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Chapter 720 - Angelano

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Chapter 720: Angelano

Lin Li's statement was not exaggerated at all. Although the t.i.tan-level Alchemy Colossus was created artificially, its power couldn't reach the Sanctuary-realm, yet it had level-24 abilities. Thanks to the countless powerful Alchemy Arrays, the fighting power of the t.i.tan-level Alchemy Colossus was nearing the Sanctuary-realm.

It was said that in the Dark Age, even the High Elves who had obtained countless wealth only possessed three t.i.tan-level Alchemy Colossuses. However, during the battle to expel and destroy the prehistoric magical beasts, the three t.i.tan-level Alchemy Colossuses seemed to have played an extremely important role as they destroyed countless powerful prehistoric magical beasts.

The magical beasts that fled and hid in the barren lands of Anril after the prehistoric times did not have the advantage of being in groups, but there had been quite a few that reached the Sanctuary-realm. However, when faced with the t.i.tan-level Alchemy Colossus, the tyrannical prehistoric magical beasts could not even leave the slightest scar on them. The Sky Castles were called invincible, while the three t.i.tan-level Alchemy Colossuses were called the undefeated G.o.ds of War. Even the descendants of the ancient wyrms could only become prey to the t.i.tan-level Alchemy Colossuses.

“It's Angelano. I heard that one of Osric's three greatest weapons is a mysterious and powerful Alchemy Colossus. Since Eminos has appeared, this big guy is probably Angelano.” Andoine gritted his teeth angrily. Although he had long predicted that they would very likely meet the three guardians after entering Osric's mausoleum, they had always thought that Angelano should be the weakest of the three. However, if Angelano was a t.i.tan-level Alchemy Colossus like Lin Li mentioned, he might just be the toughest to deal with.

In the legends of the Highlord Osric, there was no description of the origin of Angelano who controlled the t.i.tan-level Alchemy Colossus. It seemed that Angelano's origin had been very mysterious even during the Dark Age. The only description of his origin in legends was that he had been following Osric since a long time, even before Osric succeeded the position pa.s.sed down in his family.

There were too many legends and rumors about Angelano's strength, and this Alchemy Colossus seemed to be present in every detail about Osric's long life that was recorded in history. All enemies who hindered Osric would be ruthlessly ripped apart by the Alchemy Colossus, be it the tyrannical prehistoric magical beasts, the rebellion forces, the arrogant and haughty Lords of the Abyss, or the High Elves that went against Osric.

Lin Li initially had some doubts about the strength of the Alchemy Colossus when he first heard the legend about Angelano. However, it was now confirmed that Angelano was actually controlling a t.i.tan-level Alchemy Colossus. Hence, everything seemed reasonable now. Even though the t.i.tan-level Alchemy Colossus was not a real t.i.tan, its formidable power was enough for it to live up to its reputation from the Dark Age. In fact, its power surpa.s.sed the strong team of mages.

The conversation between Lin Li and Andoine was rather soft as they kept their volume low. Hence, no one heard them. It was mainly because they were afraid of affecting the morale of the mages. After all, they had just experienced the attack of the Mage Killer Eminos, and even though they were elites, it was difficult to keep calm.

However, it wasn't a bad thing that the Mage Killer Eminos had died. Otherwise, his and the Alchemy Colossus Angelano's head-on attacks would definitely stop the mages from continuing.

“Even Angelano has appeared, so…” Angelano looked at the Alchemy Colossus worriedly. Two of Osric's three killers had already appeared, and the third one was Amatir, who was said to be the strongest of the three according to legends. Where would Amatir be?

Wait? Unfortunately, not everyone liked fighting solo like Eminos did. Although he could clearly wipe out the invading enemies in one go, he still spread his power apart and destroyed the enemies one by one. Not long after the Alchemy Colossus Angelano appeared, a team of mages followed close behind him and gradually appeared.

When the team showed up in front of Lin Li and the rest, everyone was puzzled. In their eyes, the team beside the Alchemy Colossus seemed to contain members in the form of Ghosts and Liches. Clearly, it was an army of Undead creatures. However, they could not detect any Undead creatures or Undead aura. All that was emitted was pure magical waves, just like from mages.

However, compared to the Death Knights with Divine Power, the team of Undead creatures was in fact not that incredible. Behind the team of Undead creatures was a Lich wrapped in a black robe who was exuding powerful magical waves and riding a Nightmare beast shrouded in golden flames. He was slowly moving towards Lin Li and the rest.

“Indeed, it's Amatir, the commander of Osric's Magic Legion,” Andoine said with a sullen expression.

None of them would be pleased to see Osric's other two killers. Moreover, the Lich Amatir was said to be the strongest of the three and the commander of Osric's Magic Legion.

Legend had it that during the Dark Age, Amatir was directly involved in the tragic ma.s.sacres launched by the Highlord Osric. Under the command of Amatir, the Magic Legion was absolutely invincible as they destroyed the rebellion forces one after another. They even once barged into the Endless Abyss and caused the Demon Lords to grow distressed.

Amatir not only had the ability to command, his personal strength and abilities were not to be belittled, either. It was said that when Amatir disappeared, his powers were already near the Sanctuary-realm. Now that the Dark Age had already been over for more than 1300 years, it was hard to imagine how strong he had become.

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“They even came out together. Did those Undead creatures use to belong to the Magic Legion?” Aldwin looked at the team and thought that they would definitely be his opponents if the battle were to begin. How much major damage would there be?

“How dare these lowly humans disturb Master's sleep. Get ready to suffer Angelano's wrath!”

A dull and heavy voice came out of the huge Alchemy Colossus, sounding like thunder. Next, the Alchemy Colossus took a huge step out and rushed towards Lin Li's team while causing the ground to quake. Every step that the Alchemy Colossus took caused a thick layer of dust to surge upwards and outwards like tides. It made it difficult for them to just stand still.

“Leave that big guy to me!” Lin Li took out the Summoning Lamp and summoned the Crimson Dragon that was sealed in it, after which he rode on its back and flew towards the Alchemy Colossus.

In Lin Li's opinion, his choice should be the most apt for the current situation. After all, no one in the crowd knew more about the Alchemy Colossuses than he did. Of course, he did not think that he would be able to deal with the t.i.tan-level Alchemy Colossus and get rid of it. However, the Lich Amatir seemed to be much more dangerous to him than the t.i.tan-level Alchemy Colossus.

In terms of magic, although Lin Li, Andoine, and Rosen were all level-23 Legendary-mages, there was still a certain difference in their combat experience. The Lich riding the Nightmare was clearly a master of magic. Hence, Lin Li felt that it would be better to leave the Lich to Andoine and Rosen.

As for the team of Undead that used to be the Magic Legion, Lin Li hoped that Aldwin would be able to hold them back. Although there had been some problems between the mages, Aldwin felt that he could find a temporary solution.

Watching Lin Li ride the Crimson Dragon while moving towards the Alchemy Colossus, the others did not say much. Andoine believed that Lin Li would not make a decision that he was unsure of, and Rosen also felt that the Alchemy Colossus seemed to be tougher to deal with. The two men glanced at each other, each holding a staff and rus.h.i.+ng towards the Lich Amatir. Although the relations.h.i.+p between Andoine and Rosen was strained, everyone knew that the most important thing to do now was to unite and fight the enemies together. Otherwise, no one would be safe.

The team of mages led by Aldwin had no choice but to form a tighter defense formation and slowly approach the Undead.

“I didn't expect that scheming guy Eminos to be killed by you lowly human beings. Although I hate that guy, he was still one of us. I will avenge him, starting with you!” the t.i.tan-level Alchemy Colossus mused, and extended his arms towards Lin Li.

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