angelano who was eager and excited to explain. In addition to the Eternal Spirit Alchemy Array, they also talked about the magic traps and various magic gears that they walked past.

“This is a void trap. Through the power of the Alchemy Array, a crack in time and s.p.a.ce is formed, and once the magic trap is triggered, the s.p.a.cetme rift will immediately expand, swallowing up the surrounding creatures and sucking them into the chaos of time and s.p.a.ce. That will cause them to never find their way back. Note that these are the switches that trigger the trap. Be careful and follow me closely.” Angelano told Lin Li and the rest to walk through the traps according to his instructions.

“It's actually possible to open a s.p.a.ce crack? If the s.p.a.ce is cracked, will the s.p.a.ce crack erupt or will it dissipate and vanish?” Andoine, who followed Lin Li carefully, asked the Goblin in front of him after seeing that there seemed to be no danger around him.

“It will dissipate, but it can't be cracked. If it was just this one trap, there would naturally be no problem. However, there is a balance of power between the various magic traps here. If the balance chain is destroyed, it will trigger both the magic traps on the top and the Eternal Spirit Array. Believe me, those warriors of the Magic Legion already have strong powers. If they are transformed into spirits, it may not be impossible to kill powerhouses of the Sanctuary-realm for them.” Although Angelano gave Andoine and Aldwin relatively low-level questions, he would also elaborate on the answers patiently.

After finally pa.s.sing through the area of the Void Trap, everyone secretly breathed a sigh of relief, but Angelano told everyone with a serious expression that this was just the beginning. As the team progressed, Angelano constantly introduced magic traps with amazing power, and no two were the same. The dark and quiet place was simply an exhibition of magic gears and magic traps.

However, the good thing was that with the exception of a few magic traps and magic gears, most of them could be eliminated. Otherwise, they would constantly be in fear, and even if Angelano was leading the way, it would be hard to guarantee that no one made a mistake. Lin Li had also learned a lot from the conversation with Angelano. He had no choice but to admit that Angelano's brain was really full of knowledge.

However, just when everyone thought everything was going well, there was a sudden spookiness in the atmosphere that engulfed them without warning as if the entire s.p.a.ce was filled with danger.

“Angelano, where have you brought us?” Rosen asked in anger. He had not spoken much along the way. It was a shame for him to have been reprimanded by a Goblin in front of everyone since he was an authoritative figure of the Supreme Council. If it weren't for obtaining what the Supreme Council needed, he would have already taught the d.a.m.ned Goblin a lesson.

Now, the peculiar atmosphere around them was enough to explain everything. Rosen believed that even his own compet.i.tor Andoine had nothing to say. Hence, he humphed angrily and dashed towards Lin Li and Angelano.

However, Lin Li extended the Helios' Scepter and stopped Rosen from reaching Angelano. At the same time, he stared at Angelano, and asked, “The Disillusionment Mageweath array?”

“Huh, how do you know that? This is the Immortal King… yes, it is the Disillusionment Mageweath Array.” Angelano somehow swallowed his words and nodded in recognition of Lin Li's statement.

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“Felic, you really colluded with this Goblin. I doubt he'd take you to Osric's mausoleum so easily!” barked Rosen who was stopped by Lin Li. However, he was not actually angry, and was in fact pleased because it seemed to be chance get rid of Lin Li, and at the same time restore his own image while giving his compet.i.tor Andoine a huge blow.

The situation in front of him made Rosen feel rather troubled, and he could not decide between insisting that it was a trap and believing Lin Li like everyone else did. However, Rosen decided to follow the crowd.

After taking a few steps, Rosen saw countless magic traps and magic gears erupt around him almost at the same time, and the entire ground began to shake violently. The blazing flames, the icy cold air, and thunderbolts began to overwhelm them.

In the sky, a ray of magically condensed light shuttled back and forth, instantly forming a huge Alchemy Array hovering in the air. The tombs shrouded by the Alchemy Array split open one after another, and translucent figures shrouded in light came out of the cracked tombs while giving out powerful magical waves that were above the Legendary-level. They were undoubtedly the warriors of the Magic Legion that had been transformed into Spirits. After they walked out of the tomb, they charged towards the crowd without hesitation.

Lin Li and Angelano stopped. There was an incredibly luxurious, extremely gorgeous palace-like building ahead; there seemed to be a deeper opening where stairs could be seen.

Lin Li looked back and saw that Andoine, Aldwin, and the rest were rus.h.i.+ng towards him as if something was chasing them. They looked rather amusing, but Lin Li knew that the s.p.a.ce behind was definitely full of offensive spells.

Soon, Andoine stopped beside Lin Li and looked around in disbelief. Aldwin followed, looking back, and was surprised when he saw the mages running in the silent graveyard. The mages also ran out of the range of the Disillusionment Mageweath Array one after another, appearing rather horrified.

Rosen glanced at Lin Li with a complicated expression. Although he saw the palace whose door was left wide ajar, he did not act on his own impulse, and instead waited quietly like everyone. Although he was unwilling to admit it, he knew in his heart that the success of this operation was largely dependent on Lin Li and the d.a.m.ned Goblin.

Just when everyone thought that the Disillusionment Mageweath Array was nothing more than what they had seen, the mages at the back suddenly stopped. They seemed to have forgotten Lin Li's warnings, and quickly put up their magical s.h.i.+elds with frightened faces. At the moment that their magical s.h.i.+eld was held up, the robes of the mages were stained with blood, and they fell onto the ground almost at the same time. They even seemed to have stopped breathing.

“This is the Disillusionment Mageweath Array. Although everything is an illusion, it will be true if you think it is true. The only way is to run out of it. A small amount of mana would make you fall to it, and this applies even to Sanctuary-realm powerhouses.”

It seemed to be very simple, but after they personally experienced it, they all knew how horrifying it was. They continuously told themselves that everything was an illusion, and that they would be able to stay calm. When they were faced with a dagger, though, they would still blink despite knowing that it wouldn't hurt them.

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