Another World's Versatile Crafting Master

Zhuang Bifan

Chapter 700 - : Many Acquaintances

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Chapter 700: Many Acquaintances

“Master Aldwin, It's been long since we last met. Are you doing well?” Lin Li asked smilingly.

“Well? As soon as you went to the Breezy Plains, there were no news of you. Had I not gotten Macklin to look for you, I'm afraid you would have forgotten our promise!” Aldwin did not have a look of resentment on his face at all. However, after he carefully took a look at Lin Li, a look of astonishment he could not hide formed on his face. “Felic, surely you don't have any precious magical equipment?”

Precious magical equipment? Lin Li had plenty of it in the Ring of Endless Storm, he but also knew the reason behind Aldwin's question. After all, it didn't take long for Lin Li to become a Legendary-mage by advancing from a level-16 or level-17 Archmage after he left the Alanna Guild of Magic.

“What magic equipment? The magical waves from this rascal's body are not from the magic equipment. Those rumors are not only not exaggerated, they're also understatements of this rascal's abilities,” Macklin grumbled after finding a chair to sit on.

“Oh, it's indeed unbelievable.” Aldwin shook his head slightly, staring at the young mage in front of him with admiration. He said, “Mage Felic is now the President of the Tower of Dusk and he's already entered the Legendary-realm. Seems like we're really old. Hurry and take a seat.”

“You don't have to stand on ceremony with me, Master Aldwin. No matter what kind of achievements I have made so far, I owe it all to the help of the elders. I think it's better for you to address me in the same way that you used to,” Lin Li said. Although his current status and strength were enough for him to be on an equal standing with Aldwin, he still couldn't get used to an old man being so polite to him. Although he was often joking with Aldwin and would speak to Andoine and Gerian with disrespect at times, he still respected them greatly.

Aldwin nodded, admiring Lin Li for not becoming arrogant and conceited just because he had become stronger and more respectable. Young people like him were rare. As the President of the Guild of Magic, he had seen plenty of so-called talented youths over the years; they were all extremely complacent and lofty as if they were above everyone else. Unlike them, Lin Li was sensible and humble. Although Lin Li had caused plenty of trouble when he was training with them at first, they all knew the reasons for those incidents.

“Yeah, President, don't stand on ceremony with that kid. Quickly arrange for the bet with the old fogy Al'Akir. Let's see how smug he can be,” Macklin urged ruthlessly.

Aldwin glared at Macklin and turned to look at Lin Li. “Felic, I'll get someone to arrange a place for you to rest first. If you need to train or practice, feel free to let Macklin know. As for the deal with the Adventurers Guild, we can afford to wait. Well, we've already been waiting for so long anyway.”

Aldwin had already heard about Lin Li's achievements in pharmacy which allowed him to gain the recognition of the President of the Pharmacists' Guild. After all, a person's energy was limited, and it would be hard to master everything. Lin Li was already a Legendary-mage and a Master of pharmaceutics. It would be hard for anyone to think that he was a smithing Master too.

“What are you waiting for? Felic is very confident of his own abilities. Right, Felic?” said Macklin, who was a little dissatisfied with Aldwin's arrangement. During this period of time, the Alanna Guild of Magic was not only teased by the Adventurers Guild, they had also become the laughing stock of the other forces because of the bet.

“Uh…” Aldwin blushed a little. At the end of the day, the matter was a result of his lack of careful consideration at that time. Fortunately, Lin Li appeared, turning the situation around. Otherwise, he would have become the sinner of the Guild of Magic. However, he did not arrange it immediately according to Macklin's request, but instead explained to Lin Li, “Felic, it's not that I don't trust your abilities, but I just think that we should wait for the rest to return. After all, we have already exceeded the deadline of the bet according to the original agreement.”

Lin Li touched his nose. The matter really had something to do with him. When he arrived in the Breezy Plains, he had only half a year left to fulfill the bet. In the end, the Tower of Dusk was built, and he proceeded to explore the Scar of Death before getting sent to the Throne of Darkness. He also went to besiege the Syer Bandits in the Dragon Mountains, entered the Haiga Mountain Range, and explored the Sky Castle. He even ended up getting trapped in the chaos of time and s.p.a.ce. Almost two years had pa.s.sed, and they had long exceeded the six-month period agreed in the bet. According to the bet, the Sword Sage of the Storm, Al'Akir, had already won it.

However, after listening to Aldwin's plan to wait for a few more people to come, he reckoned that Aldwin probably wanted to request the Sword Sage of the Storm to prolong the bet. Lin Li could imagine that Aldwin was all ready to use his strength to oppress them. However, the Sword Sage of the Storm was not a pushover, and even a Legendary powerhouse might not be able to force the Sword Sage of the Storm into giving in.

Although Macklin was feeling displeased, he knew that Aldwin's considerations were not uncalled for. Hence, he had no choice but to arrange for Lin Li to go elsewhere.

Lin Li did not bring the two Undead servants to the Guild of Magic, and instead arranged for them to rest in a hotel in Alanna. With the current strength of Ujfalusi and Norfeller, it would be difficult for ordinary people to recognize them to be Undead creatures. After all, they were not from Ledin Kingdom, and even if someone were to recognize them to be Undead creatures, no one would dare to do anything to them.

Macklin left after arranging an accommodation for Lin Li, who then left the Guild of Magic and took his two Undead servants on a tour around Alanna City.

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“Sir, you really have good taste. The first thing you set your sights upon is my Thunder Eaglets. Come and take a look. The Thunder Eaglets that I'm selling are genuine. They're going at 1000 gold coins each. I'll also give you a free…”

Lin Li took his two Undead servants along for a day tour around Alanna City, but they didn't buy anything. It was simply for the sake of leisure. Throughout the days that Lin Li was in Anril, he had been spending all of his time learning magic, exploring, developing the Tower of Dusk, and keeping his schedule packed. Hence, he rarely had time for leisurely activities.

When it was getting dark, Lin Li and the two Undead servants separated, and he returned to the Alanna Guild of Magic alone. However, as soon as he entered his room, someone sent an invitation from the Pharmacist Guild.

In the blink of an eye, three days had pa.s.sed. Lin Li was getting ready to go out for a walk in the morning, but Macklin stopped him at the gate with a look of displeasure.

“Old man, what's the matter with you? Did someone provoke you?” Lin Li asked, wondering to himself if the bet with the Adventurers Guild had fallen through. If that were the case, he would have to think of another way to go to Osric's mausoleum.

“Come with me, you'll know when you get there.” Macklin, who sounded a little depressed, seemed to have come for Lin Li.

When the two arrived in Aldwin's office, Macklin surprisingly didn't push the door open, and instead knocked on the door. He didn't push it open until he heard a response.

Upon entering, Lin Li discovered that there were three other elders who were dressed in magic robes seated in the office together with Aldwin. One of them was someone he knew well too. Greatly astonished, he asked, “Hey, why are you here?”

“What do you mean, kid? Can't I be here!? Hey, wait, did you eat something wrong? Where did your magical waves come from!?” Andoine exclaimed, revealing his true personality even though he looked decent in the robe.

“I don't know what I ate. I just somehow became like this. Nothing's wrong with me, right!?” Lin Li asked, pretending to be worried.

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