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Chapter 721 - Fine Line Between Life and Death

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Chapter 721: Fine Line Between Life and Death

A piece of heavy metal popped up beneath his wrist and revealed the two muzzles[1] inside, which were already glistening.

Lin Li stepped on the back of the Crimson Dragon, preventing it from moving. When he saw the muzzles glowing on the wrist of the Alchemy Colossus, he quickly transmitted his mental strength to the Crimson Dragon, controlling and manipulating it to change its direction several times in the air.

“d.a.m.n, it's actually a Magical Crystal Cannon. Which pervert created this guy and added a magical Crystal Cannon to his body? Is this still a d.a.m.ned Alchemy Colossus!? This is practically a battle armor that's common in science fiction!” Lin Li cursed while moving the Crimson Dragon in another direction to approach the Alchemy Colossus.

Lin Li was very clear about the power of the Magical Crystal Cannon; the attack by the pure compressed mana would cause even a Legendary powerhouse to be heavily injured. Although the diameter of the two magical Crystal Cannons of the Alchemy Colossus seemed to be smaller than that of the ordinary ones, Lin Li could sense that the mana acc.u.mulated in the muzzles was no less than in the ones on the exterior wall that they'd encountered previously.

After two dull sounds of the cannon, two compressed rays of light shot towards Lin Li and the Crimson Dragon. Fortunately, Lin Li managed to make the Crimson Dragon lay its body on its side, so the two rays of light shot towards the pitch dark sky after brus.h.i.+ng past the Crimson Dragon's body.

Lin Li turned his head and glanced at the wing of the Crimson Dragon, only to see that there was a black scar charred across it, so deep that Lin Li could even see the bone. Fortunately, although the Crimson Dragon had a physical body, it was still an Undead creature in essence. Otherwise, the scar would cause a huge impact on its combat power.

Back then in the Dragon Mountains, Lin Li once made a prop that was engraved with a Disintegrating Array in order to get rid of the Alchemy Colossuses. He then managed to use the power of that Disintegrating Array to get rid of the four Alchemy Colossuses. However, there was no way Lin Li could use such an amazing trick now, because he was facing a t.i.tan-level Alchemy Colossus that the Disintegrating Array would have no effect on. Hence, he could not be bothered to waste time on it. After a few clashes, he felt that it would be more practical to try to find the weakness of the t.i.tan-level Alchemy Colossus.

“Don't hide. When you're in front of the great Angelano, any of your struggles will only make your death more painful!” the Alchemy Colossus yelled again, after which countless rays of dazzling white light darted out of its chest and flew towards the sky like fireb.a.l.l.s the size of a house.

“Boom…” The white fireb.a.l.l.s chased Lin Li and burst open continuously.

“Blazing fireball? Why is it so big? Does its size contribute to its power!?” Lin Li yelled, continuously casting Elemental s.h.i.+eld with the Helios' Scepter, causing the ma.s.sive fireb.a.l.l.s to be torn apart.

Fortunately, the Crimson Dragon already had some level of sentience and IQ after being integrated with the heart of an Undead. Hence, it was not just mindlessly obeying orders like stupid Undead creatures. Instead, it could instinctively avoid the bombardment of spells by the Alchemy Colossus. Otherwise, it would have been burned to ashes by the blazing fireb.a.l.l.s if it had relied solely on Lin Li's command.

The light of the magical Crystal Cannon and the various powerful magic spells directly formed a barrage in the sky that would capture even a mosquito. However, Lin Li was after all a level-23 Legendary-mage, and the compression of casting time allowed him to increase his speed. Elemental s.h.i.+elds were continuously cast and wrapped around his feet tightly. While evading, he resisted some less powerful magic bombardment, and was getting closer and closer to the Alchemy Colossus.

“Ignorant human, Lord Angelano is just bored and teasing you for fun. Lord Angelano is now sick of you, so go to h.e.l.l!” the Alchemy Colossus yelled in anger, and immediately raised the long pillar-like spear in his hand before swinging it at Lin Li.

Lin Li quickly drove the Crimson Dragon towards the side to escape the blow, and finally managed to dodge it. However, a strong attraction seemed to have suddenly pulled him towards the spear together with the Crimson Dragon. The Elemental s.h.i.+elds made crackling sounds, and Lin Li only managed to get rid of that force after 10 layers of his s.h.i.+elds were broken.

Lin Li's back was already drenched in cold sweat. He had to face the endless magical attack of the Alchemy Colossus from afar, and when he was close, he had to face the attack of the giant spear. Indeed, it was a t.i.tan-level Alchemy Colossus and the power thereof seemed to be able to tear through s.p.a.ce. Lin Li had no doubt that if the blow were to really strike him, no amount of Elemental s.h.i.+elds would be useful, and he and the Crimson Dragon would be torn apart immediately.

The Crimson Dragon's body was relatively ma.s.sive, but it seemed just like a bird compared to the Alchemy Colossus. Getting close to the Alchemy Colossus was the only way he could retaliate. Lin Li continued to release Elemental s.h.i.+elds while riding the Crimson Dragon towards the Alchemy Colossus.

“Hehe, do you want to witness the unmatched close combat abilities of Lord Angelano? I shall fulfill your wis.h.!.+” The Alchemy Colossus had no consciousness[2], and blabbered on and on, but its power did live up to the descriptions from the Dark Age, and his giant spear seemed to have spun like a windmill and revolved around his body.

Lin Li was about to get the Crimson Dragon to press its body against the Alchemy Colossus, but at this moment, he got yanked up, and the rotating giant spear swept past the body of the Crimson Dragon. Although they had again dodged a deadly attack, they were flung far, far away.

“d.a.m.n it, it was so close. Is this guy really an Alchemy Colossus!?” Lin Li finally regained his balance and stared at the Alchemy Colossus, only to see that it seemed to be more flexible than humans. His hands were continuously flailing about, and the giant spear was moving like a windmill that shrouded his body.

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Lin Li raised the Helios' Scepter high in the air and chanted a spell, after which he saw a huge ball of thunder being shot at the Alchemy Colossus. However, huge was only relative to Lin Li, and for the Alchemy Colossus, the ball was just like a random stone.

Amatir was indeed Osric's strongest mage underling. Under the siege of the two level-23 Legendary-mages, Andoine and Rosen, he seemed to remain extremely confident. He didn't have to evade the magic at all, and even Legendary offensive spells would only result in dazzling rays of light when they hit his Elemental s.h.i.+eld. His retaliation would leave Andoine and Rosen in a pathetic state as they heard the sounds of their s.h.i.+elds cracking.

“Andoine, stall him for a few seconds, and I will prepare a ruthless attack for him!” Hence, Rosen had to think of a solution to hold Amatir back while he prepared a level-23 magic attack.

Andoine clearly heard Rosen's promise, and had begun to cast his magic. However, before he could even chant a single syllable, he heard formidable magic smas.h.i.+ng into him.

Andoine had no choice but to stop the spellcasting. While dodging, he yelled at Rosen, “Rosen, are you trying to harm me!?”

d.a.m.n it, I do want you to die, but not now! Rosen smiled wryly, and said, “I'm not that muddleheaded yet. If you have what it takes, try it and I'll prepare the casting.”

Of course, Rosen had already prepared. Although he heard Andoine agreeing to his words, he didn't start preparing to cast spells, and instead just stood still for a while. The next thing he knew, Nightmare's horn was about to stab him.

As a level-23 Legendary-mage, mastering a few powerful top-level magic spells was normal, but no matter how powerful the magic was, casting would still take some time. As long as they had time, they would definitely be able to cast level-24 magic too. However, the problem now was that neither of them could hold Amatir back for even a second, let alone for long enough to cast level-24 magic.

After a few attempts, Andoine and Rosen acknowledged the reality. The only thing they could do now was to work together and hold Amatir back while waiting for the changes in the other two battlefields.

[1] I figure it's one muzzle per arm, so two in total.

[2] Maybe the author meant smarts.

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