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Chapter 675 - Nothingness

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Chapter 675: Nothingness

Although the Stars of Fury that was condensed with magic only required Legendary-level mana, the attributes of the Laws contained in it could fully exert the power of Stars of Fury. Besides, the most powerful Thunderbolt was paired with the Stars of Fury. Such a combination could be considered lethal for almost all below the Legendary level. Lansdale was a good example. Even a powerhouse of the Sanctuary-realm could not endure for long under such attacks.

Lin Li was able to break through the last realm all thanks to the three pieces of the debris of the stars he had. Otherwise, he would have inevitably been defeated by Thunderbolt, just like Lansdale.

There were all sorts of speculations and theories about Osric's power and abilities. However, Lin Li, who understood the power of Thunderbolt, knew that even though the disciple of the Immortal King had Sanctuary-level power, he could not rival the Stars of Fury combined with Thunderbolt. Perhaps he could safely retreat, but he'd have to pay a huge price to break through the last realm.

However, the message left behind in the laboratory showed that Osric had really barged in there. If his strength had not reached the level of the Immortal King's, he wouldn't have anything to rely on. The biggest possibility was that Osric had at least one piece of the debris of the stars.

There were a total of seven pieces of the debris of the stars, and Lin Li already had four of them, namely Holy Light, Gloomy Dark, Rebirth, and Thunderbolt. Holy Light came from the catacombs of Norfeller's former master; the High Elf who was said to be Osric's younger brother and had turned into a Lich died because of Holy Light. Since the unlucky High Elf Lich hadn't known of the existence of Holy Light at first, Osric probably wouldn't have been able to use Holy Light.

Gloomy Dark came from the Scar of Death, which was also the altar of the Immortal King that was guarded by a High Elf Lich. If Osric had ever owned Gloomy Dark, it was unlikely that he would have left it there.

Lin Li did not know where Rebirth originally came from, and simply paid a huge amount of gold coins to obtain it. However, it was rather easy to acquire it. Of course, he also ended up getting into a battle with the Elven Mage Vidas because of it. However, in terms of power, Rebirth was not suitable for retaliating against Thunderbolt. Instead, it was better for the manipulation of vitality.

Thunderbolt was undoubtedly powerful. If it weren't for the fact that Lin Li already had had three pieces of the debris of the stars, he probably would have already been killed by Thunderbolt's attack in the last realm of the Seven-Realm Spiral.

In the underground palace of the Dragon Mountains, there was already a Natural Magical Domain with Raging Flames and Polar Snow. Osric probably knew about those two, and the underground palace might very well have been built because of them. However, Lin Li was sure that Osric had never touched either one of them, because the Natural Magical Domain would have collapsed long ago had he actually done so.

Six out of the seven pieces of the debris of the stars had already appeared, leaving just one left for Lin Li to find. The last one's location, however, was unknown. Lin Li guessed that Osric's piece of the debris of the stars could very likely be Nothingness, which was combined with Chaos Laws.

Although the seven pieces of the debris of the stars could be considered comparable in terms of power, they exerted different powers because of the different nomological powers. The most powerful one was Thunderbolt, while the weakest was the contradicting pair, Holy Light and Gloomy Dark.

The most mysterious and unpredictable one was undoubtedly the piece of the debris of the stars containing the Laws of Chaos, Nothingness. Even though Lin Li had once owned all seven pieces of the debris of the stars, and had a perfect mastery of the Stars of Fury, he barely knew anything about Nothingness. In fact, Lin Li felt that he was just clueless about it.

Although he'd once owned all seven pieces of the debris of the stars, Lin Li had only used Nothingness once because the unknown and mysterious power within it made Lin Li too afraid to even use it. He had no idea what would happen if he were to use it. Besides, the only time he used it was when he faced the Dragon of Destruction. The memory of that was still fresh in his head.

Under the urging of the Stars of Fury, the power exerted by Nothingness was not as unstoppable as Thunderbolt, nor as violent as Raging Flames. However, the seemingly calm power was the very same one that was earth-splitting and gave the Dragon of Destruction a heavy blow. The force that could scare even the Dragon of Destruction was incredible to Lin Li.

If he guessed correctly, Osric really did control Nothingness; hence, even without the Stars of Fury, he would still be able to break through the Seven-Realm Spiral with ease using his Sanctuary-realm power. Perhaps that was the reason Osric had not taken away Thunderbolt.

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Honestly, Lin Li felt rather impatient when he thought of the power that Nothingness had once shown. He secretly decided in his heart that he would definitely make a trip to Alanna after returning home in order to fulfill the agreement with Aldwin. He would also explore the Highlord's mausoleum as soon as possible. Given his ident.i.ty and strength, Lin Li believed that he would definitely have the right to negotiate with them. He felt that he was not a small fry that could be ignored easily.

However, it was not an easy task to enter Osric's mausoleum to obtain Nothingness. Lin Li had always thought that Osric being a disciple of the Immortal King was just a legend, and he even thought at some point that the Immortal King had at most given Osric some tips and pointers. However, there was now clear evidence to prove otherwise; hence, Osric's mausoleum might be more complicated than this Sky Castle.

Indeed, there were various indications that Osric's mausoleum was very likely to be a threat full of fatal dangers. Hence, Lin Li decided that he had to first study it carefully so as not to accidentally fall into a trap. Lin Like didn't want to fail in obtaining Nothingness because of his own negligence and even ended up losing his life.

Seeing that he could not obtain any valuable information from Connoris, Lin Li decided to temporarily put this aside in order to avoid arousing the suspicion of Elder Randy. He quickly left the Immortal King's laboratory.

Lin Li thought that Elder Randy and Cheyenne would have entered the sixth floor by now and begun searching impatiently. However, when he arrived at the sixth floor of the tower, he saw that Cheyenne and Elder Randy were waiting for him and had not entered first.

That really surprised Lin Li. Although everyone had some kind of tacit understanding before, he didn't think that they would be willing to wait for him there, especially since each of them represented their own forces. When interests were concerned, there seemed to be no need to save any face for others.

However, when he got closer, Lin Li discovered that the people waiting in front of the door of the sixth floor did not seem annoyed or impatient because of waiting, but rather all looked sad and worried.

“Elder Randy, Master Cheyenne, sorry to have made you guys wait,” Lin Li said smilingly, but he did not mention anything about Osric's note.

[1] It's a vague part, it could've referred to his level as a Hunter before the novel started.

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