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Chapter 672 - Tower of Death

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Chapter 672: Tower of Death

The Alchemy Array Magic Tides was established under the Tree of Eternity. The High Elves used more resources and manpower in the construction of the array as compared to the Sky Castles. The Alchemy Array was effective in a radius of 1000 miles, almost covering the entire Hlidskjalf.

To many people, this was just one of the many legends about the High Elves, yet Elder Randy knew very well that that was no fiction. Only the royals and n.o.bles during the rule of the High Elves had the right to enter the Hlidskjalf to enjoy the rays of the Magic Tides. Although the elven race had a lowly status then, they had Hollisas Dalisma, the Helios, who had been personally appointed by the queen.

Helios Hollisas obtained the right to enter the Hlidskjalf and experienced the rays of the Magic Tides for himself. The Magic Tides blessed him with the powers of the Tree of Eternity. He acquired a formidable ability as well as a source of mana that was almost eternal.

The Magic Tides needed the Tree of Eternity. Now that the Tree of Eternity had fallen, the elves were left with the Sierra Leone Forest. If they could build a Magic Tides Array that could cover the whole of Sierra Leone Forest, the Elven Kingdom would become an impregnable fortress.

The thought that the declining kingdom of the elves would rise again due to the Magic Tides made Elder Randy incredibly excited. He was not alone. The other elves shared the same glitter in their eyes. Some of them even had tears welled up in their eyes. It was time to end the suffering of the elven race.

Lin Li shook his head. “Congrats, both of you have found such important information. It seems that I have to continue searching for mine…” he said to Elder Randy disappointedly.

With that, he brought his Undead followers off to continue their search in the laboratory. His backview seemed melancholic to the elves.

Lin Li's words reminded Cheyenne of the task at hand. He woke up from being envious of the elves' good luck and went back to the box of trash. Somehow, he could feel that there was something wrong with Lin Li, but he could not put his finger on it.

Cheyenne pushed the doubt to the back of his mind very quickly and devoted all of his attention to rummaging through the trash. The laboratory was extremely huge. If the elves could find such an important diary in that place, it could not be that this laboratory had no other valuable item left!

It was as though Lady Luck had heard Cheyenne's prayers. When he kicked a pile of trash away, he saw a scroll-like object lying on top of it. Cheyenne picked it up and prayed really hard as he unrolled the scroll slowly…

Tower of Death!

Cheyenne nearly dropped the scroll when he saw the first few words on it. As the scroll unrolled, it revealed a blueprint of the Tower of Death.

The Tower of Death was as infamous as the Sierra Leone Forest where people had been sent into exile. The Tower of Death had been a trendy game during the reign of the High Elves, yet to the races living under their rule, the tower was a symbol of the brutality of the High Elves.

The royals of the High Elves loved to banish beings of different races into the Tower of Death. Entering the tower was akin to entering a world of battles and bloodshed. People who entered the tower would know that there were numerous magical beasts on every single level of the tower. They could only kill all the beasts on the same level as them before they could progress to higher levels. The higher they progressed, the more the beasts they had to deal with grew in power. Yet, no living being knew how many levels the Tower of Death had.

There were different theories about where the countless magical beasts in the Tower of Death came from. Despite not being well-versed in alchemy, Cheyenne could recognize an array that resembled the Teleportation Portal when he opened the scroll.

The Teleportation Portal was a rather powerful item among Alchemy Arrays. The portal used by the tower, however, was a hundred and a thousand times more complicated than usual Teleportation Portals. Cheyenne felt the stress when he looked at the blueprint. He really could not fathom how the High Elves had managed to invent such a thing. Cheyenne only knew that the Teleportation Portal involved profound intricacies of time and s.p.a.ce. It was a domain for the divines.

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This Teleportation Portal was the reason why countless magical beasts could be transported into the tower from their respective dimensions. These magical beasts could not leave the range of the Tower of Death. Being real creatures, they would be hurt and die in pain with the people who were trapped in the tower.

Cheyenne thought about the numerous benefits the Tower of Death could bring to the Malfa Family as he read the contents on the scroll. The blueprint of the tower was incredibly well-kept, and there were extremely detailed steps regarding the construction of the tower. This was much better than the torn and tattered journal found by the elves.

What surprised Cheyenne was the presence of the rare materials to construct the Tower of Death in the laboratory. Although the inventory of the laboratory had been visibly ransacked by the people before them, the materials needed to build the tower were fortunately discarded on the ground like garbage.

Elder Randy was feeling very bitter after seeing Cheyenne acquiring both the blueprint and the resources. He was just glad that the Magic Tides was worth more than the Tower of Death.

At the same time, a booming sound reverberated in the laboratory and attracted everyone's attention. It was an explosion. Lin Li had just used a spell to bomb a metal cabinet. Shocking magical waves could be felt as the cabinet opened.

Apart from the Magical Thousand-contraption Lock, there was no magical other lock that would pose a problem to Lin Li. Unfortunately, the metal cabinet he had found had already been badly deformed due to an impact. Knowing how to open the magical lock would not help him.

The mana that came out from the metal cabinet attracted everybody's attention. Yet, all of them sighed in relief after catching a glimpse of the contents in the cabinet. They were also a little sympathetic towards Lin Li.

There were 20 alchemy puppets. They were metallic shadow just like the two alchemy puppets Lin Li had obtained previously. The only difference was that these 20 alchemy puppets were worse off. They were only close to the Legendary-level.

Although Elder Randy and Cheyenne did not have much understanding of alchemy puppets, they could tell their ability from the magical waves emitted. None of the elites from the elves and the Malfa Family showed interest in the alchemy puppets. They knew very well that as compared to the Magic Tides and the Tower of Death, the 20 alchemy puppets that were barely of the Legendary-level were nothing.

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