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Chapter 708 - Secret Space

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Chapter 708:

Secret s.p.a.ce

While Megard was speaking, the tower had already reached the sky above the Immortal Door. The mageweaths and Alchemy Arrays that were engraved at the base of the tower gradually shone brightly, forming a faint huge beam of light, which shrouded the s.p.a.ce. As the beam of light fell, the nomological power began to calm down, but it wasn't recovering. Instead, it seemed to have solidified. A large black vortex formed in the crack in the ground, and it was rotating much slower than before.

“You guys can leave now,” said Megard.

The people agreed in unison. They remained silent while turning around to walk out of the tower. Although they were all dozens of years old, with Lin Li being the only exception, they were still rather excited. After all, in the history of Anril, Osric was second only to the Immortal King and Geresco. Hence, it was an extraordinary experience for them to explore Osric's mausoleum personally.


Just as Lin Li walked out together with them, he suddenly heard Megard's voice coming from behind.

Regardless of what happened before, Lin Li still greatly respected the mythical figure who came from the Dark Age. He stopped and turned back to look at Megard, who was in front of the crystal ball. He asked, “Do you have any more instructions?”

Megard did not turn around, and instead kept his eyes fixed on the crystal ball while calmly saying, “When you enter, be careful of the spirits in there.”

Lin Li froze for a moment, and then waited for a moment to ensure that Megard no longer had any other instructions. He then thanked Megard and walked out while feeling bewildered. He was confused, and could not figure out if Megard's reminder had a deeper meaning to it.

After interacting with him for two days, Li clearly felt that Megard, the arbitrator of the Supreme Council, was obviously biased towards Rosen in various aspects. After all, Rosen was Megard's student, so he could not be impartial even though he was an arbitrator. That made Lin Li confused, for Megard reminded him instead of his student Rosen.

If it was genuinely a kind reminder, why didn't he make things more explicit? All he told me to do was to beware of the spirits in there. What do spirits refer to? It can't be about the Vengeful Spirits, can it? Lin Li walked out and caught up with the people in front to leave the tower. When they arrived at the Immortal Door, he still didn't understand what Megard meant.

The thoughts of the mythical figures, the Immortal King, Geresco, the highlord Osric, and Megard, were all really hard to guess. Lin Li was also rather inexperienced in dealing with such problems. He decided not to guess, since he couldn't figure it out.

Standing in front of the huge fissure in the ground and watching the black vortex that was constantly spinning in the fissure, Lin Li could not help but be surprised by the power radiated by the black vortex.

The power emitted by the huge black vortex seemed to be beyond the scope of magic, and it was simply a huge Laws Storm where all sorts of nomological power were forcibly put together by a stronger and irresistible force, regardless of their respective characteristics. The Laws were conflicting, and their collision constantly stimulated the forces. Once the generated power was released, it would be strong enough to destroy the world, yet the nomological powers were now stuck in the vortex—clear evidence of how strong that force was.

Lin Li looked up at the sky tower and realized that it was no wonder that the Supreme Council even resorted to activating its headquarters and an arbitrator. If it weren't for the suppression of the Sky Tower, no one would be able to pa.s.s through the black vortex at all.

Around the fissures in the earth, the three Undead Lords immediately collapsed on the ground after opening the Immortal Door, and the soul fire in their eyes seemed to have become dimmer. In fact, they couldn't even spare some energy to repair their bodies even though they were covered in wounds after being attacked by Starfall.

However, when Lin Li followed everyone to the Immortal Door, the three Undead Lords scanned everyone and suddenly kept their eyes fixed on Lin Li. They then struggled to get up from the ground, ignoring the wounds on their body and the dimming soul fire in their eyes. One of the wings of the Humerus Wyrm had already been broken, and it could only rely on its other wing to support its heavy body while carving a messy mark in the ground. The Lich King supported himself against the staff that was covered in cracks while s.h.i.+vering continuously. He then raised his head to reveal his face that had been hidden beneath the hat. After several failed attempts at standing up, the Skeletal Lord had no choice but to fall onto his knee and straighten his back. However, the soul fire in his eyes was still flickering vigorously.

However, after a while, the three Undead Lords returned to their half-dead state as if all of their energy had been depleted after struggling just now. The soul fire had also become rather dull. The brief moment of unusual behavior did not attract anyone's attention, since Megard's tower was right above, and no one thought there would be any changes.

Although the black vortex exuded a powerful aura of destruction, everyone did not hesitate to step into the black vortex one by one. Lin Li didn't hesitate, either, as he soon entered it while holding onto the Helios' Scepter.

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Right after Lin Li's body sank into the vortex, he could feel the huge oppressive force generated by the constant conflict and outbreak of various nomological powers around him. If not for the Sky Tower, Lin Li would definitely be unable to make it out of the storm safely regardless of how many trump cards he might have.

Aldwin nodded, and did not answer immediately. He first looked at the blurry architectural structure at the end of the gra.s.sland before s.h.i.+fting his gaze onto Andoine and Rosen. The arbitrator Megard stayed on top and left the two authoritative figures of the Supreme Council to take charge.

“This is the world created by Osric. No one knows what he has arranged to welcome us. I hope everyone will be more vigilant and set off,” Andoine spoke to Aldwin and the rest sternly as if he were a different person.

The huge building at the end of the gra.s.sland was undoubtedly where Osric's mausoleum was. Although some of the Legendary powerhouses were already extremely eager, they didn't fly over immediately, and instead followed the mages who had already formed a defensive formation.

After all, not every Archmage could use the floating technique well like Lin Li. For them, the floating technique was not a magic that sped up the progress. Moreover, everyone knew that Osric was not a kind person, and was instead a butcher who could slaughter 100,000 people for their souls. Although the surroundings seemed rather quiet and peaceful, none of them dared to let their guard down at all. If anything were to go wrong, the mages in the sky would be the enemies' best targets.

“What are the origins of the three Undead Lords?” Lin Li asked as he followed the team slowly, watching the huge building that was still far away.

Although the three Undead Lords in the Shadowglen were rather strong, Lin Li still found them to be very similar to the three in the Seven-Realm Spiral. He had no idea what the relations.h.i.+p between them and the Immortal King, Osric, and Geresco was, or why they had managed to survive from that era to the present.

Regardless of the humans' att.i.tudes towards the Undead creatures, the High Elves definitely would not allow ugly and dirty Undead creatures to exist during the Dark Age. Although all three Undead Lords had Legendary strength, they were basically powerless in the face of the powerful High Elves. Yet, they were still living well in the Shadowglen despite the extinction of the High Elves. Lin Li was sure that it definitely wasn't just luck.

“I'm afraid their origins may not be clear even to the arbitrator who was from the Dark Age. However, it is said that they existed in Anril as early as during the rise of the High Elves. However, there isn't much historical data regarding their existence. Maybe the remaining records about them are too damaged. Maybe it is because of this that they could survive to the present,” Andoine said with a slight frown and a helpless expression, despite being the most authoritative figure in researching the High Elves.

Although Andoine was also an old man, he was much younger than Apophis and Megard. Most of the knowledge he had about the Dark Age was obtained through research of various doc.u.ments. Unfortunately, at the end of the Dark Age, a huge war broke out in Anril, and much precious knowledge could not be saved, let alone the historical records.

“Oh, I see,” Lin Li said, feeling a little disappointed about not getting the answer he wanted, though he did not show it. Instead, he continued, “When we were outside, the arbitrator Megard was clearly about to kill them. Why did he stop because of something the Skeletal King said? Could there have been some pact between them and Geresco?”

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