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Chapter 652 - Wind Elementals

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Chapter 652: Wind Elementals

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They stepped into the Sierra Leone Forest, only to see that everything was harmonious and natural around them. However, they all seemed to be extremely careful and conscientious. Elder Randy carefully protected Princess Elune and kept her by his side. If another powerful arrow were to come their way, he definitely wouldn't hesitate to block it.

The arrow that had shot Lansdale was like a sword of Damocles that was hanging over everyone's head. No one knew when it would fall on them. Although they had not encountered such an attack again, that was also the reason for their worry and distress.

There would occasionally be squirrels climbing up tree branches in the Sierra Leone Forest and staring at the crowd while holding a nut. They would never figure out why such a beautiful haven would make them feel so nervous. The birds were still chirping melodiously, and there were also constant calls from young birds waiting to be fed in the nests. If it weren't for the fact that they knew that this was the Sierra Leone Forest of the Seven-Realm Spiral, everything would seem so intoxicating.

However, this was still not a vacation resort for intruders, after all. Not long after Lin Li and company entered the forest, the beautiful and harmonious scenery was suddenly disrupted by an abrupt change.

The strong magical wave suddenly exploded around them, followed by countless offensive spells which poured out from all directions towards Lin Li and company. The dense Wind Blades diced the thick trees into sawdust instantly, while lightning struck from the sky like heavy rain, causing a huge pit to be formed in the ground.

However, the sudden attack did not make everyone panic, but instead gave them a sense of relief. Offensive spells appeared instead of the second arrow. No matter what the reason might be, the other attacks would be far less terrifying than the arrow that had struck Lansdale.

Due to the fact that they had been tense and careful ever since they entered the forest, everyone reacted immediately after they were attacked. Cheyenne, in particular, immediately put up a defense magic which not only s.h.i.+elded himself but also Lin Li and the gang.

Prior to the treasure quest that they embarked on in the Haiga Mountain Range, the Malfa Family was not exactly an ally of the Tower of Dusk, and the two forces were more like business partners. Cheyenne had headed to the Tower of Dusk personally to invite Lin Li along on the treasure quest simply because he'd been hoping that Lin Li would provide some support and add on to the chances of success. In fact, he was also looking for a competent sacrificial p.a.w.n. Although the Malfa Family had respected Lin Li on the surface, they actually found him to be dispensable.

However, Lin Li had not fulfilled Cheyenne's wishes, for he only brought the vampire Norfeller along. The Dark Blade's appearance then left Cheyenne with no other choice but to forgo his plans and put in effort to curry favor with Lin Li in order to get closer to him. That was the only way Cheyenne who had left Aminya City could manage to stand up to the Dark Blade.

It was impossible for Cheyenne not to be disgusted with Lin Li's behavior along the way. If the Dark Blade had not been around, Cheyenne would have definitely berated Lin Li even if he hadn't fallen out with him. Later on, the elves appeared, making it even more necessary for Cheyenne to get closer to his ally, the Tower of Dusk. Right from the start, Cheyenne had been feeling like he had to submit to circ.u.mstances.

However, the power that Lin Li had shown just now while destroying the Soul-devouring Domain with a single blow made Cheyenne change his mindset greatly. Cheyenne knew that he could not let go of this ally who he once thought was insignificant. He was glad to have established a cooperative relations.h.i.+p with the Tower of Dusk long ago, and that he did not disrespect Lin Li in an any way throughout the journey. He then made up his mind to strengthen their alliance.

With Cheyenne's qualifications, status, and even age, it would naturally be impossible for him to stoop too low, especially since that was against the interests of the Malfa Family. The so-called alliance was a cooperation between the two parties on an equal basis. Hence, if he were to stoop too low, he wouldn't be an ally but a subordinate of Lin Li.

Hence, regardless of whether Lin Li needed it or not, Cheyenne decided to nonetheless express his goodwill through his actions like he had before with Borg and Baldela.

Lin Li was well aware of Cheyenne's intentions. After all, the Malfa Family had been thriving in the Breezy Plains for numerous years. Although the Tower of Dusk was developing at a very fast speed with their own effort, an additional ally like the Malfa Family would only do good and no harm. Hence, he smiled and accepted Cheyenne's good will.

However, after seeing Lin Li's reaction, Cheyenne began to notice the enemies who had been attacking them appear from the woods. He didn't have time to rejoice at all. After seeing the enemies, Lin Li's heart sank, and the joy within him seemed to have vanished completely.

Everyone began to understand why there was only wind and snow magic in the overwhelming offensive spells only after seeing the face of their enemies. It was because the enemies were the extremely rare life forms: the wind elementals.

An elemental was not a magical beast, but was an ent.i.ty composed entirely of pure magical elements. However, there had never been a clear explanation for the lack of consciousness, and it could only be attributed to the magic of creation. In fact, most Legendary-mages would have a way of attacking after obtaining their own Magical Domains. The Angels of Light and Dark created by Lin Li were a perfect example.

However, elemental bodies that had been created through the Magical Domain did not have an autonomous consciousness; hence, they couldn't be deemed living beings. Like a puppet, they had to obey their creator's instructions, and were just tools and weapons. In the world of nature, elementals had their own consciousness like magical beasts, even though they were extremely rare.

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The wind elementals were essentially Wind Genies which on the surface looked like fumes of smoke that would condense into a humanoid form. However, their lower bodies were all tornados that spun continuously. Although they did not have an actual physical body, they were not to be belittled, because they were composed of the purest wind magical element. The high concentration of magical element in the wind system would make the life form get surrounded by countless thunderous electric snakes.

Elder Randy and Cheyenne added some ideas to Lin Li's plans, mainly regarding some aspects of their strength that others did not know.

After all, it was a team composed of Legendary powerhouses. Even though the enemy was a group of level-18 and above, there were limits to the damage that they could cause to Lin Li and the rest. The main thing the humans and elves wanted to do was to take precautions and prepare for future dangers. It was truly a cooperative exercise this time.

Outside the magic defense field, a group of wind elementals tirelessly bombarded them with powerful magic. Although they had autonomous consciousness, they were not that much smarter than magical beasts. When faced with intruders, all they knew to do was to use their full power to destroy them all. Devising strategies was too complicated for their knowledge.

In this battlefield, all the trees had been swept away by all kinds of magic, and had in fact been turned into debris. The lightning and thunder left flames everywhere and destroyed the beautiful scene in the blink of an eye.

The dark clouds rolled around in the sky while thunder struck down on their magical defense field. On the ground, a huge Wind Blade plowed a deep ditch on the ground, blasting everyone from all directions.

The magical defense field supported by Cheyenne was suddenly shut down, and the Legendary figures began launching attacks again. However, they decided to work together this time instead of attacking individually. They seemed to have become fully integrated, each performing a unique role. Although Elder Randy was the strongest and had a high status amongst the elves, he also had to strictly perform his role.

The cooperation between the Legendary powerhouses was not as seamless as that of the Double Death Dragons, but they were not fools, so they could work well with each other.

The wind elementals only knew that the detestable defensive layer had vanished, and immediately swarmed towards the exposed crowd. Like Elemental Wyrms, the elementals needed not worry about the lack of mana; hence, they could give it their all when attacking their enemies with the strongest means available.

However, a Legendary powerhouse would not be easily defeated, let alone a group of them.

Although the wind elementals could evade quickly, a few of them were still trapped when the Thousand Miles of Ice was shot out. Although the Thousand Miles of Ice could not really freeze them, it caused them to slow down. Without speed, the wind elementals were just like mosquitos without their wings—subject to any treatment of others.

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