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Chapter 685 - Endless and Infinite

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Chapter 685: Endless and Infinite

The purification effect of Holy Light on Undead creatures was still too slow for Lin Li. Hence, after getting rid of the two golden skeletons, he immediately put away his Light and Darkness Domain. The Snowstorm once again began to condense over the heads of the Undead creatures. As the huge pieces of ice fell, the frozen ice b.a.l.l.s immediately flew towards the Undead creatures.

The numerous Undead creatures swarmed towards them again, and were soon destroyed. Even though the Undead creatures were strong, the all-out attacks by Lin Li and the rest left them with no choice but to be defeated. However, Lin Li and the rest did not manage to advance much just because of this, because the black door had yet to close, and Undead creatures were surging out of it continuously.

In terms of results, Lin Li and the other Legendary powerhouses had definitely achieved results that they had never even imagined through their maniacal and unrestrained attacks.

However, despite the tremendous results they had achieved, none of them looked in the least bit relieved. All of their attacks were accurate and none of them missed at all. They managed to form various empty spots amongst the Undead creatures, but their attacks did not leave any lasting traces behind, as if they were stones being thrown into the lake that created ripples which were instantly smoothed out by the lake water.

The numbers of Undead creatures that they had killed continued to increase. However, their speed was far slower than the rate at which the Undead creatures were emerging from the darkness. The ground and the sky were both covered with Undead creatures. Not only did Lin Li and the rest not rush over, they even gradually began to retreat under the impact of the swarming Undead Army.

Everyone knew that if they wanted to kill the Undead Army, it would seem impossible to do so at this juncture. However, they also knew that they had no other choice, and the consequence of staying behind would be facing the strong Undead creature nearing the Sanctuary-realm. They would rather face an Undead Army that was continuously charging forward and fight for a near-impossible chance to survive than face the terrifying Undead creature that was about to awaken in the sky.

However, things did not always go according to one's will. The Undead Army grew stronger despite the ma.s.sacre, but the fierce and accurate attacks of the people gradually weakened after a while. That was not because the attacks required too much power, but mostly because the situation in front of them made them hesitate.

Although everyone knew that killing was the only way out of this place, their chances of doing so would decrease continuously as the number of Undead creatures of the Undead Army increased. They had no choice but to reconsider. If the Undead creature in the sky were to really awaken before they could escape, they would end up dead once their power was depleted.

However, they also knew clearly that they would have a hard time escaping from the powerful Undead creature nearing the Sanctuary-realm even if they remained in the state where they were at the peak of their power. However, no one knew how the situation would change until the very end. Perhaps there might be an opportunity, perhaps…

The silver dragon that Elder Randy had transformed into soon got rid of the three Humerus Wyrms, but his reckless fighting caused him to sustain multiple wounds. Before he could even catch his breath, a few new Humerus Wyrms began surrounding them again…

Culofen turned as pale as a sheet. The arrows shot by Gildor gradually became spa.r.s.e, and while Princess Elune's Song of Heart was still sounding in the air from time to time, it was no longer as dominant as when it shot the Undead creatures to death. The unicorn stomped its legs onto the ground in frustration while continuously emitting lightning from the sharp horn on its head. However, it was much weaker than before.

Cheyenne had already summoned the Winged Angel back to his side. The Dark Moon Staff was still flas.h.i.+ng every now and then, but the magic he cast was not as dense as before. Although every spell he cast could still destroy many Undead creatures, he was obviously still feeling conflicted and hesitant.

Among all people, Lin Li was the only one who was still continuously launching strong attacks. Be it the powerful magical equipment or the huge mental strength foundation, the mana depletion was insignificant for Lin Li. Legendary magic was just like basic beginner magic to Lin Li. He continuously exerted magic to get rid of the Undead creatures.

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However, Lin Li was still just at the peak of level-22 at the end of the day, regardless of how ma.s.sive his mental strength and how infinite his mana was. Although one's abilities were not entirely determined by their level most of the time, their level still represented their understanding and mastery of nomological power. Lin Li could now maintain a steady output of mana, but could not increase the amount of mana released, because he was limited by his level. Hence, he couldn't cause great damage to the Undead Army.

Moreover, Lin Li also found that almost all of the Undead creatures that had been destroyed did not have their soul fire annihilated immediately. Instead, it disappeared when the Undead creatures were destroyed. Obviously, it was one of the tricks played by the Psychic Array. To the Undead creatures, there was nothing more nouris.h.i.+ng than soul fire. Not only was the unrestrained killing of the Undead creatures of no help to them, it even helped supplement the Undead creature in the sky.

However, despite knowing this, Lin Li still could not let everyone stop. At the rate that the Undead Army was growing, there'd soon be no place for them in the Sky Castle. By then, there would be no need to wait for the Undead creature in the sky to awaken. The Undead Army itself was enough to drown them out.

Lin Li knew very well that the Psychic Array was extremely powerful, but a doubt of his regarding the source of power of the Psychic Array also popped up at the same time. Under normal circ.u.mstances, the Psychic Array would turn all magical elements in the surroundings into the power of death that could be used to gestate Undead creatures.

However, the Sky Castle now could be said to have no connection with Anril, since it had already entered the chaotic flow of time and s.p.a.ce through the cracks in s.p.a.ce. Coupled with the Nether Storm that was shrouding the Sky Castle, the spa.r.s.e magical elements were not enough to support the role of the Psychic Array, let alone gestate a powerful Undead creature that was nearing the Sanctuary-realm.

Therefore, the current Psychic Array definitely did not use mana that came from the free magical elements in s.p.a.ce. It was very likely to have come from the kinetic system, which was the same as the other Mageweath arrays and Alchemy Arrays in the Sky Castle. Only the kinetic system with infinite mana could make the Psychic Array exert such powerful effects.

At the thought of this, Lin Li seemed to have finally gotten some clue. If he could disable the Psychic Array, the Undead creature in the sky might slow down or even pause in its awakening process. The Tide of Death that summoned the Undead Army would likely end as well.

Li suddenly stopped casting spells, and summoned the Crimson Dragon to his side. The Crimson Dragon had its abilities greatly enhanced by the Psychic Array, just like the enemy's Undead creatures. It was even approaching level-21. After being summoned by Lin Li, it surrounded the Undead creatures and did not allow any one of them to escape.

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