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Chapter 653 - Storm Lightning

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Chapter 653: Storm Lightning

Before the wind elementals could get rid of the freezing, the attacks from the Legendary team continued. They hit their respective targets accurately with magic arrows and other offensive spells. The wind elementals began bombarding them again, but the Legendary powerhouses were s.h.i.+elded by the magical s.h.i.+eld.

The most important and hardest thing to achieve during cooperation was unreserved trust in one's teammates. It was the kind of trust that ordinary soldiers had in their comrades. If mutual trust could be established among all members of the team, they could achieve power that was not simply c.u.mulative.

Although most Legendary powerhouses were not considered lone rangers, they basically fought their own opponents during battles. When it came to cooperation, they also launched attacks using their individual powers. When they were counterattacked against by their opponents, they'd also protect themselves first instead of leaving their safety in the hands of others.

However, the team comprised of elves and humans could basically be said to have truly cooperated with each other. They managed to achieve mutual trust, perhaps because they knew that they were all in the same boat, and they would be implicated if any one of them were to die. There were probably other reasons too. However, with such a strong trust between the members, they achieved teamwork that was no better than those who had practiced teamwork for a long time.

The eight Legendary powerhouses had their own strength. Although the dozens of wind element creatures were not Legendary in power, everyone had their own respective role. Those who were in charge of withholding the defense would stick to it, while those who were in charge of slowing down the wind elements would do just that. The rest was then responsible for attacking the targets.

No matter how great of a resistance the wind element had to magic, it would be impossible for them to stay strong under the combined attacks of several Legendary powerhouses. Basically, one wave of attacks would be enough to get rid of one or two targets. At first, the whole team was a little pa.s.sive and getting attacked, but as the wind elements were slowly eliminated, the effects of their cooperation began to show.

Due to the previous conflict, the Dark Blade had withdrawn from the operation, which meant that the team suddenly lost four Legendary powerhouses who were equivalent to almost a third of the strength of the entire team. The elves were not blaming Lin Li, but they felt that the absence of the Dark Blade was truly a major disadvantage to the team.

However, Elder Randy was not the only one who was surprised. Even Cheyenne could not help but be shocked that the team could work together and showcase greater power even without the partic.i.p.ation of the Dark Blade.

Perhaps some might think that the power of the team could've been increased if the four Legendary powerhouses of the Dark Blade had joined in. However, given the relations.h.i.+p between the Dark Blade and the Malfa Family, there was no way they would rely on each other and trust each other genuinely. How could they ensure each other's safety?

After the Dark Blade left, the three remaining forces could build mutual trust because they had no grudges against each other, and also had to face a common enemy under pressure.

After raging for a while, the wind elementals that besieged the crowd began to get attacked one by one by the cooperative team. Once they were attacked brutally, they would instantly disappear and turn into ashes. However, they didn't notice the change or knew how to deal with it. Hence, they simply did the same as before and cast their offensive spells in a disorderly manner.

As the wind elementals were killed one by one, the magic density on the battlefield decreased rapidly. In no time, the dark clouds in the sky had dispersed, and there was no longer any thunder. The huge Wind Blade that plowed a ditch on the ground also disappeared together with the last wind elemental.

Peace was restored, but the battlefield seemed to have been rummaged through. The scorched soil was covered in s.h.i.+ny crystal shards which were elemental crystals left behind after the wind elementals were killed.

The core of an elemental was actually similar to the magical crystals of magical beasts. Although an element core was relatively rare, the purest form of magical element was condensed in it, thus giving it its value.

Due to the fact that the cores of elementals only contained a single type of magical element, it could only be used on a single type of magic. The natural binding force in magical crystals was not present in the core of elementals; hence, it would be difficult to control accurately and efficiently when the magic is released. It would also result in a great waste of power during extraction—although the cores here were all level-18, their practical value was only level-15.

After the battle, the few of them randomly picked up the cores of one or two elementals in a bid to add them to their collection. Lin Li got his servants to pick up a few more, not because he wanted to see what important uses they had, but because he wanted to use them as a snack for the Elemental Wyrm Xiao Hua. Since each was a level-18 crystal, Lin Li naturally was willing to feed them to Xiao Hua. He would rather save the magical crystals for other purposes.

The results of the cooperation between the Legendary powerhouses this time was rather great, though there were some limitations since it was their first time cooperating with each other, after all. After the fight, the relations.h.i.+p between them seemed to have improved, and before they proceeded with the rest of their journey, they discussed the issues that they'd faced earlier on. This time, they wanted to build a stronger rapport while dealing with the obstacles.

However, the success did not make them forget about the arrow that had shot Lansdale. They were still as worried about the true guardians of this realm.

Filled with complicated emotions, they left the chaotic battlefield and advanced towards the middle of Sierra Leone Forest.

The only good news was that the environment in the Sierra Leone Forest was no longer the same as in the past. There was no longer any poisonous fog, swamps, or terrifying magical beasts. The wind elementals were the only enemy they had encountered so far.

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They advanced slowly, and would occasionally run into a few wind elementals, though in small groups only.

The solidified magic of the last realm of the Seven-Realm Spiral could be seen in the sky. The person who could have such a deep understanding of nomological power was probably only a step away from the Sanctuary-realm. Even the daunting Green Dragon King had yet to reach such a level.

Recalling the despair that the Green Dragon King had brought upon himself, Elder Randy could not help but be filled with agony as he stared at the solidified magic in the sky. When planning this operation at the start, he had been full of confidence in his abilities which he thought would help him stay free from any threats. However, the subsequent encounters were the punishment for his arrogance.

The people of the Dark Blade had already left, but even if they hadn't, and had buried the hatchet to build a rapport with the team, they wouldn't have improved their situation here.

That meant they had chosen the correct path! Elder Randy began to regret it himself. He thought, Why did I continue to push here after seeing the arrow that shot Lansdale?

However, it was too late for regret now. If he wanted to leave at this juncture, he would first have to get through the guardian of the realm.

After confirming the current situation, Cheyenne s.h.i.+fted his gaze away from the sky and onto Lin Li. At this moment, Lin Li was probably the only person he could rely on. The Green Dragon King had brought them despair, but Lin Li's pet managed to subdue it. Hence, he wondered if Lin Li could create another miracle this time!

However, Cheyenne had no idea that Lin Li was cussing in his head too.

d.a.m.n it, what pervert is creating such a ruckus!? Lin Li stared at the center of the lightning vortex in the sky. Although he could not see what was within it, there was already some evidence to prove his guesses. The so-called guardians of the last realm were probably not powerhouses at the peak of the Legendary level, but an arrow…

Long before the Legendary Bandit Lansdale was shot and killed by the arrow, Lin Li had vaguely found it familiar. That was also one of the most important reasons why he came to the Haiga Mountain Range—it was for Thunderbolt, one of the pieces of the debris of the stars.

However, one thing that Lin Li was not sure about was the arrow whose power was a bit too overwhelming. Of course, that was not to say that Thunderbolt was not powerful. As an actual artifact, the power of the debris of the stars was not to be doubted, and Thunderbolt was the most powerful piece of the debris of the stars. It could be said that if the power of Thunderbolt was fully exerted, shooting a Legendary Bandit down would be a piece of cake.

However, the problem was that it was definitely not easy to exert the full power of Thunderbolt. Lin Li already had three pieces of the debris of the stars which contained strong nomological power. However, he could only use a small amount of power in them, and he was still far from truly exerting the full power of the debris of the stars.

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