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Chapter 707 - The Agreement of That Year

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Chapter 707: The Agreement of That Year

What a joke. Are you stopping just because you want to? Why didn't you stop when you were bullying the mages who had yet to even reach the Legendary-level!? Lin Li's lips moved a little. He did not expect that an Undead Lord would also swallow his pride and submit.

Everyone could tell that given the current situation, the three Undead Lords would definitely be destroyed as long as Starfall continued for a few more seconds, even without Megard's extra intervention.

However, what Lin Li did not expect to see was the arbitrator of the Supreme Council, Megard, waving his staff gently to converge the stars. He actually managed to end the attack of Starfall just like that.

“This…” Lin Li looked at Andoine and Rosen, only to see that they were not in the least bit surprised at all. He finally recalled what the Skeletal King said while begging for mercy.

It's Geresco again. Why did Geresco promise not to kill them? Look, Megard can easily destroy the three Undead Lords with his current power, what more Geresco. It could be said that the Supreme Council would be able to destroy the Shadowglen anytime without painstaking efforts. There must have been some reason for the Shadowglen to exist for so many years.

The Shadowglen was not located in a desolate region. It would be no problem if the Undead were in the Dragon Mountains or in the Haiga Mountain Range, but they were now near Alanna, which was rather near the Felan Kingdom. Despite being such a dangerous element, they actually managed to survive for more than 1000 years. What was Geresco thinking?

Is it for them to protect Osric's mausoleum? That's a bit of a joke. The Supreme Council has been researching and studying Osric's mausoleum for so many years, and no one in Anril would be able to take anything from the mausoleum even if they were to open it.

Another issue that puzzled Lin Li was the fact that the three Undead Lords of the Shadowglen seemed rather similar to the three Undead Lords that he had encountered in the Seven-Realm Spiral. What's the relations.h.i.+p between them and the Immortal King? Lin Li recalled one of the Immortal King's puppets saying some strange things to him when he was training back then.

After thinking for a moment, Lin Li put on a wry smile. Although he seemed to be finding out more and more information, he still felt like there was something he had yet to discover. It was if he were touching a dragon whilst being blindfolded.

The Skeletal King pleaded for mercy, and the terrifying Starfall finally stopped. Staring at the skinny Mergard disappearing from the Sky Tower, the three Undead Lords still heaved a sigh of relief despite forgetting how to breathe. They'd initially thought that Geresco no longer existed, and that they did not have to be afraid of anyone anymore after improving their power over the past 1000 years or so. However, to their surprise, there was still a huge difference between them and a Sanctuary-realm powerhouse.

“Since you still remember Geresco, open the Immortal Door according to the agreement made that year,” Megard said, his aged voice sounding from the High Tower.

The three Undead Lords s.h.i.+vered; soul fire flickered in their eyes before finally regaining calm. They struggled to get up from the ground and scurried out resignedly.

The Immortal Door! Lin Li was shocked to hear Megard's words. Aren't we here to explore Osric's mausoleum? What does it have to do with the Immortal King? Although Lin Li seemed to have gained a lot of benefits from the arrangements of the Immortal King, Lin Li still felt uneasy, especially since he felt like he could never be away from the Immortal King.

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While Lin Li was in doubt, the three Undead Lords had already arrived in the deepest part of the Shadowglen. In the large open s.p.a.ce, the three Undead Lords stood alone and began chanting an inexplicable curse. It was not in the High Elves tongue, t.i.tan language, or Dragon language. Instead, it seemed to be a simple combination of tones. However, every note seemed to be able to resonate with nomological power in this world.

The Teleportation Portal isn't safe! Lin Li knew that very well because he was trapped in the chaos of time and s.p.a.ce for half a year due to an error in the Teleportation Portal after they left the Sky Castle back then. However, he was fortunate enough to get out of it. If the portal had collapsed, he would've ended floating in the chaos of time and s.p.a.ce before getting ripped apart.

G.o.d knew how far they were from the destination. Hence, digging a tunnel in the ground was not a viable option. Besides, they were not on Earth; no one could prove that Anril was round. Hence, even the G.o.ds might not know how thick the earth was.

Now that the Void Channel has been summoned, what do they do next? Lin Li and the rest stared at the arbitrator Megard who was in charge of the operation, and waited for further instructions.

“The Immortal Door has been opened, and Osric's mausoleum is on the other side of the door. Although there is plenty of danger there, I can't follow you guys. In order to keep the door open, I must stay here and use the power of the tower to suppress it. I'll wait for you guys here,” Megard said calmly.

Although having a strong powerhouse from the Sanctuary-realm when exploring Osric's mausoleum would indeed reduce a lot of trouble, Lin Li did not feel too sad about the fact that Megard had to stay there. He was most worried about the debris of the stars, Nothingness, being linked to the item that the Supreme Council wanted to find. Hence, Megard staying behind was nothing too bad for him.

Lin Li was also well aware that Megard was telling the truth. The Void Channel was like a Void Crack which was not tolerated by the Laws of this world. After it was opened, it had to be maintained by a constant flow of power. Otherwise, it'd soon be repaired. Although it could be reopened, they could not trust the Undead creatures, because they probably wouldn't open the void up again without Megard watching them.

Upon hearing that Megard could not go with them, Aldwin could not help but feel worried, and he thought, Without the arbitrator, we won't be able to suppress Andoine and Rosen who had been at odds against each other for more than a day or two. G.o.d knows what might happen? However, he could not say those words to Megard, because the arbitrator had made the three Undead Lords submit.

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