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Zhuang Bifan

Chapter 649 - Thunderbolt

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Chapter 649: Thunderbolt

Lin Li had once used the Light and Darkness Domain in front of everyone when battling the green dragons, but no one could notice the existence of the Light and Darkness Rules under the facade of the Frost Domain. Despite having scoured through the Seven-Realm Spiral and battled the Undead Lord and the Retribution Knight together, they could only subtly feel some light Rules in Lin Li's Frost Domain.

However, no one expected that Lin Li's mastery of the Light and Darkness Rules was already enough for him to create his own Magical Domain. In this black and white Magical Domain, the contrasting Rules actually fused together perfectly without seeming to conflicting at all.

What kind of mastery did he have to possess in order to do that? Even Elder Randy could not hide his astonishment at all.

It was not unusual to master the Rules of light and darkness. Almost all the popes of the Brilliance Shrine had their own Light Domain, while the Darkness Shrine, too, had masters of Darkness Domain. However, only a true master who had gained deep insight into the two domains could control the Light and Darkness Domain, which was a fusion of the two.

Of course, Elder Randy wouldn't know that Lin Li managed to create the Light and Darkness Domain because he mainly relied on the debris of the stars—Holy Light and Gloomy Dark. Regardless of what others thought, Lin Li would not easily let go of those who wanted to kill him, be it the dying Stephen or Mephistos who was about to be reborn.

With the expansion of the Light and Darkness Domain, countless Angels of Light and Dark flew around the sky, and even Stephen's Soul Storm could only slow down. Just as everyone was speculating and making guesses about how Lin Li had managed to create his Light and Darkness Domain, the Angels of Light and Dark who were flying in the sky suddenly broke apart and became the energy of light and darkness.

Could it be too weak to persist?! Cheyenne once again began to feel worried, despite feeling surprised earlier on.

Light and darkness were two diametrically opposed Rule forces, or rather two conflicting Rules. Yet, they were fused together to create a Magical Domain. The idea itself was already beyond what anyone could imagine.

The three Legendary powerhouses of the Dark Blade and even Elder Randy could not help but heave a sigh of relief when they saw the Angels of Light and Dark disintegrating.

However, after the Angels of Light and Dark disintegrated, the Light and Darkness Domain did not disintegrate. The countless rays of black and white lights merged in the sky while revolving in a frenzy. Eventually, they fused into a giant black and white sword. The giant sword hung in the sky while the rays of black and white continued to merge with it, causing it to elongate and expand rapidly, and making the humans feel tiny in comparison.

Lin Li pursed his lips and looked in front with a stern and menacing expression. He then raised the Helios' Scepter in the air, and the giant black and white sword in the sky darted forward together with Lin Li's movements.


One strike of the sword was all it took to shatter the Soul Storm which contained all of the power of the Lord of Souls, and countless souls were purified by the light contained in the sword. However, that was not the end. The giant black and white sword did not slow down at all. After cutting off the Soul Storm, it slammed down into the Soul-devouring Domain again.

In the Soul-devouring Domain, the countless souls that could not stop wailing suddenly let out a shrill shriek before falling silent again. Rays of light rose above in the Soul-devouring Domain, which were the souls that had been purified by Holy Light. Although purification would cause them to vanish, it was a form of relief for them after being tortured by the black flames for so many years.

Almost all of the souls that had been acc.u.mulated for tens of thousands of years were purified by the sword while the Soul-devouring Domain collapsed. Although the Lord of Souls Mephistos could escape this ordeal, the Soul-devouring Domain could barely reach its power.

Ever since Stephen had launched an attack and Lin Li retaliated, only a few moments pa.s.sed. However, to the surrounding spectators who had been on an emotional roller-coaster, it felt like an eternity.

No one could hide the shock that they were feeling, for Lin Li's abilities had already exceeded their imagination. He was only a Legendary-mage as well, but he managed to split the daunting Soul Storm apart with just one blow. He even shattered Stephen's Soul-devouring Domain! Was this really done by a Legendary-mage?

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Stephen had already fallen to the ground with the collapse of the domain. Although he could still exude a weak aura, everyone knew that he was already on the brink of death. Any Legendary-mage would be subject to the recoil of Rule Power during the shattering of a Magical Domain. Those who were lucky enough to survive would end up becoming vegetables that would never get to practice magic again.

Lin Li would deserve to die if he still launched an attack without taking any precautions despite knowing that the other party had a Legendary Bandit on their side. Lin Li had always treasured his life; hence, he would definitely take precautionary measures against any potential threats. Thus, he had already used magic to create a seed of h.e.l.l Vines beneath his feet.

The h.e.l.l Vines were arguably one of the best ways to guard against It took only a touch of magic to sprout from the ground and grow rapidly to wrap itself around any intruder who invaded its vicinity. Even if the opponent concealed himself, he wouldn't be able to escape the sharp senses of the h.e.l.l Vines. Once they tangled themselves around the intruder, they'd immediately absorb a large amount of vitality and inject deadly toxins into the intruder's body.

However, Lansdale was worthy of being a Legendary Bandit. Although he was caught by the h.e.l.l Vines, he didn't panic at all. He suddenly spun his danger and radiated countless rays of reflected light to s.h.i.+eld himself. A blue light flashed and a sweet scent of poison covered the dagger, after which the hundreds of h.e.l.l Vines wrapped around him were cut in the blink of an eye.

Before the other h.e.l.l Vines could entangle him, Lansdale suddenly disappeared. The next time he appeared, he was already far away from the vines.

However, at this very moment, Lansdale's face grew sullen just as he was about to scrutinize his surroundings. All of a sudden, a dazzling ray of light appeared in the sky, looking like an aurora and a rainbow…

No one could describe the splendor of this ray of light as it flashed across the sky as if lightning struck.

Shortly after, the world suddenly fell silent…

Lansdale stood amongst a bunch of vines with the dagger in his hand, which was emitting a faint blue light. Since the thickest and toughest vines had been cut away, Lansdale would be able to get out of the vines with just a gentle slit of the dagger and begin attacking Lin Li with the dominance of a thunderbolt.

However, it became Lansdale's eternal regret. Ever since then, he never had the chance to wield the dagger again.

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