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Chapter 670 - Replicating The Soul-devouring Domain

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Chapter 670: Replicating The Soul-devouring Domain

However, Lin Li was different.

He initially had ma.s.sive mental strength that exceeded that of ordinary people, coupled with the ever-increasing-it quality of the ring of the Evil Eye Tyrant that made Lin Li's mental strength reach the Sanctuary-realm. Otherwise, Lin Li wouldn't have been able to retaliate against the power that was greater than the Sanctuary-realm when he was in the last realm of the Seven-Realm Spiral.

The ma.s.sive mental strength that was comparable to the Sanctuary-realm powerhouse's, coupled with Geresco's techniques that were recorded in the Book of Eternity, gave Lin Li the chance to explore and observe the mysteries of the Laws in the Seven-Realm Spiral. The gluttony of the Elemental Wyrm Xiao Hua casually gave Lin Li a huge helping hand, causing the Domain that was no longer supported by mana to lose its attacking ability. Hence, it could only allow Lin Li to observe it brazenly.

Of course, the Seven-Realm Spiral was still created based on the Laws of others, and Lin Li could only gain more inspiration and a deeper understanding of the Laws. Lin Li had to continuously digest the new information and gain a better understanding and mastery of his own nomological power through these inspirations rather than immediately advance a few levels to become a powerhouse of the Sanctuary-realm.

Although they had only stepped into the Seven-Realm Spiral not too long ago, Lin Li had already gotten a greater understanding of Laws within a short period of time.

In the beginning, when Lin Li had obtained Holy Light and Darkness, he had still had to rely on his Frost Domain as the foundation to display the two conflicting forces at the same time. After Legendary-level battles, Lin Li got a clearer idea of the Light and Darkness Laws, especially after the battle with the elven Legendary-mage, Vidas. He then stopped relying on laws of ice, and exhibited his Light and Darkness Domain.

However, even at that level, Lin Li was still using pure Light and Darkness nomological power. It wasn't until he entered the Seven-Realm Spiral that he could truly fuse the two conflicting Laws together through studying various Laws in the ultimate Magical Domain.

That was also the reason Lin Li could combine the power of the Light and Darkness Laws to create the Light and Darkness Sword and use the immense power within it to brutally break Stephen's Soul-devouring Domain.

At this moment, after Lin Li opened the Light and Darkness Domain, he did not target and attack the enemies that were appearing every now and then. Instead, he began to condense his Light and Darkness Sword again under the Angels of Light and Dark.

In the Light and Darkness Domain, the huge rays of black and white light that contained plenty of mana continuously shot into the air. Lin Li raised the Helios' Scepter high up in the sky, and a Light and Darkness Sword began to form gradually while emitting strong waves of mana. If it weren't for the fact that every layer of the tower was extremely tall and vast, the Light and Darkness Sword would probably pierce through the ceiling.

Seeing this familiar scene, the people around them could not understand what Lin Li was trying to do. They wondered, Surely this young mage isn't preparing to use the Light and Darkness Sword again to shred the two enemies into bits like how he tore apart Stephen's Soul-devouring Domain?

Although everyone already knew from Lin Li's battle with Stephen that Light and Darkness Sword possessed immense power, no one had ever seen a battle between Legendary-mages end within seconds prior to that one. Even Elder Randy had no choice but to admit that he might not be able to bear the damage caused by the Light and Darkness Sword even if he were to turn into a silver dragon.

However, Stephen's Soul-devouring Domain was still, and did not run around like the elusive shadows. Even if the two enemies were surrounded by Lin Li's Magical Domain, they were still moving, and catching them would be terribly difficult.

They wondered, In other words, this Mage Felic wants to create a huge explosion to eliminate the two enemies that are hard to deal with. However, the two enemies seemed to be much stronger than the Legendary Bandit Lansdale. Besides, they were so terrifyingly quick that they probably wouldn't be affected by the mana explosion.

No matter how many people were in doubt, the Light and Darkness Sword had already been condensed by the time Lin Li raised the Helios' Scepter into the air. After a while, the Light and Darkness Sword finally reached the point of being as powerful as it was when Stephen's Soul-devouring Domain was destroyed.

However, when the Light and Darkness Sword was waiting to attack, Lin Li did not look toward the target, and instead kept his eyes fixed at the front. He pursed his lips slightly and seemed to have some feelings in his eyes.

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“Mage Felice, pay attention to your left and right, the two enemies are already charging towards you,” Princess Elune suddenly said in her usual cold voice, sounding a little worried yet hopeful. Although no one knew what Lin Li was going to do, they all hoped that he could create another miracle in this situation.

Could it be that the young Mage Felic had already understood all the Laws of the Soul-devouring Domain during that battle, and even created a new Soul-devouring Domain? However, that'd be impossible, because even deities wouldn't be able to master a new Law and create a new Magical Domain within such a short period of time.

Even Lin Li himself was filled with doubts. Although he could already fuse the two nomological powers of Light and Darkness, the fusion brought about various unexpected changes apart from giving him greater power.

Light and Darkness were two conflicting forces in the first place. When they were fully fused, they would no longer be just Light and Darkness. Instead, they formed an existence that could not be fathomed even by Lin Li. He still had to slowly find out what kind of features and Law it belonged to. What he knew at present was that when he destroyed Stephen's Soul-devouring Domain, the power seemed to be able to devour some of the regular characteristics of the Soul-devouring Domain.

Although Lin Li did not have much knowledge on nor researched the Soul-devouring Domain, he thought of releasing the Laws of the Soul-devouring Domain after deducing that the enemies were alchemy puppets. Although the Laws that were completely different were not enough for creating a complete Soul-devouring Domain, he reckoned that a reduced version of the Soul-devouring Domain should be able to deal with the two alchemy puppets.

Since the Laws in the Soul-devouring Domain were not fathomed and mastered by Lin Li himself, it would naturally be impossible for him to apply them at will. Hence, in order to successfully replicate the Soul-devouring Domain, he had no choice but to redo everything. If anyone paid attention, they would discover that the Light and Darkness Sword he had just condensed was not any different from before, be it in terms of strength or whatever.

Indeed, everything turned out to be like what Lin Li had expected. With the disintegration of the Light and Darkness Sword, the Laws from the Soul-devouring Domain appeared, and formed an incomplete and reduced version of the Soul-devouring Domain.

In the world where only black and white existed, the small light blue swirl of Soul-devouring Domain was particularly eye-catching. Without the horrendous wails of the countless Vengeful Spirits and storm, it was probably what the prototype of the Soul-devouring Domain originally created by the Lord of Souls, Mephistos, looked like.

This Soul-devouring Domain might not be a threat to others at all, but it would be extremely deadly to the soul sealed in the alchemy puppets, just like Holy Light to the Undead creatures.

The two alchemy puppets that were darting towards Lin Li suddenly appeared out of nothingness and began twitching unsteadily, though they seemed to be unable to move any further as if they were rooted to the ground. Next, everyone watched as the two shadow-like alchemy puppets emitted a burst of blue light from each of their bodies and eventually fell to the ground as the light dissipated.

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