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Zhuang Bifan

Chapter 671 - Magic Tides

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Chapter 671: Magic Tides

Is that it? No one could believe their eyes at all. The enemies who drove all of them into a corner actually got defeated by an incomplete Soul-devouring Domain. They still did not know what alchemy puppets were, but even if they did, they probably wouldn't believe that such a powerful enemy would end up being destroyed by a Soul-devouring Domain.

Just like how water could extinguish flames and light could dispel darkness, even an incomplete Soul-devouring Domain would render the souls helpless by launching attacks that they could not retaliate against.

Watching the two alchemy puppets fall, Lin Li did not seem too overjoyed, and instead frowned slightly. Although he successfully released the Soul-devouring Domain, his mastery and control of the Soul-devouring Domain was not as complete as that of the Magical Domain that he had created. Hence, he could not quite figure out the fate of the two sealed souls, nor did he know if they would be destroyed or devoured.

The Soul-devouring Domain gradually dissipated, and the black-and-white world slowly returned to normal. Although everyone saw the confusion in Lin Li's eyes, that did not affect their eagerness and enthusiasm for searching for treasures. Everyone simply gave Lin Li credit out of courtesy and walked straight into the laboratory without any delay.

It seemed that neither Elder Randy nor Cheyenne had any interest in the defeated enemies. Although they had had firsthand experience with the enemies' ruthless ways and knew how terrifying the latter were, the enemies were now useless because they had already died. They were in the laboratory of the Immortal King where there were definitely stronger and greater things for them to collect. Whoever grabbed the items first would get to keep them. Hence, who would be willing to waste a minute on the useless remains?

Watching everyone rush straight to the laboratory and disappear soon after, Lin Li touched his chin, and slowly walked towards the two alchemy puppets, which he then began observing carefully. He could tell at first glance that the two alchemy puppets had similar qualities with actual shadows. Even if there was no manipulation by souls, there seemed to be some shrinking and twisting of their bodies, and they would form just a thin layer on the ground.

In fact, one would be able to tell with a closer glance that the two alchemy puppets were still moving, but that was only some movements driven by the alchemy core. Lin Li squinted and a light flashed in his eyes. He had already gotten a clear idea about the material that const.i.tuted the body of the alchemy puppets.

“Turns out it's the Shadow Iron. It really is a masterpiece of the Immortal King!” Lin Li, who had a deep, Guru-level understanding of all types of magical metals, naturally was no stranger to a rare magical metal like Shadow Iron.

Although the Shadow Iron that was said to be produced in the Garso Hills of the Dwarf Kingdom had a clear origin, only a tiny amount was produced. Otherwise, it wouldn't have been deemed as rare. The most remarkable characteristic of Shadow Iron was its soft yet durable texture. It was malleable even for ordinary people, but it wouldn't break even if it was stretched to an extent of being thinner than hair.

As a rare magical metal, the Shadow Iron possessed an extremely destructive magical attribute, especially when it was used to build magical weapons. Magical weapons made of Shadow Iron could break almost any magic s.h.i.+eld, and were definitely the ultimate weapons in the mind of every

Lin Li did not feel amazed simply because of the rare magical metal, Shadow Iron, but mostly because of the alchemical proficiency of the Immortal King. Creating alchemy puppets was already a top technique in alchemy, and shaping Shadow Iron at will to create the alchemy puppets was even more difficult.

The alchemy puppet on the ground was continuously shrinking. Although it originally appeared to be the size of a normal person, Lin Li knew that only a small piece of Shadow Iron was used to make the alchemy puppets. The characteristic of the Shadow Iron was the very reason a shadow was formed with the movement of the Alchemy core.

Soon, the body of the alchemy puppet shrunk into a clump, and was no longer just a thin layer of shadow. No one could imagine that the clump could be such a horrifying shadow Lin Li leaned over to pick up the alchemy puppets that had been transformed into clumps. In fact, what really piqued his interest was the alchemy cores within the Shadow Iron.

It was the pinnacle masterpiece of a Guru. If anyone else were to take it, they might not even be able to reactivate the alchemy puppets. However, Lin Li would be able to advance the alchemy puppets to a higher level, and might even replicate the same alchemy puppet. Of course, be it activate or replicate, he definitely needed a strong soul to do it. Hence, Lin Li would have to come up with another solution.

After stowing the alchemy puppets into the Ring of Endless Storm, Lin Li took the two Undead servants to the laboratory. As soon as they pa.s.sed through the gate, they were greeted with the sight of Elder Randy and Cheyenne who were standing rooted to the ground with a glum and melancholic expression on their faces.

They searched the laboratory before I did, so why do they have such expressions? Lin Li thought as he looked around, and immediately felt surprised. It was no wonder that Elder Randy and Cheyenne would feel so upset—there was nothing to grab in the laboratory.

It was not that the Immortal King's laboratory was shabby, but rather that it seemed to have gone through a huge disaster. All the equipment used in alchemy or for other purposes had been brutally destroyed. There was also no need to look for any so-called valuable treasures, because they could all sense that there was no longer anything that had amazing mana waves in the room.

The magic furnace had collapsed, and the laboratory bench had been broken, with various crystal fragments glistening here and there on the ground. Clearly, someone had already arrived before them and taken away all of the valuable items. They even seemed to have struck the entire laboratory with a Magic Storm.

Staring at the surroundings which looked like ruins, Lin Li began gritting his teeth while cussing in his head. Which b.a.s.t.a.r.d came here? Forget it if he moved the d.a.m.ned things away, but why did he have to destroy the equipment in the laboratory? He didn't leave a single thing intact at all.

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Apart from the fact that he wanted to acquire the two alchemy puppets, another reason Lin Li didn't rush to the laboratory together with everyone was because he knew that it belonged to the Immortal King. To Lin Li, what could be more useful than the experimental equipment used by the Immortal King? However, everything was ruined now, and there was nothing left for him to use. He thought, That d.a.m.ned jerk was really ruthless.

In Anril, the first thing that would come to everyone's mind when 'magic tides' were mentioned would be the natural phenomenon that allowed humanity to continue the prosperity of magic civilization after the end of the Dark Age. In particular, the first magic tide allowed plenty of mages to immediately break through the world that they were originally in and allow the number of Archmages to reach a historical high. At that time, many people even claimed that the magic tide was a blessing bestowed on the humans by the G.o.ds, a reward for the overthrowing of the High Elves.

However, people then learned that the magic tide that happened once every 400 years had brought to humans a huge disaster that was detrimental and outweighed the benefits. The terrible Black Current that accompanied the magic tides caused countless people to be devoured by crazy magical beasts. Even the Darkness Shrine that had once forced the Brilliance Shrine into a corner also declined due to the attack of Black Current. The current Pope of the Brilliance Shrine had also gotten injured by the viper's poison during the Black Current, and suffered the detrimental effects of it for hundreds of years.

Lin Li knew that the 400-year-long period was ending, and a new magic tide was brewing. According to Geresco's calculations, the impending magic tide this time would probably be stronger than the three preceding ones. If there was no way to deal with it, Anril might really be struck with disaster this time.

Lin Li did not forget that he did not take the three relics of Geresco for nothing. He could only protect himself and the ones he wanted to protect during the world-ending disaster by reaching the Sanctuary-realm within two or three years. Protecting Anril would just be something he could do at the same time…

However, the real magic tide was not a natural phenomenon that only occurred once every 400 years. The term “magic tide” was not created by humans, but borrowed from the High Elves. The real magic tides were the Magic Tide Array that was described in the journal that was obtained by the elves.

At this moment, even Elder Randy couldn't restrain the excitement in his heart, and his joy and pride were written all over his face. Yes, even the Seven Sages of the elves and the elven queen would not be able to remain calm before the Magic Tide Array.

Cheyenne was similarly anxious, riled up, envious, jealous, and annoyed. In short, he had a sullen expression on his face. Although they had not experienced the Dark Age, and did not know much about Magic Tide Array, anyone would still be able to tell from the name of the phenomenon just how destructive the Magic Tide Array would be.

However, while struggling, Cheyenne still shot Lin Li a strange glance. If he remembered correctly, it seemed that the journal that they found was on the route that Lin Li had scoured, yet the latter missed it. Cheyenne felt that he would have felt like dying if he were Lin Li now. His expression seemed too calm.

However, Cheyenne again thought about Lin Li's age, and reckoned that the latter seemed to be in his early twenties, which meant he was younger than his grandson Hutton. He thought, But that's not too bad, either. Since he didn't know, he wouldn't have to feel as conflicted and regretful as I do now. After all, it's the Magic Tide Array, a peak Alchemy Array that only appeared once in the long history of Anril.

It only happened once, and there was probably no one present who knew it better than Elder Randy did. Although the High Elves were already at the end of their reign when Elder Randy reached the Legendary-realm, he had heard plenty of stories about the magic tides from the elven elders.

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