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Chapter 650 - A Shocking Arrow

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Chapter 650: A Shocking Arrow

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After the ray of amazing light shone through, a huge hole appeared in the middle of Lansdale's chest. The flesh around it was scorched and charred as if he had been struck by lightning. Lansdale was definitely dead. Even if Pope Rosario arrived in person, he would have no choice but to shake his head and sing a hymn as a rite of pa.s.sage for Lansdale…

Staring at Lansdale who was still standing among the vines, all of them suddenly felt a cold chill down their spines as they could not contain the horror of it all.

Everyone had seen clearly that the brilliant ray of light that killed Lansdale was actually an arrow shot from the sky, though it was more absurd than what they could accept…

There were three Legendary leaders in the Dark Blade: the Legendary-mage Borg, the Sword Sage Baldela, and the Legendary Bandit Lansdale. Although Lansdale was not the strongest, he was not to be trifled with, and even Elder Randy had to be wary of him.

As a Legendary Bandit, Lansdale would definitely be vigilant even though he was adept at his enemies. While he did not have his own Magical Domain like Legendary-mages did, everything around him could be considered his domain since he had sharp senses. Even the slightest changes would not go unnoticed by him. No one would be able to him even when he was sleeping.

However, when faced with that brilliant light in the sky, Lansdale got his heart pierced in a single blow before he could even attempt to evade. Shock was written all over his face, and even during his last moments, he still couldn't believe that he would die because of an arrow.

The arrow that killed Lansdale by striking him in his chest had long disappeared, and no one even saw what the arrow looked like. However, the power of the arrow was deeply etched in everyone's minds and became an unforgettable memory.

Elves were famous for their impressive archery. Not only did they have a large number of elite archers, they also had archers of the Sanctuary-realm like Wind Whisperer Hull. Even the elves who did not specialize in archery were mostly great archers too. In Anril, the elves were considered the best in archery.

Apart from the Legendary Archer Gildor and Princess Elune who had the Song of Heart, Elder Randy was the only one amongst the elves who appeared here who had personally witnessed Wind Whisperer Hull's brilliance.

Hull had managed to kill the king of Ledin Kingdom with a single arrow that darted across thousands of miles. That arrow could be said to reach the limit of a bow and arrow in the opinion of the elves and possibly everyone else of Anril.

However, the arrow that struck Lansdale had completely thwarted the people's understanding of archery, giving them an eyeopener. No one knew exactly where the arrow had come from, and only knew that it seemed to have struck Lansdale menacingly and swiftly like lightning and thunder with explosive Legendary power. No one doubted it at all, and they all thought that it had already exceeded the limits of archery. Even Wind Whisperer Hull might not launch such a horrifying strike with the Song of Heart.

Almost everyone had the same idea in mind. If the arrow was shot at them instead, would they be able to escape? However, that was also the reason for their dejection because they were certain that they wouldn't be able to dodge it. Even if they were expecting it, they wouldn't know how to avoid it.

Shock was written all over their faces, and they couldn't hide it at all. Lansdale's death had taken them aback greatly. Only Lin Li, who had just ended the battle with Stephen, managed to stay calm, with no fear or terror on his face. There was only a slight tinge of worry in his eyes.

After a while, the arrow was nowhere in sight, and everyone gradually calmed down. In fact, after giving it some thought, they realized that there was no point in worrying, since even the Legendary Bandit Lansdale could not escape the arrow, let alone themselves. They felt that there was no need to make themselves nervous if there was no way they could escape anyway.

They decided to put Lansdale's death and the arrow aside for a while because they would never be able to figure it out regardless of the amount of effort they put in. Now, the only thing that was worth their attention was the battle between Lin Li and Stephen just now.

After that battle, there were also slight changes in the power dynamics of cooperation between the four forces that had delved into the Seven-Realm Spiral. Amongst the four, the elves had always undoubtedly been the strongest followed, by the Dark Blade, which had three Legendary leaders. Not to mention, Stephen had just entered the Legendary-realm too. To the elves and the Dark Blade, the Tower of Dusk and the Malfa Family were both insignificant, regardless of which one of them was stronger, or even if the two joined forces.

However, Stephen, who had just been promoted to the Legendary-realm, was now seriously injured and dying after the intense battle with Lin Li, while the fearsome Lansdale died because of a mysterious arrow. In the blink of an eye, the Dark Blade's power was reduced by half, with the Sword Sage Baldela and the Legendary-mage Borg being the only ones left.

Before this battle, people would have probably thought that Lin Li wouldn't be able to defeat the Dark Blade even if he had the help of Cheyenne. However, after what they had just witnessed, they realized that there was more to Lin Li's abilities and powers than what meets the eye.

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In the face of the situation which everyone believed would result in casualties, the giant black and white sword managed to destroy the Soul-devouring Domain effortlessly and cause the trapped souls to disperse, while Stephen was dying from his severe injuries. The power of Lin Li's effortless attack took everyone by storm, and shocked them even more greatly than the sharp arrow that shot Lansdale did.

As the prestigious eighth elder of the Emerald Council, Elder Randy also had great strength, but at this juncture, he had no choice but to take Lin Li seriously. Anyone could tell that Lin Li had yet to showcase all of his power, and none of them knew what his limits were. In fact, some even suspected that he had used some special method to hide his magical wave.

There was silence all around, and everyone was secretly trying to digest everything that happened and recover from the shock that Lin Li had given them. However, at this very moment, a powerful mana wave burst out all of a sudden and snapped everyone back to reality.

The powerful mana wave did not come from the enemies in the Seven-Realm Spiral, or rather, not the enemy of everyone. The mana came right from the Legendary-mage of the Dark Blade, Borg, who was also the severely wounded Stephen's father. The legendary Sword Sage Baldela also followed Borg while exuding a strong Combat Energy.

Lin Li frowned slightly, and the two Undead servants behind him immediately came to his side. Due to the fact that Stephen had attacked, the relations.h.i.+p between Lin Li and the Dark Blade had truly become a hostile one, and Lansdale's attempt on Lin Li had caused the animosity to form for good.

It seems that a battle with these two Legendary powerhouses is inevitable, Lin Li thought as he held onto the Helios' Scepter. Although he was about to face two long-established Legendary powerhouses, there wasn't the slightest tinge of fear or terror on his face at all.

All of a sudden, Lin Li, who had been waiting for a while, felt that there was someone else beside him. He turned around to see that it was none other than the Legendary-mage Cheyenne.

Cheyenne smiled slightly without uttering a single word, for he had already allowed his actions to show his decision to stand on Lin Li's side.

Looking at the tense situation which seemed to foreshadow a ma.s.sive battle, Elder Randy opened his mouth, but didn't say anything to dissuade them. Instead, he just shook his head gently. Although the elves had always been dominant in the cooperation with the Dark Blade, Elder Randy had no reason to speak.

Borg, who had surging mana waves around him, did not attack Lin Li immediately, and instead suppressed his complicated emotions. Lowering his voice, he said, “Mage Felic, I didn't expect to have belittled you even after interacting with you for such a long time. Your strength is really greater than what you show on the surface. Stephen has already been punished for attacking you. I hope you can give him to me, and the Dark Blade will retreat and back out of this operation.”

Borg's request was truly unexpected to everyone, but after giving it some thought, they all realized that it was indeed the best choice for the Dark Blade. There was already no turning back nor a chance of improving the hostile relations.h.i.+p between the Dark Blade and Lin Li. The elves were obviously going to stay out of it and leave them in the lurch too. If it were to go on, none of them knew what might happen. However, it was indeed admirable of Borg to make such a decision when Stephen was on the brink of death.

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