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Chapter 683 - Rebirth

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Chapter 683: Rebirth

More importantly, Osric entered the Central Tower using the same method as Lin Li and the rest despite being a disciple of the Immortal King. He, too, barged into the Seven-Realm Spiral of the Orderly Maze. He could tell from Osric's note that the latter seemed to be looking for something important, but ended up venting his anger and destroying the Immortal King's laboratory. That was not how a disciple ought to show respect to his teacher.

Lin Li could not guess what Osric was looking for, but it was unlikely that it would be the magical crystal that controlled the Sky Castle. The sixth floor of the Central Tower was completely sealed by the Immortal King using the s.p.a.ce trap, so Osric probably wouldn't have been able to enter, either. However, Osric should have known that the magical crystal was right there. If his goal was the magical crystal, the words he wrote on that note should be his complaints, and not a clue about where the Immortal King had hidden the item.

The experience he had on the sixth floor of the Central Tower made Lin Li vaguely feel like the Immortal King seemed to have some connection with himself. Putting aside the striking resemblance between Lin Li and the Immortal King since it could be a coincidence, Lin Li could not help but wonder why he was the only one who got sent into the fantastical scene, and why the Endless Labyrinth appeared in it. What did the Immortal King mean when he said those words to me after I watched the evolution of Anril?

Lin Li had obtained the magical crystal that controlled the Sky Castle and received plenty of information from it. He wondered, Can I just be narcissistic and fancy that I'm the successor of the Immortal King? Lin Li was filled with doubts and questions, but after he linked them all together, he felt that the absurd answer was not impossible.

Perhaps Osric did know something, and thus was displeased with the Immortal King. After failing to find that important thing, he left the note behind in the Sky Castle to make life hard and create trouble for the successor of the Immortal King. It would only be reasonable for him to do so. Although Lin Li could not be sure, the more he thought about it, the more he felt that Osric was very suspicious.

d.a.m.n it. The world that Lin Li was in before he arrived in Anril was filled with evil characters throughout 1000 years. Why did the perverts of this world plot against others more than 1000 years in advance? Geresco, the Immortal King, and the b.a.s.t.a.r.d Osric are all the same. You're dead anyway, what's the point of plotting against others? Would it make you happier!?

Looking at the condensed black mist in the sky, Lin Li couldn't help but cuss continuously. Be it the Undead creature that was left behind by Osric or any other psychotic creatures, one thing for sure was that the setup was meant for plotting against the person who obtained the magical crystal in the end, or rather the Immortal King's successor.

However, cursing could not help him solve the problem at hand. Lin Li could completely sense the ma.s.sive and daunting power in the condensed black mist. The Undead creature had been gestating in the highest-grade Psychic Array. Even an ordinary Skeletal Warrior would have definitely possessed power that surpa.s.sed that of the Skeletal Lord. If Osric really had been the one behind this, he probably wouldn't have just left a Skeletal Warrior behind.

Only moments pa.s.sed, yet the black mist in the sky had become increasingly obvious, and would soon cover the sun like boiling black ink. Even the endless Nether Storm seemed to have been subdued by the huge force at this moment, and the brilliant light that was conjured up could no longer be seen in the sky.

At this point, there was no longer a need to explain anything. As long as they were not blind, everyone would definitely be able to see the changes in the sky. The terrifying power emanating from the dark mist seemed to be heralding the end of the world. Everyone could not hide the horror that was written all over their faces. Even Elder Randy, who had level-23 power, could not help but feel powerless when faced with that power.

Finally, Lin Li vaguely saw a tall figure in the thick mist, but due to the fact that he did not have enough control over the magical crystal yet, he could not see the figure clearly regardless of how much mental strength he infused the crystal with. However, the terrifying and unrivaled power that filled the entire Sky Castle could be felt clearly without any special techniques.

“That… That is Osric!”

All of a sudden, Lin Li's mind was filled with Connoris' cry of horror.

Lin Li suddenly froze, and his heart almost stopped beating at this moment. He asked in disbelief, “Are you sure? How can that be? Shouldn't Osric be in his mausoleum? How could he possibly be here, transformed into an Undead creature!?”

After finding out that his days were numbered, Lord Osric channeled all of his energy into the construction of his tomb. That was what Connoris told Lin Li, as well as one of the most common speculations about Osric in Anril. Besides, the Alanna Guild of Magic and the Adventurers Guild also verified that after discovering Osric's mausoleum.

However, now that he was facing the Undead creature gestating in the sky, Connoris actually yelled Osric's name. Lin Li obviously couldn't take it. Osric had built his mausoleum precisely for the sake of giving himself a place to rest in peace. If he were to turn into an Undead creature, what was the point of putting in so much effort into creating his own mausoleum?

Back then, Lord Osric was full of vigor, and was ambitious enough to build a Sky Castle. Even though he inevitably feared death in his later years, he would never stoop so low as to turn himself into an Undead creature.

After letting out a cry, Connoris heard Lin Li's question, and was somewhat uncertain. “I know, this is a little weird, but that figure really reminds me of Osric.”

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Connoris' indefinite answer did not dispel Lin Li's doubts. Instead, he was more worried. Connoris had been sealed in the hammer by Osric and placed in the Eternal Furnace. It was almost impossible for him to see any other High Elven powerhouse apart from Osric. Besides, Connoris and Osric had interacted with each other for countless years, and thus he knew Osric better than most people. Hence, the possibility of recognizing the wrong person was rather small.

“No matter what, escaping death should be something worth celebrating, shouldn't it? However, I felt that he seemed to be a little worried sometimes. It seemed he was fretting over something. I don't know what it was, though. He refused to tell me, and I couldn't ask, either,” Connoris said helplessly.

Although Connoris did not explicitly point out anything, the various hints would verify a terrifying conjecture when put together.

However, at this moment, Lin Li no longer had the time to think about whether or not the Undead creature was Osric and why it had appeared in the Sky Castle.

As the shadows gradually condensed, a ma.s.sive amount of death aura filled the entire Sky Castle, turning the sacred place that once represented the glorious High Elves into a completely silent region. The death aura was even more suffocating and daunting than the one in the Undead world in the Seven-Realm Spiral. It made all of them feel infinite despair.

It was definitely a terrifying existence that surpa.s.sed the Undead Lords. Those who had experienced the Seven-Realm Spiral clearly remembered the terrifying and austere atmosphere that was present when the three Undead Lords appeared. However, the three of them now seemed simply too inferior compared to this creature.

Staring at the figure that was gradually condensing, none of them communicated with each other, but they raised their weapons at the same time. The gems of the staffs radiated bright rays of lights, and the ma.s.sive mana condensed before blasting towards the dark mist in the sky. With the sounds of a bowstring being pulled and released, the sharp arrows that glowed with magic light seemed to dart into the black mist like meteors. Even the prideful unicorn began to shoot out some sacred light from its spiral horn.

Instantly, the sounds of explosion filled the air and the black mist in the sky was blown away before condensing again. Later on, it was again burst open and rolled amidst the clouds like tidal waves. Everyone almost put in all of their power and displayed their strongest techniques in hopes of destroying or killing the Undead creature before it was fully awakened.

However, when the roar subsided, the magic light faded, and the scene in the sky once again caught everyone's eyes. They were all dumbfounded. The rolling black mist was still as thick as ever, and the figure gestating in it was extremely solid. It was as if the attacks never happened.

“What exactly is that!?!” Staring at the figure in the sky, even Elder Randy could not control himself or stop his body from quaking. He reckoned that even the Green Dragon King that had brought everyone despair might not be able to withstand the crazy attacks just now. However, the figure was not only unharmed, it didn't seem to slow down at all.

“No matter what, even without the protection of the dark mist, that guy is very likely to reach level-24. Once he awakens, I'm afraid…” Cheyenne gripped the staff tightly in his hand, and horror was written all over his face.

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