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Chapter 709 - The Underground World

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Chapter 709: The Underground World

The Book of Eternity in Lin Li's hands and the Evil Eye Tyrant magical crystal were all given to him by Tutankhamun back in the Blackstone Mountains according to the agreement with Geresco. However, Tutankhamun, the descendant of the Dragon of Destruction, was probably already above the Sanctuary-realm, while the three Undead Lords had only reached Level-23. Just what did they do to get Geresco to make a pact with them?

Andoine tugged the sleeves of his robe and stared at the approaching building, seemingly unsatisfied with the magic robe that symbolized the status of an authoritative figure of the Supreme Council. “We just learned some information about the situation from some data about what happened that year, but it was not complete. It's said that Geresco and the three Undead Lords might have reached some agreement, but the details of the agreement are not known to outsiders. As far as I know, the message left by Geres...o...b..fore he left the Supreme Council only indicated that the three Undead Lords were meant to guard and protect something. Otherwise, with the power of the Supreme Council, they'd have long been annihilated. You have no idea how many times the Felan Kingdom has raised the request.”

“Isn't it Osric's mausoleum that they're guarding?” Lin Li asked in confusion. Megard also said that the three Undead Lords would open the Immortal Door according to the agreement. Maybe they were the only ones who could open the Immortal Door. Otherwise, Megard would have been able to destroy them easily.

Hearing Lin Li 's words, Andoine smiled, and said, “Although we also guessed the location of Osric's mausoleum based on this information, it is not entirely correct that the three Undead Lords were left here to guard the mausoleum. Well, we might be able to find some answers regarding the content of their agreement during this operation.”

“Since you already knew about the existence of this agreement, why didn't you just bring your people here instead of letting the mages clean up the Shadowglen? Fortunately, their battle power is the strongest I have seen so far, but it wouldn't be worth if there were any casualties.” Lin Li was now a President; hence, he was well aware of how difficult it would be to nurture and groom an Archmage. Even the Alanna Guild of Magic might not bring about much convenience to the Tower of Dusk. Hence, it could be said that every Archmage was a great a.s.set.

“Unless the Undead creatures have sworn by their soul fire, don't expect them to abide by any promises they have made. In terms of credibility, they are not even comparable to the demons in the Abyss. In fact, before we left, the Supreme Council had already predicted it. It has been a long time since the Dark Age was over, and there would definitely be an increase in the strength of the three Undead Lords even if they were idiots. I am afraid that they would not actually abide by the promise,” Andoine said in disdain. Although the three Undead Lords were level-23, their so-called improvement was simply surprisingly slow.

“You were deterring them?” Lin Li nodded, knowing that the mages' actions were meant for letting the three Undead Lords know that their skeletons were insignificant to humans. Anyway, they had been staying in the Shadowglen for a long time, and did not know much about the humans. Hence, they wouldn't know how rare such a group of mages was in Anril. The arbitrator's intervention was to show them that the Supreme Council could easily defeat them even though Geresco was no longer around.

In fact, when the mages a.s.sembled in the Shadowglen, the three Undead Lords would definitely have already found out since they were the masters of the Shadowglen. The Supreme Council's tower, which landed on the cliff of the Shadowglen, was a clear reminder of the pact. However, the three Undead Lords were clearly uneasy because of their own strength and lack of understanding of the outside world.

However, Lin Li understood what the three Undead Lords were trying to do. Although the Shadowglen was large, it was no different from a prison to the Undead Lords. Anyone would be resentful about being imprisoned for thousands of years. Besides, the Shadowglen was located in the Felan Kingdom, and there was no room for expansion at all. The strength of the three Undead Lords had improved really slowly, and that might be because of this.

“Hmph, I heard that Felic has two Undead servants. Now I know how you performed in fulfilling the agreement with Aldwin.” Rosen, who had been silent, suddenly sneered and was full of derisiveness.

Rosen's intentions were clear. He was clearly still driving at the fact that Lin Li did not fulfill the promise that he'd made to Aldwin on time. Rosen actually managed to drag Lin Li into this, and he was obviously trying to criticize Lin Li for his credibility.

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Rosen was at a loss for what to do now. Originally, he'd planned for his disciple Gryffindor to steadily get the first place in the last trial. Given his strength, he'd thought that Gryffindor would then go on to become the President of the Breezy Plains Guild of Magic. He hadn't expected for Gryffindor to do too well, and just hoped for him to have a steady footing. Even if the situation in the Breezy Plains was extremely complicated, he believed that Gryffindor would be able to maintain the Guild of Magic with his support. All he needed was for Gryffindor's performance to be recognized, and he would be able to obtain victory over Andoine.

“Master Rosen, even an elder would have to be worthy of respect if he wants to be respected by others. He should not demand respect just because he is older.” Although Rosen was an authoritative figure of the Supreme Council, Lin Li was not daunted at all.

As the argument between Lin Li and Rosen began to get heated, Andoine, pointing at Lin Li, suddenly interrupted, “Felic, look at this building, that butcher Osric actually put in so much effort into building a place for his burial. What a lunatic.”

Andoine understood the reasons for Rosen's constant attacks at Lin Li. Although Lin Li's unrelenting responses made him feel extremely thrilled, he also knew that it was not the time for conflicts now, especially since it was between two Legendary level-23 powerhouses. Hence, he suddenly pointed to the distant building and interrupted the argument between the two.

“Yes, he is a lunatic and a genius. If he had been given more time, maybe his achievements would not have been inferior to those of the Immortal King. It is a pity that even the Immortal King may not be immortal. Osric couldn't escape death, either.” Although Lin Li 's understanding of Osric was not too deep, it was enough to give him a general impression of the Highlord. Since a formidable figure like him could not escape death, it was rather shocking.

The s.p.a.ce in the underground world was extremely large. The team had to travel for more than half an hour before finally reaching the main body of Osric's mausoleum. The originally blurry building appeared in front of them in a spectacular manner, full of the High Elves' luxurious style.

At this moment, everyone was shocked, be it Andoine, Rosen, or the other authoritative figures of the Supreme Council. The mages were no longer indifferent, and shock was now written all over their faces. No one would be able to stay calm when faced with such a luxurious building.

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