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Chapter 699 - Returning to Alanna

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Chapter 699: Returning to Alanna

Horsin and the other mages stared blankly ahead to see that the fog had dispersed and the fortress-like den of the Poison Fire Bandits vanished without a trace as if it had never existed in this world before. There was no more den and no more people. All that was left was a huge ravine that made the plain valley a little more steep.

“Go back,” Lin Li said to Horsin and the other mages as he leaned forward.

Horsin swallowed his saliva forcefully, and exclaimed, “Yes, President!”

Oh G.o.d, this must be the power of the Legendary powerhouses! Although Lin Li had defeated Borg and Baldela of the Tower of Dusk in the beginning, and showed incredible power, the scene back then was far less shocking than now. The fortress-like cottage that contained more than 2,000 people disappeared together all at once.

The news of the destruction of the Poisonous Fire Bandits' den caused an uproar in the Breezy Plains again. The forces which were still sitting on the fence and waiting to take sides dared not retaliate at all. Without waiting for the mages of the Tower of Dusk to approach them, they took the initiative to approach the Tower of Dusk one after another to show their intentions to submit.

No one dared to doubt the strength of the Tower of Dusk or the formidable power of Lin Li, the Legendary powerhouse. The 2000-odd people were wiped out all at once! How daunting!

“President, someone from the Alanna Guild of Magic who claims to be your Old Sir Macklin would like to see you,” Beckley reported to Lin Li worriedly. Although Lin Li was young, he was already a Legendary-mage, yet that old man dared to claim that he was Lin Li's Old Sir. He really was courting death!

“Oh.” Lin Li did not flare up. Instead, his eyes lit up, and he said, “Hurry and take me there.”

Although Lin Li was already a level-23 Legendary powerhouse, he was still a young chap in his twenties; hence, he wasn't as fussy as the older men. Indeed, he could treat his enemies as insignificant ants and destroy them. However, he would never put himself on a pedestal and act all haughty around his friends. Otherwise, what was the point of life?

Upon arriving in the guest hall, Lin Li was instantly greeted with the sight of the old fogy Macklin, who still looked as frivolous as before. He no longer bothered about his image, and instead sat with one leg crossed over the other, holding a cup of tea in his hand and sipping on it.

Seeing that Lin Li had entered, Macklin put his teacup down and sprung up before encircling Lin Li twice. He then said, “Not bad, little b.a.s.t.a.r.d. You managed to cause such a huge uproar and you even destroyed the two old fogies of the Dark Blade.”

Lin Li smiled, and said, “If they had not provoked me, I definitely wouldn't have bothered to do that to them. Surely you're not here to give me a compliment?”

“Give you a compliment?” Macklin humphed and returned to his seat. Placing one leg over the other, he said, “Kid, are you so busy that you've forgotten your promise to create a magical weapon for me back then? It's already been so long. I ended up getting teased and mocked by that old fogy Al'Akir whenever I see him. Aldwin doesn't dare to leave the Guild of Magic at all.”

“So you were talking about that. Rest a.s.sured, even if you didn't come to me this time, I'd still be visiting Alanna in a few more days to create your magical weapon,” Lin Li said as he sat beside Macklin. He was definitely not patronizing him, because he was still coveting Osric's mausoleum. Now that the situation in the Tower of Dusk had become stable, it was actually time for him to head to Alanna.

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“Seriously speaking, are you really confident about creating a magical weapon? That b.a.s.t.a.r.d Al'Akir has gotten someone to create a high-level mageweath. In order to make him lose and admit defeat, I'm afraid I'd need a Master-level magical weapon. Otherwise, it will be a draw,” said Macklin. Although he knew that Lin Li could create a magical weapon, it was not easy to create a Master-level magical weapon even for a true Smithing Master.

Macklin visited almost two months after Lin Li returned back from the Haiga Mountain Range. Lin Li checked on the mages who were undergoing special training. Although one of the 40 mages entered the Legendary-realm during this period, most people had already reached the peak of level-19. Even Gerian who had plateaued at level-16 had already reached the peak level-19, making him feel extremely thrilled. To Lin Li's joy, more than a dozen mages, including Gavin and Evan who had almost reached the Legendary-realm, began to gain understanding of nomological power, and were just a step away from the Legendary-realm.

Although there was no Legendary powerhouse among them now, Lin Li reckoned that the Tower of Dusk would have a breakthrough soon, and there would be several mages who entered the Legendary-realm. Besides, even if there was no new Legendary powerhouse now, no one dared to underestimate the power of the Tower of Dusk.

For the mages who reached the peak of level-19, the controlling magical crystal was temporarily not of much use to them. Hence, Lin Li announced the end of the special training and put the magical crystal back into his Ring of Endless Storm. However, he left the High Elves' books on magic behind for them to continue learning.

After making all the necessary arrangements for the Tower of Dusk, Lin Li and Macklin set off for Alanna, and were, of course, accompanied by the two faithful Undead servants Ujfalusi and Norfeller. During this period of time, Ujfalusi used the Dragon's soul and Wyrm skeleton that they had obtained in the dragon graveyard to advance to the peak of level-21 with Lin Li's help. Of course, when the two level-21 Undead creatures appeared in front of him, Macklin could not help but curse again.

The Alanna Guild of Magic did not change much, and was still the same as when Lin Li visited for the first time. In the s.p.a.cious hall, dozens of mages were busy shuttling around. Noticing that Macklin and Lin Li had entered, the mages who pa.s.sed by greeted Macklin politely. However, they did not have much of an impression of Lin Li, who used to be a small fry. In fact, some of the mages even looked at Lin Li with a look of sympathy. It seemed that everyone knew that it wouldn't be a good thing to land in Macklin's hands.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, Macklin would definitely cuss his heart out when he saw their gazes. However, he did not have the time to do so today, and instead eagerly took Lin Li to Aldwin. The bet with the Adventurers Guild had troubled them for a long time, and Macklin did not want to waste any time at all, because he wanted to see the look of defeat on the Sword Sage of the Storm Al'Akir's face.

The two of them came to Aldwin's office. Macklin dashed in together with Lin Li, without even knocking on the door. The mages who pa.s.sed by got a great shock, but they quickly shut up after seeing that it was Macklin. They then hung their heads low and scurried away.

Aldwin stared at the doc.u.ments at the table and heard the door being swung open. Without even looking up, he chided, “Macklin, you're already old in your years. Will you behave like an elder?” He then closed his doc.u.ment and glanced at Macklin and Lin Li.

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