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Chapter 704 - Returning To Shadowglen

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Chapter 704: Returning To Shadowglen

Darian also knew that Mage Felic from Jarrosus left to go to the Breezy Plains, where he then became the President of the Guild of Magic that was newly established in the Breezy Plains. At that time, he also made a bet with his friends about when Lin Li, the country boy, would return to his hometown Jarrosus from the Breezy Plains in a pathetic manner. However, Lin Li didn't end up in a pathetic state, and in fact even became the most prestigious guest here, on top of being the President of the Breezy Plains Guild of Magic.

“Oh, Mage Darian, were you calling me just now?” Lin Li asked indifferently after seeing that Darian had been silent for a long time.

Darian finally snapped out of his trance, and suppressed the anxiety within him. “Yes, yes. President Felic, you're headed in the wrong direction. Your room is here, please follow me.”

It felt like he was put on the same status as Aldwin. Darian thought, How is that possible? He's still young!

Darian led the way ahead, but his heart seemed to have skipped a beat. Despite being an Archmage, he could not detect or deduce the level of Lin Li's power. Despite being in disbelief, the truth was that Lin Li had the same aura as the Legendary powerhouse Aldwin.

Along the way, Darian grew increasingly frightened, for fear that Lin Li would rake up the past again. Lin Li was currently a President, a Legendary powerhouse, and the most prestigious guest. He could not afford to offend Lin Li at all. When he turned around just now, he noticed that Lin Li was frowning and seemed to be displeased. He wondered if Lin Li was planning to teach him a lesson.

When Darian reached the room arranged for the prestigious guests, he finally let out a sigh of relief and smiled. “President Felic, what else do you need? Feel free to inform me, I'll be ready to serve you wholeheartedly.”

Lin Li nodded slightly and remained silent while turning around to enter the room.

Watching the door close slowly in front of him, Darian was filled with an inexplicable emotion. It turned out that he had been worrying all day for nothing, because Lin Li didn't even take him seriously. He had no idea if he should feel lucky or disappointed.

The Shadowglen was very close to Alanna, and would only require a two-hour horse-carriage journey. For the Legendary-mages, it would only take them a short time flying to reach the place. Fortunately, the Undead creatures in the Shadowglen had yet to come out for more than 300 years. Otherwise, Felan Kingdom wouldn't have dared to settle the Shadow King down in Alanna.

The sky above the Shadowglen was always covered with thick black clouds impenetrable by sunlight, appearing as if it was dyed by ink. Although there were plenty of mountains and rivers in the area, there were also lots of yellow weeds. There were no signs of life at all, and it was as if all of the moisture had been removed by the high temperatures. There would be gusts of cold wind blowing out of the Shadowglen every now and then, blowing up the withered tree leaves. It added a touch of loneliness and danger to the Shadowglen.

Outside the Shadowglen, more than 200 Archmages were standing neatly in a fixed formation, seemingly all ready to enter the horrendous and terrifying Shadowglen of the Undead creatures. The President of the Guild of Magic, Aldwin, was standing right in front of the team and speaking to them. Everyone was paying attention to what he was saying, and none of them dared to make a single sound.

The elite group of mages from the Alanna Guild of Magic were all famous in Felan Kingdom and Anril. Even the weakest Archmages were at level-16, and there were plenty of level-19 Archmages who were nearing the Legendary-level.

Not far behind the mages, there were several figures floating in the air, led by the arbitrator Megard who was between Andoine and Rosen. Under Megard's suppression, Andoine and Rosen were no longer bickering with each other, and simply stared daggers at each other occasionally.

Lin Li followed Andoine and looked down at the Alanna mages, thinking to himself, It's no wonder that the Alanna Guild of Magic is worthy of being the leader of all the Guilds of Magic in Anril. These elites are far superior to those of the Dark Blade and the Malfa Family.

Moreover, even if the Malfa Family were to use all of the magical equipment obtained from the Sky Castle against those mages, they might not be able to compare to the elites at all. Although the Faro's Robe and Dark Moon Staff used to be the standard equipment of the High Elves' Magic Legion, the equipment of Alanna's mages was not inferior, either.

The magic robes were called magic net robes because the Master-level mageweaths drawn on them could completely resist offensive spells below level-15. It could even convert the power of the offensive spells into pure mana for the wearer. The magic staff in their hands were different from the Dark Moon Staff that belonged to the High Elves. It was named the Crescent Staff because it signified removing all evil and tyranny and bringing peace to humanity. The power of the Crescent Staff was not weaker than that of the Dark Moon staff, for it could also maximize the power of mana while minimizing the consumption.

It was said that the equipment of the mages of Alanna had come directly from the Supreme Council. They were once the masterpieces of the G.o.d of Mages, Geresco, and could be considered to be the pinnacle of human magical equipment. The group of mages who were now equipped with the magic robes and the Crescent Staffs might not be as good as the High Elves's Magic Legion, but in the current world of Anril, they were definitely a top-level force that was also invincible. Apart from being able to mobilize and a.s.sign them to different teams, even the President Aldwin could not order them to do anything.

When faced with such a powerful force, it would be impossible for anyone not to be envious or jealous. However, after being in awe for a while, Lin Li stopped paying attention to them. The Tower of Dusk was indeed inferior now, but Lin Li had a lot of faith and confidence in his mages. He believed that they would become just as powerful as long as they spent some more time working hard. It would only be a matter of time before they surpa.s.sed this force.

At this moment, there was a sudden rumbling coming from the sky, followed by a ma.s.sive pressure that seemed to be weighing down on them like a stone being pressed on their chests. Even breathing became difficult. Everyone looked up unanimously at the sky, only to see a huge black shadow descending slowly.

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“That's the tower of the Supreme Council,” Andoine said to Lin Li.

Of course, increased power also meant severe magic depletion. However, Lin Li believed that it would be impossible for the Supreme Council to build a Sky Tower or create weapons that could only be used once or twice per tower. In that case, the mana source of the Sky Tower would probably have to at least be on the same level as the Dragon Crystal of the ancient wyrm.

As one of the tyrants of the Prehistoric times, the power that an ancient wyrm had was far greater than that of the wyrms. Even an ordinary ancient wyrm had power of the Sanctuary-realm. The Eternal Furnace that Lin Li held had the magical crystal belonging to a fire-element ancient wyrm as the mana source.

Although there was no trace of ancient wyrms in the land of Anril anymore, Geresco had broken through several Sky Castles in a row and still had to worry about a powerful mana source.

Landing in the plaza, Lin Li looked at the Central Tower in the plaza and felt like he had returned to the Sky Castle. He began to doubt if the Supreme Council had dug up the Central Tower of some Sky Castle.

After entering the hall of the Sky Tower, Lin Li could not help but swallow his saliva. The giant magical crystal in the middle of the hall was much larger than the one that the elves had taken away from the Sky Castle. It was no wonder that the Supreme Council wouldn't be tempted by the gains in the Sky Castle. As everyone approached the crystal ball, they could see everything going on in the Shadowglen. Lin Li could even see the cave that he had used.

“You may begin now,” Megard said to Aldwin calmly.

On the ground, the elite group of mages of Alanna finally waited for the orders to attack. More than 200 mages who wore magic net robes and held Crescent Staffs walked towards the Shadowglen.

The descent of the Sky Tower had long awakened the Undead creatures in the Shadowglen, and the black mist that had been dispersed gathered and condensed again. However, it was much thinner this time. Countless Skeletal Warriors crawled out of the mud, ricketing their bodies and holding rusty iron swords. They then gathered at the opening of the Shadowglen as if they wanted to stop the intruders.

Unfortunately, the low-level Undead creatures were strengthened neither by the power of the debris of the stars, Gloomy Dark, nor by Psychic Arrays. Even though they had been hibernating in the ground for countless years, they were still decaying Skeletal Warriors. The soul fire was flickering faintly, while the bones in the mud were creaking and crackling. The rust of the iron sword would also peel off from time to time.

The mages' figures appeared with tidy footsteps, and before the Skeletal Warriors even managed raise the rusty swords, the overwhelming magic had begun to roar. The Skeletal Warriors in front of the elite group of mages from Alanna were all of the lowest level, and could not take their blows at all. Even a staff would be enough to smash them into bits, what more magic.

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