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Chapter 705 - The Three Kings

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Chapter 705: The Three Kings

In an instant, the Skeletal Warriors which had just gathered fell onto the ground like harvested crops, covering the ground with their gray bones. They could not stop the intruders at all, and their most powerful retaliation was the mere action of using their bones to hinder the intruders' path.

Staring at everything that was going on in the Shadowglen, Lin Li suddenly found everything familiar, but it was not because of his previous trial there. Instead, it was because of the experience he had in the world of Undead creatures in the Seven-Realm Spiral. Since both places were occupied by Undead creatures, shouldn't there be some similarities? Lin Li casually found an explanation for it before continuing to watch the battle between the mages.

The large number of Skeletal Warriors which gathered at the beginning did not even manage to hamper the mages in the slightest. After they were ripped and broken into bones, the Skeletal Warriors that crawled up no longer posed any threat to the mages. In fact, they even got crushed by the mages as soon as they appeared.

However, there were more than just low-level Undead creatures like the Skeletal Warriors in the Shadowglen. As the elite mages delved deeper, they finally began to hear a sharp cry that came from the depths of the Shadowglen. Together with the deafening sound, the shadows dashed towards the mages and pounced on them brutally.

Vampires could be regarded as advanced Undead creatures which were mostly of level-10 to level-15. However, it was rare for them to have broken through level-15. Of course, breaking through to the Legendary-level would be too difficult for Vampires. Norfeller managed to break through because he ingested the dragon's blood. Most Vampires would not experience the same thing.

The dozens of Vampires that suddenly appeared in front of them were all formidable even though few of them had broken through level-15. However, the elite mages were unfazed, and it seemed that the group of Vampires was just like the decaying and weak Skeletal Warriors to them.

The reality also proved that the only difference between a Vampire and a Skeletal Warrior was the former's ability to fly in the sky. Under the powerful and intense offensive spells, even the Vampires that had broken through level-15 could not break through the mages' formation.

The soul fire in the eye sockets of the h.e.l.l Ghouls was flickering as they waved their Skeleton Staffs and launched b.a.l.l.s of h.e.l.lfire at the intruders, only to be blocked by a transparent layer of defensive spells that caused ripples which were then drowned out by the counterattacking spells.

The Shadowglen was undoubtedly a word of Undead creatures as there were endless Undead creatures that continuously attacked the intruders mindlessly. They were soon destroyed, and the difference in strength made their struggle pointless. In the end, they could not stop the mages at all.

The formation of the elite mages was still rather neat and almost similar to the way it was when they entered the Shadowglen. All of them were advancing at the same pace and marching towards the depths of the Shadowglen, destroying everything in their path, be it the Skeletal Warriors, Vampires, or h.e.l.l Ghouls.

However, the Shadowglen could survive in the Felan Kingdom for so many years not only because it was powerful, but also because all of its parasites had been completely eliminated. Finally, the elite mages of Alanna stopped because they met a true Undead Army that formed in front of them.

The Skeletal Warriors were still at the forefront, but they were significantly stronger than those which climbed out of the mud. Although they were still Undead creatures of the lowest level, every bone of theirs was bright and intricate like a jade carving. The long swords held by the Skeletal Warriors were also glistening coldly like they had just been forged. The countless Skeletal Warriors did seem rather terrifying.

Above the Skeletal Warriors were countless black shadows, revolving around them and making sharp and shrill sounds as if declaring their thirst for blood. The mages seemed to have already been laid out as a feast for them.


The roar that seemed to have come from their souls rang in the ears of the mages, and even caused them to slip into a short trance. It was as if their souls had been shaken out of their bodies.

At the same time, the Undead Army also began moving as they raised their long swords in their hands, and began charging towards the mages. The Vampires in the sky turned into black rays of lightning and darted towards the mages with a whistling sound. The Deathfire Bombs behind the Skeletal Warriors were swarming towards the mages like a thunderstorm, together with Bone Spears, poison, and all sorts of Necromagic spells.

A fight broke out in an instant, and colorful rays of magic flickered endlessly while the roar of magic explosions echoed in the Shadowglen. This time, it was a genuine battle that was definitely not as easy as the previous ones. The mages felt pressured because of the strength and number of the creatures.

Looking at the fierce battle below, even Aldwin and Macklin began to tense up; this force was the pillar of the Alanna Guild of Magic, and they knew that the emergence of the Undead Army meant that the master of the Shadowglen had already been awakened.

Lin Li could understand why Aldwin was feeling nervous. If his team from the Tower of Dusk was present, he would have already joined in because he was well aware that the nurturing of every mage in the powerful forces was not easy at all. Individual strength was one aspect, but more importantly, it also required mutual trust and chemistry between the members. This trust and tacit understanding could only be developed after going through plenty of life-and-death situations where they shared weal and woe.

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Under the impact of the Undead Army, the formation of the mage remained the same, and even became denser. Layers of defensive magic shrouded them and formed an unbreakable fortress. Although the advancement of the mages had been stopped, they were still like a reef in the tides, standing still and strong. The mages entrusted their lives and safety to their comrades, and devoted themselves to attacking the surrounding Undead Army using offensive spells.

However, the joint casting of Legendary defensive magic did not make the mages truly invincible, because they were not facing an ordinary Humerus Wyrm, but the Undead Lord of the Shadowglen. Ever since they entered, the mages had been having a smooth-sailing journey despite being surrounded by the Undead Army. Now that they were facing the attack of the Humerus Wyrm, they truly felt a little powerless.

Lin Li looked at the Humerus Wyrm hovering over the heads of the mages, feeling a sense of familiarity. He remembered that the Humerus Wyrm in the Seven-Realm Spiral seemed to be the only one that became an Undead Lord. However, the Humerus Wyrm in front of him was obviously more than just a little bit stronger than the one in the Seven-Realm Spiral. Lin Li reckoned that its strength had reached level-23.

While Lin Li was observing the Humerus Wyrm, two powerful auras that were not weaker than the Humerus Wyrm's appeared, emerging from the depths of the Shadowglen. Lin Li couldn't help but be surprised.

Everyone watching the battle looked towards the back of the Undead Army, and saw a Lich wrapped in a robe and hidden under his hood. It was the Lich King, who was one of the three Undead Lords in the Shadowglen. On the ground, meanwhile, a tall skeleton-like king walked towards the mages with heavy footsteps.

The three legendary Undead Lords finally appeared together at this moment.

If one is just a coincidence, what about three? Lin Li stroked his chin subconsciously. The three Undead Lords of the Shadowglen turned out to be exactly the same as the three in the Seven-Realm Spiral. Although there was a great difference in strength, they were definitely related.

Facing three Legendary powerhouses who were at level-23 all at the same time was truly beyond the ability of the mages. Although they had the ability to cast spells of that level together, they were not Legendary powerhouses themselves. Their lack of understanding of nomological power made them much less powerful even whilst using Legendary magic.

The Lich King's Death Domain enveloped the battlefield, and the Undead creatures that were fragile under the offensive spells launched by the mages now seemed to display power that was far beyond ordinary. A dark gate opened in thin air, and more Undead creatures rushed out, including low-level Skeletal Warriors, high-level Vampires, h.e.l.l Ghouls, and even Humerus Wyrms.

On the other hand, the mages who were in the Death Domain felt that their mana had become harder to channel, and even their bodies had become stiffer as if they were carrying a boulder each. The only thing that allowed the mages to hang on were their superb combat qualities and unparalleled teamwork.

The Skeleton King rushed to the front, and slashed the defensive spells of the mages with stunning power using his huge double-edged sword. Crisp crackling sounds rang out in the air immediately, and the Legendary defensive magic that was jointly cast by the mages shattered like gla.s.s.

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