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Zhuang Bifan

Chapter 723 - Persuasion

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Chapter 723: Persuasion

The arm alone was clearly not going to get rid of the Alchemy Colossus' combat power. Lin Li did not hesitate at all and, he immediately again condensed his Light and Darkness Sword, which he used to hack the joints of the arm of the Alchemy Colossus…

Although the joints of the Alchemy Colossus did not have too much protection, the metal used was extremely strong and durable. Otherwise, it definitely wouldn't be able to support such a huge body. Although Lin Li was unable to build one, he had a deep understanding of its structure, and he needed not actually cut all the joints of the Alchemy Colossus. Although the Light and Darkness Sword was powerful, he could not break all of the joints. All he had to do was to break a special point on the joint and break the balance between the structures. The body of the Alchemy Colossus would then break the joint by itself.

After the two arms were broken, the Alchemy Colossus seemed to have recovered its mobility but without its arms, all that it could do was to launch offensive spells. However, that did not seem to have any preventive effect on Lin Li who was standing behind the Alchemy Colossus. Two Light and Darkness Swords appeared one after another. The huge body of the Alchemy Colossus was finally paralyzed and lying motionlessly on the ground. Although the Alchemy Array was flas.h.i.+ng on the Alchemy Colossus' body continuously, and the Alchemy Colossus was continuously launching powerful offensive spells, all of the spells were launched at the sky because it couldn't move.

Lin Li gasped after finally dispatching the t.i.tan-level Alchemy Colossus. He could not be bothered to look for the t.i.tan Dragon Spear that had been blasted away, and immediately drove the Crimson Dragon towards Aldwin's battlefield. He could tell that even if he were to join Andoine, it would still be a tough feat for the three level-23 Legendary-mages to get rid of Amatir. Hence, he felt that he might as well help Aldwin deal with the Undead Magic Legion first. It might then be possible to defeat Amatir with all their strength added together.

Although Lin Li did not have a good chemistry with the mages, he was still a level-23 Legendary-mage, after all. Besides, Aldwin and the mages were actively cooperating. The situation on the battlefield immediately reversed; the mages who had been suppressed had watched as their peers collapsed one by one, so their hearts were full of anger, and they began to retaliate menacingly under Aldwin's command.

After all, it was no longer the complete Magic Legion, and their commander, Amatir, was still struggling and fighting Andoine and Rosen. Hence, he did not give them any instructions, and they were simply fighting based on instinct. They could still maintain a balance while having an advantage over the mages, but with the addition of the Legendary powerhouse Lin Li, the balance was broken, and the Undead Magic Legion would soon fall.

When the last necromancer was killed, Lin Li, Aldwin, and the mages did not rest for a moment, and immediately rushed towards Andoine and Rosen. At this time, Andoine and Rosen had no means to counterattack at all, and could only defend pa.s.sively. If reinforcements had arrived any later, one of the authoritative figures of the Supreme Council would have been lost.

Three level-23 Legendary-mages and the mages who had faced the Magic Legion were now surrounding Amatir. Although Amatir was known as Osric's strongest mage, he had yet to enter the Sanctuary-realm, after all. Under the maniacal siege of everyone, he could only sigh and turn into ashes with the Nightmare he was riding.

The whole battlefield finally became quiet. Some could no longer stay still, and thus fell onto the ground, while others stared blankly at the ruins in front of them. The other two of Osric's subordinates were finally destroyed by the mages, 1300 years after the end of the Dark Age.

Amatir, Angelano, and Eminos, the three legendary figures, were initially already gradually forgotten along with history, yet they actually appeared in front of everyone, making them feel like everything was surreal. After all, even Andoine and Rosen had never experienced what went on during that era. Yet, they managed to kill the legendary figures from that era.

However, after everything ended, Lin Li did not sigh with the crowd, but instead controlled the Crimson Dragon and flew back to the Alchemy Colossus. Strictly speaking, the three killers of Osric had yet to be eliminated completely. Although the Alchemy Colossus had been rendered immobile, there was no lethal damage done to the controller inside.

Based on his knowledge of the Alchemy Colossuses, Lin Li soon found the location of the core operating room of the Alchemy Colossus. After activating several magic gears, a small door slowly opened on the forehead of the Alchemy Colossus. To be honest, that little door was too small—not because it was relatively tiny compared to the body of the Alchemy Colossus, but rather because it was almost as tiny as a dog hole.

“Come out, Lord Angelano. Otherwise, I won't mind throwing a few more fireb.a.l.l.s in here,” Lin Li said while knocking the staff against the small door.

“How dare you speak to Lord Angelano like this? You will regret it!” a figure yelled in a sharp voice as it crawled out of the small door.

Lin Li finally understood why the door was so small. It was because the so-called Lord Angelano, who crawled out from inside, actually had a short stature, with a pair of big ears, a pointed long nose, and green skin! Goblins like him could never be found in Anril anymore. Lin Li was probably the only one who could recognize his ident.i.ty. Not to mention, Goblins had long been annihilated in the Dark Age which was ruled by the High Elves.

It was said that before the High Elves ruled Anril, the Goblins had also created a glorious era. Although they did not have talent in magic or strong bodies, they were living in the period when Alchemy peaked in development. Hence, they seemed to be extremely talented in alchemy. They manipulated the powerful Alchemy Colossuses, and could easily kill the powerful prehistoric magical beasts. It was precisely because of their talent in alchemy that they managed to prosper continuously during the peak of the prehistoric magical beasts' tyranny. In fact, they even almost dominated Anril.

However, it was unfortunate that the High Elves had also developed by relying on their own advantages. There was inevitably a conflict between the two races, especially since the High Elves were clean freaks who could not tolerate living together with the ugly Goblins. Hence, after several wars, the booming Goblins were completely wiped out off the mainland by the High Elves.

It was said that Alchemy was created by the Goblins. Of course, the High Elves had never acknowledged that. However, in the northern part of the mainland of Anril where the Goblins had lived, which was now the region of Rotterdam, there were plenty of traces of Goblins' civilization. Meanwhile, in Rotterdam, there was a great development in Alchemy, which seemed to have something to do with the High Elves.

Seeing a Goblin crawling out of the Alchemy Colossus, Lin Li felt incredibly perplexed and confused about what Osric was doing. Osric had studied Necromagic and had three loyal warriors working under him. One was an, one was a Lich, and the last was a Goblin that was supposed to have been dead. That didn't seem like something a High Elf would do.

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“Alright, Lord Angelano, tell me some information about Osric's mausoleum. If it's useful, maybe I can let you go,” Lin Li said while picking up the Crimson Dragon as he saw that the Goblin was trying to flee.

“Why are you so enthusiastic all of a sudden?” Lin Li asked Connoris while extinguis.h.i.+ng the mana in the Helios' Scepter.

“Nonsense, have you forgotten what you promised me? If I don't help you get the Eternal Furnace, how are you going to create a new body for me? I'm not going to let you keep me in this ugly hammer forever!” Connoris yelled in displeasure.

“Okay, I'll hand him to you then. I'll go see what they are going to go next.” Lin Li took Angelano out of the Crimson Dragon's mouth and dropped him onto the ground before putting him away in the Ring of Endless Storm. He then flew towards Andoine and the rest. The Crimson Dragon was sent to fetch the t.i.tan Dragon Spear.

At this moment, Aldwin had just counted the number of casualties amongst the team of mages who won after Lin Li joined. However, they had already suffered a lot of losses before. After all the battles ended, more than 30 mages died, while more than 60 were injured, making Aldwin feel heartbroken again.

After picking up the corpses of their peers, the mages began to rest and dress their wounds, while Aldwin, Macklin, Andoine, and Rosen began to discuss the following steps to take. The three greatest guardians had already died, so the next thing to do was to enter Osric's mausoleum. That was originally not considered an issue, but when discussing, they began to have different opinions.

Rosen proposed that there probably wouldn't be other enemies in Osric's mausoleum, since the tomb-keepers were all dead, and there were also such hints on the map. He felt that there were no longer any traps to hinder the team from advancing; hence, it would be best for them to enter mausoleum immediately.

However, Aldwin and Andoine were all somewhat cautious. They felt that although the three tomb keepers were dead, Osric definitely would not rely on just the three of them to guard his tomb. Besides, even if there were no enemies, they felt that it would be better for the mages to adjust their mental state before entering the mausoleum to better deal with the magic traps.

However, when Lin Li came back and listened to the opinions of both parties, he actually disagreed to enter the cemetery immediately, and proposed to continue exploring the surrounding area, which was much to their surprise.

“Angelano and Amatir both came out of the cemetery. Since they are tomb keepers, the cemetery must be the place where Osric is resting. What else is there to doubt? I think it's a mindset issue. If you're scared, you can always back out. No one's stopping you,” Rosen sneered.

“President Aldwin, what do you think? We lost plenty of mages this time,” said Lin Li who ignored Rosen's sarcastic remark and turned to ask Aldwin for his opinion.

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