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Chapter 658 - Three Arrows

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Chapter 658: Three Arrows

Gloomy Dark that had become an arrow darted out immediately after Holy Light, exploding with Darkness and Destruction Aura that was strong enough to consume the world. The magic that had just simmered in the air was engulfed by the power of Darkness and Destruction before it could even be fully released.

The Aura of Darkness and Destruction brought fear and despair to the people. However, when they felt the power of the arrow, they were suddenly filled with infinite hope.

No one expected Lin Li to actually have the strength to shoot the second arrow that was as strong as the first after launching the first attack. Everyone dared not speculate about or imagine Lin Li's abilities. They reckoned that the power of the two consecutive arrows was probably not inferior to the one that shot Lansdale.

It was no wonder that this young mage would go all out and attack Stephen without hesitation or consideration of the consequences. He even completely disregarded the three Legendary leaders of the Dark Blade. Well, since his arrow was so powerful, he obviously didn't have to be bothered by the three of them.

However, Lin Li knew that this was not enough. Although Holy Light and Darkness were powerful, they were still inferior to the power of Thunderbolt. Although the Stars of Fury was condensed by magic, the replica of the Stars of Fury that Lin Li was holding onto was not. Although the Reincarnation crossbow was extremely strong, it was still far inferior to the Stars of Fury that had been condensed by magic.

The entire process seemed to be seamless. The originally branch-like Rebirth also transformed into an arrow that fell into the crossbow, after which a ray of green light darted towards Gloomy Dark. With the emission of the green light, the hundreds of wind elementals surrounding the crowd instantly lost their vitality. They did not wail at all, and simply disappeared silently, leaving behind just a few elemental crystals.

That was the power of Rebirth. Not only was there vitality, there was also ruthless deprivation power. The power of Rebirth was to manipulate vitality, and even the strong Legendary magical beasts would have their vitality stripped off them. Even the High Elves who were known for their longevity would die under Rebirth. Although the wind elementals were elementals, they would only vanish without vitality.

Seeing the changes in the surrounding wind elementals, even Elder Randy and the rest who were Lin Li's companions couldn't help but shudder. Even though they had no idea what the power of this arrow was, the daunting and strange attack was much more shocking than the arrow that had struck Lansdale.

Although the Reincarnation crossbow was not enough for the power of the debris of the stars to be fully unleashed, the three pieces of the debris of the stars were still destructively powerful. Even the gorgeous longbow that had been condensed with mana seemed to have lost its l.u.s.ter.

After all, the Stars of Fury that had been condensed by magic only had Legendary power. Although the various rules and characteristics were different from that of the Stars of Fury, they couldn't fully exert its power.

Faced with the three pieces of the debris of the stars, the magic-condensed Stars of Fury seemed to have detected danger, and was put on the bow. With a thunderous roar, Thunderbolt evolved into lightning and darted towards the three pieces of the debris of the stars.

However, everything went according to Lin Li's expectations. The light of the three pieces of the debris of the stars was instantly consumed by Thunderbolt, which continued bombarding the Stars of Fury domineeringly.

A dazzling ray of light suddenly burst in the sky like a huge sun, glaring and overwhelming. It then swarmed over the entire s.p.a.ce like a strong tsunami. Even the few Legendary powerhouses on the ground succ.u.mbed to the tremors and almost lost their balance. Countless trees of the Sierra Leone Forest shattered because of the impact, and the deserted area in the middle was also expanded by hundreds of times.

No matter how powerful the mana used to condense the Stars of Fury was, it could only be destroyed by the attack of the three pieces of the debris of the stars.

At this moment, Lin Li immediately flew towards the middle without waiting for everything to calm down. Thunderbolt that had been attacked and defeated by the three pieces of the debris of the stars landed in Lin Li's hands. Despite being attacked by three, there were no traces left on Thunderbolt.

Lin Li had obtained yet another piece of the debris of the stars. Feeling the familiar aura in his hands, Lin Li suppressed his joy and decided to stop worrying what others thought. Instead, he quickly stowed Thunderbolt away in the Ring of Endless Storm.

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Although the rest were standing at a great distance away, they could still see Lin Li's actions. However, no one could say anything about Lin Li's behavior. After all, he was the one who saved them from the tough situation and gave them a chance to leave this place alive.

However, after seeing the power of the three arrows shot by Lin Li, Elder Randy no longer looked at Lin Li condescendingly, and instead treated him like someone of the same status. Elder Randy held a high position, for he was already a level-23 Legendary powerhouse and the eighth elder of the Emerald Council of the Elven Kingdom. Meanwhile, Lin Li was only the president of a small and unknown force, and a level-21 Legendary-mage.

The status of the two seemed to be unequal in any case, but Lin Li completely shocked Elder Randy with his powerful strength. Although the reputation of the Tower of Dusk was not apparent and Lin Li was only a level-21 Legendary-mage, no one dared to think that he was merely level-21 after witnessing everything that happened.

Staring at Cheyenne who immediately greeted Lin Li as soon as he returned, Elder Randy couldn't help but sigh and think to himself, Maybe this is what luck is all about.

He believed that even Cheyenne, who was the first to get closer to Lin Li, didn't know anything about Lin Li's abilities. That had nothing to do with judgment. It was all about att.i.tude and luck.

On the other hand, the Dark Blade, which was the strongest force, had to pay the price for being arrogant. If the Dark Blade had seen what happened just now, they would probably have regretted their decision too.

Although the appearance of a Geresco-like human was not a good thing for the elves, there was nothing Elder Randy could do now. He couldn't possibly kill Lin Li, even if he were to transform into the silver dragon, for the three arrows shot by Lin Li were Sanctuary-level.

Besides, humans had already completely secured their footing in Anril, and there were only a few extremists amongst the elves that were still clamoring to restore the glory of the era of the High Elves. Everyone knew that the Dark Age was already over. Unless the humans chose to destroy themselves, the dominance of humans in Anril would not be ended by any race.

Therefore, in Elder Randy's opinion, it was definitely better for them and the Queldana Family to forge a stronger relations.h.i.+p with Lin Li, the human mage who was similar to Geresco, than fall out with him. The thought of it made Elder Randy swallow his pride a little and stride towards Lin Li…

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