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Chapter 684 - Tide of Death

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Chapter 684: Tide of Death

Even if Cheyenne didn't mention it, everyone knew and understood what an Undead creature that was most likely level-24 meant for himself and others. Although Elder Randy was a level-23 Druid who was just one level away from level-24, his abilities were definitely way worse. Level-24 was the strongest level below the Sanctuary-realm. Besides, this place was obviously the territory of that formidable Undead creature.

d.a.m.n it, if that's really that b.a.s.t.a.r.d Osric, these people definitely wouldn't have the ability to retaliate. The only outcome would be death! Lin Li cursed bitterly in his heart, but he never looked at the sky again. Instead, he exhibited his flying skills and flew towards the Teleportation Portal.

Regardless of whether it's Osric or something else, I'd better run since I can't beat it! Lin Li thought. He did not think that he had the ability to challenge a level-24 Undead creature. Besides, if the creature was really Osric, the power that he exhibited would definitely be beyond level-24 since he had inherited the Immortal King's Necromagic.

Seeing Lin Li fly towards the Teleportation Portal with his subordinates, Elder Randy and the rest suddenly snapped out of their trance. No matter how powerful the ent.i.ty in the sky was, their journey would come to an end once they left through the Teleportation Portal. If the ent.i.ty were to chase after them, the level-24 Green Dragon King could deal with it, and at least help them buy some time.

All of a sudden, a race seemed to have broken out in this Sky Castle, and the Legendary powerhouses each exhibited their powers and went all out to dash towards the Teleportation Portal. Elder Randy immediately turned into a thunder eagle and chased Lin Li and others like a bolt of lightning. The two mages Cheyenne and Culofen had naturally reached their flying limit, following closely behind Elder Randy. On the ground, the Legendary archer Gildor made his steps as light as possible, but he was not any slower than the flying mages. Although Princess Elune was the weakest, she did not lag behind, and was in fact even faster than them because she was riding the unicorn.

They looked out to see that a Legendary Array had already appeared in their field of vision, after which they immediately sped up in a bid to leave this terrifying region before the Undead creature awakened.

However, at this moment, Lin Li suddenly felt a huge mana wave not too far ahead. Before he could even react, a ma.s.sive black gate appeared out of nowhere, blocking them from reaching the Teleportation Portal.

Lin Li had no choice but to stop and stare at the black door. He then swallowed his saliva forcefully with a look of dismay, and exclaimed, “d.a.m.n it, Tide of Death!”

The Tide of Death was actually not considered a rare Necromagic spell. The Necromancers who had stepped into the Legendary-realm would mostly master it. Liches like Ujfalusi had long mastered the Tide of Death as early as during the ruins of Syer Town adventure. After following Lin Li, he used it more than once.

However, Lin Li still remembered clearly that Sendros had once mentioned that the Tide of Death could be considered one of the most powerful Necromagic spells even though it was mastered by almost every Legendary Necromancer.

Through the Tide of Death, a Necromancer would be able to continuously summon all sorts of Undead creatures until his mana was completely exhausted. The strength of the Tide of Death lay in the Undead creatures that it could summon, and it would continuously change together with the capability of the Necromancer as well. The more powerful the Necromancer, the more powerful the Undead creatures summoned by the Tide of Death.

If it were a Necromancer who was on Ujfalusi's level, Lin Li wouldn't take the Tide of Death seriously at all. However, at the thought of the Undead creature in the sky possibly being Osric, Lin Li could not help but wonder what kind of Undead creatures a level-24 powerhouse would summon.

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There was no need to guess or wait. In an instant, countless Undead creatures emerged out of the dark gate like a flood. In the tides of Undead creatures, there was not a single low-level Undead creature. Even the Skeletal Warriors were at least level-16 and level-17. The rest, the h.e.l.l Ghouls, Vampires and Liches, were at least level-18, and many of them were near the Legendary-level.

After summoning the Crimson Dragon, Ujfalusi did not exert his own Tide of Death, but continued to perform serial Corpse Explosions. In the face of the enemy's powerful Undead Army, his own Tide of Death would only be useful when summoning the last few Undead creatures.

Norfeller held his dagger and dashed towards two Legendary Vampires like a bolt of lightning. He was tackling two enemies, but he managed to hit one of them. Although he was also a Legendary Vampire, Norfeller grew after consuming the blood of wyrms. Not only was he faster, he was far stronger.

The silver dragon that Elder Randy had transformed into already collided with the three Humerus Wyrms forcefully, without any fancy technique and only with brute force. Faced with the attack of the Humerus Wyrms, he did not dodge, but instead seized the time to attack them.

The Legendary archer Gildor constantly stroked the bowstring with his fingers, and he managed to create a continuous series of attacks with his Seven Star Archery Skill. The arrows shot into the Undead creatures and shattered them into pieces. Culofen, who specialized in fire magic, stood beside Gildor, but he did not allow the injury of his right arm to affect his performance. His staff continuously glistened and Fire Rain surged towards the Undead creatures wave after wave.

A melodious song suddenly sounded, and a sharp arrow shot through the air before appearing behind the Undead Army and extinguis.h.i.+ng the soul fire of a Legendary Lich. Princess Elune was not strong, and although the Song of Heart was infinitely powerful, the role it could play was very limited when faced with the Undead Army. However, the weaker Undead creatures became her targets.

The Winged Angel summoned by Cheyenne went against the Legendary Vampires who were also known for their speed. The sounds of collisions could be heard in the air. However, they could not see the Winged Angel and Vampires at all. Cheyenne waved his Dark Moon Staff in the air, and huge tornado raged across the Undead Army, causing the Undead creatures to be drawn into it without resistance, and thus containing them. They were then shredded into pieces.

Staring at the huge waves and the golden skeletons that were surging towards him, Lin Li immediately activated his Light and Darkness Domain. Under the shower of Holy Light, the golden skeletons burst with black fumes, and a few Angels of Light and Dark surged forward. Instead of fighting, they detonated and caused two Legendary golden skeletons to be destroyed and turn into ashes immediately.

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