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Chapter 679 - The Vast Sea

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Chapter 679: The Vast Sea

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Time pa.s.sed quickly, and thousands of years pa.s.sed in the blink of an eye. Lin Li witnessed the intense wars between the t.i.tans and the Wyrms that took place one after another. He then witnessed the world of Anril being torn apart by their incredible power. He even witnessed with his own eyes the extinction of the prehistoric magical beasts and the growth of the Tree of Eternity. He witnessed how the High Elves, who used to be underdogs, slowly made their way to the top to become the domineering dictator of Anril. They announced the end of the prehistoric times and the beginning of the Dark Age.

Lin Li watched as Anril entered the Dark Age, ruled by the High Elves. The elegant yet brutal High Elves exerted dominance over various races through ruthless means, suppressing and stopping them from retaliating again and again. The magic tides surrounded the Tree of Eternity and enveloped the entire Supreme Throne. The seven huge Sky Castles slowly rose in the air while the High Elves wors.h.i.+ped it. However, the rebellion forces then destroyed the Sky Castles and caused them to fall onto the ground one by one.

In the end, when the shadow of Geresco, the G.o.d of Mages, appeared on the Tree of Eternity and faced the High Elven Queen, everything came to a halt. However, the shock within Lin Li did not vanish.

When Lin Li heard a noise, he suddenly recovered from the shock and turned to look at the Immortal King's shadow, which had appeared again out of nowhere.

“Now, you've seen what I have,” the Immortal King's shadow said in a low voice.

“You actually…” Lin Li felt a strong urge to clear all his doubts, but before he could even speak, the Immortal King's shadow had already gradually faded. As it disappeared, everything around Lin Li vanished like a bubble that just burst.

When everything disappeared, Lin Li discovered that he had already returned to reality, but he was still on the sixth floor of the central tower. However, he was at the other end of the corridor that contained deadly dangers. He could clearly see Elder Randy and Cheyenne appearing dumbfounded while standing at a spot that was not too far away from him. There was a corridor that was not too long in between them, but the s.p.a.ce trap in the corridor made the distance seem like an uncrossable path.

“Isn't that Mage Felic? How did he get there!?” Both Cheyenne and Elder Randy had also discovered Lin Li who was looking in their direction.

After Lin Li disappeared just now, Elder Randy and Cheyenne both tried to use their mental strength to stimulate and activate the oil lamp. However, to their disappointment, regardless of how much mental strength they infused into the lamp, it did not give any reaction, as if it could only be used once. Of course, they still had no idea how lucky they were. If the Immortal King's shadow were to really bring them to that world, none of them would be able to leave the Endless Labyrinth.

However, now that they were facing the s.p.a.ce traps in the corridor and staring at Lin Li who was on the other end of the corridor, Elder Randy and Cheyenne could no longer stay calm. Based on the powerful and unsolvable s.p.a.ce trap in the corridor, no one would be able to imagine the huge benefits at the other end of it.

Since no one could obtain it, there was nothing else to say and they could only feel regretful. However, Lin Li who was right in front of them, seemed to have been granted the great opportunity without expending any effort at all. Cheyenne and Elder Randy could not help but stomp their feet in displeasure, with no regard for their poise.

Cheyenne, in particular, was overwhelmed with regret. He regretted telling the rest about the oil lamp when he found out long ago that it was probably the key. Without a doubt, Lin Li, the young mage, probably got sent to that place by the Immortal King. Had Cheyenne chosen to activate the oil lamp first, he would probably have been the one standing at the other end of the corridor.

Elder Randy looked at Lin Li, who was on the other end of the corridor, while softly speaking to Cheyenne, “Mage Cheyenne, did you notice that there seem to be some changes in Mage Felic's body?”

Upon hearing Elder Randy's words, Cheyenne suppressed the regret within him, frowned slightly, and carefully looked at Lin Li. All of a sudden, shock was written all over his face, and he could not hide the horror he felt at all. He turned to look at Elder Randy in disbelief, and said, “Do you mean… his power?! That can't be. Maybe… it's the cracks in s.p.a.ce that have affected our detection of mana fluctuations.”

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“If you could detect it too, it should be correct. He's at the peak of level-22, just one step away from level-23, I'm afraid,” said Elder Randy, who looked like he was in disbelief too. However, if even Cheyenne, who was a Legendary-mage, also felt the same as he, the likelihood of there being a mistake would be rather low.

Seeing Lin Li's figure disappearing at the end of the corridor, Elder Randy and Cheyenne looked at each other quietly. However, they had already cussed their hearts out at Lin Li deep down in their minds. They thought, F***, they can't even be fair. It's no wonder that the High Elves would be destroyed! All of us braved all odds and overcame plenty of barriers to get here, yet why is Felic the only one who was granted access!? Is it just because he looks like the Immortal King? Even if he resembles you greatly, he can't be your illegitimate son, can he!?

“Is it really only because of their uncanny resemblance?” Cheyenne asked Elder Randy helplessly while turning to look at him.

“Maybe… or perhaps that kid is just really lucky. Whatever's hidden there will belong to him.” Elder Randy sighed. No matter how displeased he was, he still had no choice but to smile wryly at the daunting corridor.

In that case, he shouldn't expect Lin Li to share the loot. When he and the others were in the laboratory on the fifth floor, they obtained the Magic Tides and the Tower of Death that were far more valuable than alchemy puppets. Back then, they did not think of sharing with Lin Li at all. Hence, everyone decided tacitly that they would keep whatever they found, and there was no reason for him to change that at all.

Although the central tower was the tallest one in the Sky Castle, the Sky Castle was only divided into six floors. The sixth floor, which Lin Li was on now, was actually the last floor of the central tower. Lin Li quickly walked towards the entrance and gently reached out to push the two doors that had extravagant patterns. He then strode in without hesitation.

However, just after Lin Li entered the hall, he suddenly froze and stood rooted to the ground, keeping his eyes glued to the middle of the hall.

The entire hall was empty, with no extra decoration in sight. However, there was a huge magical crystal suspended in midair, far bigger than any Lin Li had ever seen. The ma.s.sive mana waves made his heart skip a beat, and Lin Li could fully feel that the mana contained in this magical crystal was far greater and scarier than any magical crystal's that he had ever seen. He reckoned that even a magical crystal of the Sanctuary-realm would be insignificant compared to this one.

Despite Lin Li's broad knowledge, he could not imagine what kind of magical beast would produce such a huge magical crystal. Lin Li even thought of the ancient wyrms and the five Dragon Aspects that ruled over the ancient wyrms. Could this be a magical crystal from a Dragon Aspect? However, the only magic crystal from a Dragon Aspect he'd seen was the one from the Dragon of Destruction. That magical crystal was rather small, and seemed just like an ugly stone. In fact, its mana was greatly restrained too. It seemed to be miserly with releasing mana. Lin Li even had to use the magical crystal of the Dragon of Destruction to breed a new Dragon Aspect. Hence, he could not compare the two.

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