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Zhuang Bifan

Chapter 693 - Level-23

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Chapter 693: Level-23

Everyone was stunned. Even the mages of the Tower of Dusk couldn't believe it and rubbed their eyes hard. The Legendary-mage Borg from the Dark Blade was a powerful man who was famous and formidable in the Breezy Plains, yet he was defeated in just one blow by the President of the Tower of Dusk!

Everyone knew that Lin Li was already a Legendary-mage, regardless of whether they had met him before. However, they felt that he was absurdly strong because he could not be defeated even by Borg from the Dark Blade who was also a Legendary-mage!

The Sword Sage Baldela leaped forward and grabbed Borg who fell to the ground before looking at Lin Li fearfully. “Borg, we…”

Borg wiped the blood off the corner of his lips and stared at Lin Li who was in the sky before exclaiming, “Let's go together!” Before Baldela even agreed, Borg darted towards Lin Li.

Baldela sighed and followed Borg to dash towards Lin Li while exerting explosive Combat Energy.

“d.a.m.n it, what kind of world is this? That rascal Felic is becoming more and more incredible!” Gerian cursed while staring at the battle between the three Legendary powerhouses, though he was actually filled with satisfaction and pleasure. After all, he was from the Jarrosus Guild of Magic.

Watching the battle between Legendary powerhouses had always been the best way to gain experience. The people of the Dark Blade were too horrified to even move, so the mages of the Tower of Dusk stared at the sky with concentration, hoping to gain more experience from the battle.

However, to the shock of the mages of the Tower of Dusk, the two Legendary leaders of the Dark Blade did not manage to endure that long.

After fighting for a while, Lin Li quickly chanted a magic spell in the language of the High Elves. In the Light and Darkness Domain, countless black and white silk threads suddenly appeared and intertwined like a large net that shrouded the two Legendary leaders of the Dark Blade.

Baldela's double-edged sword glowed menacingly, and he used it to cut into the large net made of black and white silk threads. Of course, he knew that black and white silk threads were not made of real silk but mana instead. However, a sword attack made of condensed Combat Energy could also be used to cut magic apart. However, he did not expect the sword to have no effect on the black and white silk threads, as if he had cut through a shadow.

Before Baldela could react, he was already covered by the large net made of black and white silk. Besides, as soon as the black and white silk threads touched his body, they seemed to have come to life and penetrated into his body. None of his Combat Energy or clothing could prevent the attacks from landing.

After being invaded by the black and white silk threads, Baldela's Combat Energy seemed to vanish, and he fell straight to the ground. When he fell, he saw Borg falling from the sky together with him.

“Turns out the Light and Darkness Seal works unexpectedly well,” Lin Li said while floating in the air, watching Baldela and Borg fall to the ground one after another. He was extremely satisfied with the magic spell that he had learned in the chaos of time and s.p.a.ce.

It was a magic spell that Lin Li saw in the book of magic belonging to the High Elves, which was used by the High Elves to take prisoners in the Dark Age. The magic spell would cause everything to be frozen forever, be it mana or Combat Energy. Lin Li named it the Light and Darkness Seal, but in fact, the same effects could be achieved even if other Elemental Power was used.

Baldela and Borg who were in the Light and Darkness Seal could no longer activate their Legendary power, hence becoming mortals. Sometimes, death was not terrifying. The feeling of falling from the clouds to the ground was the greatest punishment to them.

Seeing his two Legendary leaders being defeated by the young President of the Tower of Disk effortlessly, the members of the Dark Blade, who had just been fearless, were now full of panic, which was written all over their faces. They were all ready to run away.

However, Lin Li did not plan to just let them off easily. Although only less than 20 mages of the Tower of Dusk had died, each one's demise was agonizing to him because they were all potential future Legendary-mages.

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“You guys go ahead and heal yourselves. Someone else will take care of this.” Lin Li landed on the ground and spoke to the mages of the Tower of Dusk who were waiting to retaliate. He then touched the Dream Garden that was on his finger to release the pet.i.te Xiao Hua.

Gerian did not feel embarra.s.sed at all. He pouted, and said, “Do you think I wanted to be like this? If you'd come back earlier, I wouldn't have ended up in this state. I was initially planning to retire here, yet I still had to take part in the battle even though I'm now a bag of old bones.”

“Yeah, it's all my fault. Let's go in,” Lin Li said while holding onto Gerian and walking towards the hall of the Tower of Dusk. Along the way, he asked, “When did the people from the Dark Blade arrive? Are the people in Black Clouds Town alright?”

“The Black Clouds Town is alright. The people from the Dark Blade headed straight here. They might have decided to come after hearing that you didn't return with Cheyenne. The battle lasted for a full six months. Fortunately, you left some powerful weapons and items behind in the Tower of Dusk. Otherwise, we might not have been able to endure until now.” Gerian suddenly saw Baldela and Borg who were being held down. He then turned to look at Lin Li, and said, “I know of those two Legendary powerhouses. They've been famous for a long time. You actually managed to destroy both of them easily! What level are you now? 22? 23?”

Lin Li smiled and raised three fingers.

“Three? Twenty… three?” Gerian stood rooted to the ground in shock while his eyes and mouth widened. Deep down, he cursed, d.a.m.n it, how is this reasonable? That rascal was so weak when he first arrived in Jarrosus. It has only been a short period of time. When he left, he was only level-21, yet he's level-23 now!? All he did was visit the Haiga Mountain Range!

During the six months he'd spent in the chaos of time and s.p.a.ce, Lin Li did not procrastinate at all. The epiphany he had in the Seven-Realm Spiral and the Endless Labyrinth, as well as the knowledge he gained from studying the Book of Eternity, coupled with the a.s.sistance of the controlling magical crystal and the Tree of Eternity's seed, helped Lin Li reach level-23 quickly. When he left, he even pushed himself to the peak of level-23.

Although Baldela and Borg were strong, they were still far inferior compared to Lin Li. Their loss this time wasn't undeserved.

Upon returning to the hall, Lin Li saw the few mages who were sent by the Malfa Family to support them. Staring at the Dark Moon Staffs that they were holding and the Faro's Robes that they were wearing, he deduced that they were the elites of the Malfa Family.

Lin Li nodded slightly. He thought that Cheyenne could send someone to help when he was stuck in the Sky Castle; it seemed that it was worth cooperating with the Malfa Family. Of course, that did not rule out the possibility of the Malfa Family harboring designs on the Tower of Dusk, but Lin Li did not harp on it. After all, it was normal for Cheyenne to think that Lin Li wouldn't be able to make it out again.

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