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Chapter 648 - The Soul-Devouring Realm

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Chapter 648: The Soul-Devouring Realm

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As the dazzling light erupted from the gem on the top of the staff, everything around it suddenly lost their l.u.s.ter as if that ray of light was the only existence in the entire s.p.a.ce. The instant that it was shot, hundreds of blue light arrows darted out together with some strange mana, and continuously switched around like an illusion.

Staring at the hundreds of light arrows and sensing the changes in power, everyone couldn't help but be shocked. They were all Legendary figures, but not all of them had experienced Spiritual Magic before. However, they were no strangers to the troublesome Soul Arrows.

Although the Soul Arrows were presented in the form of light arrows, they could actually exist in another illusory s.p.a.ce. No magical s.h.i.+eld could defend against the Soul Arrow, regardless of how strong it might be, because its target was the human soul, and not the body.

Spiritual Magic could be said to be the strangest kind of magic in the world. Although it might not have the power to destroy the world, its attacks often caught others off guard, and could be invincible too. In fact, it was tougher to deal with than Necromagic. However, in Anril, there were very few who learned Spiritual Magic, not because it wasn't strong enough, but because not everyone was suited for learning it. Only those who had some kind of mutation in their soul could learn to use it.

Even the other two leaders of the Dark Blade were extremely surprised by Stephen's usage of Spiritual Magic.

When the Soul Arrows appeared, only two people remained calm. As Stephen's father, Borg had already heard about Stephen's encounters in the Abyss of Tharlen. After getting to know that his son had inherited the Lord of Souls' heritage, he was not surprised by the fact that he could use Spiritual Magic.

In the face of the attack of the Soul Arrows, Lin Li knew that it was the power of the Lord of Souls, and not Stephen's. At the moment before Stephen attacked, Lin Li clearly sensed that Stephen's aura had changed completely, and was now similar to that of the Lord of Souls, Mephistos. Although Mephistos had yet to swallow Stephen's soul, Stephen could very likely be attacking with the help of Mephistos.

Mephistos detested Lin Li even more than Stephen did. As the Lord of the Abyss, he'd actually got duped and set up by a lowly human who ruined everything that he had painstakingly built up for tens of thousands of years. Not only did he not get his throne back, he even got ripped into bits. It was a complete insult to him.

Hence, Mephistos used his full strength and power from the beginning of the attack in a bid to kill Lin Li instantly. Of course, venting his anger and resentment was just one of his purposes. More importantly, Mephistos wanted to get back the soul fragments that Lin Li had sealed back then. Although Mephistos was now being reborn vicariously in Stephen's body, there would be a huge increase in his powers if he could obtain the soul fragments again.

The Soul Arrows were only the beginning. At the same time that the Soul Arrows were fired, Mephistos' Soul-devouring domain was also unfolded instantly by Stephen, and he trapped Lin Li in the domain.

As the Soul-devouring Domain unfolded, everything that was trapped in the s.p.a.ce began wailing in despair. It included the souls that had been devoured by the Lord of Souls through the Soul-devouring Domain in the past tens of thousands of years. Overwhelmed with endless agony, they shrieked loudly in pain.

Just like the Soul Arrows, human souls were still the target of the Soul-devouring Domain. No matter how strong the human body might be, even the strongest in the Legendary-realm might not be able to escape the fate of being destroyed by the Soul-devouring Domain. A slight mistake or carelessness would result in one's soul being devoured by the terrifying Soul-devouring Domain, becoming one of the wailing souls.

Even the people outside the Soul-devouring Domain could not help but put on a sullen expression at this moment. The shrieks and cries for help that came from the Soul-devouring Domain were not aimed at them, but they could still feel their souls shaking. None of them expected that the young Stephen Borg brought along would exhibit such a terrifying power at this moment.

However, that was not the end of it. When the Soul-devouring Domain was unleashed, Stephen and Mephistos also showcased their strongest power, the extraordinary Soul Storm.

In the sky of the Soul-devouring Domain, dark clouds were ignited instantly, and blue soul fire lit up the entire sky, overwhelming it with flames. Hysterical laughter continuously sounded from Stephen as his body was completely engulfed by soul fire. Under his feet, the flames spread towards the surroundings rapidly, and the wailing became even more melancholic at this moment. The voices were filled with pain, anger, and despair. Their negative emotions seemed to strike directly into everyone's souls.

In the burning sky, the soul fire burned continuously and formed a huge vortex. Countless blue electric snakes leaped and descended from the sky together to form a pillar of lightning that connected heaven and earth. Under the traction of the vortex, the pillar continuously rotated and moved, making the entire s.p.a.ce seem like a thunder cage.

Back in the Throne of Darkness, the Lord of Souls Mephistos had once used the Soul Storm in a bid to devour the Lord of Darkness effortlessly. Although the power of the Lord of Darkness had weakened greatly back then, the Throne of Darkness was a Magical Domain created by the Dragon of Destruction. Under the suppression of the Throne of Darkness, the Soul Storm became much weaker. Besides, Mephistos had just rea.s.sembled his body, and had yet to recover the strength that it'd possessed during its pinnacle. Hence, it got destroyed by the Lord of Darkness.

However, things were now different. Without the suppression of the Throne of Darkness, Mephistos' power had been greatly restored ever since he'd fused himself with Stephen's body. Hence, the Soul Storm now was more powerful than it'd been at first. Even if the Lord of Darkness appeared, it might not escape the fate of having its soul get devoured.

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While laughing hysterically, Stephen manipulated the Soul Storm that seemed to be devouring the whole world. It then swept quickly towards Lin Li, following the arrows.


Cheyenne wanted to help Lin Li, but the three Legendary powerhouses of the Dark Blade were staring at him intimidatingly, leaving him with no chance to do so at all. Of those present, the only one who could stop Stephen was probably Elder Randy. He was the best candidate, be it because of his strong powers or his relations.h.i.+p with the Dark Blade.

However, Cheyenne turned to look at the elves, only to be disappointed because Elder Randy did not seem to have the intention of stopping them. Indeed, the elves had always been in cooperation with the Dark Blade, and they would undoubtedly stand on the latter's side in such circ.u.mstances. How could they help Lin Li?

However, Cheyenne's speculation was not definite. The elves had learned a lot from humans, with the most important being balance. Elder Randy knew that the continued conflict between the Malfa Family and the Dark Blade would be the most advantageous for the elves. Although neither of the huge forces posed a threat to the elves, it would affect the dominance of the elves in future.

From this point of view, it seemed that Elder Randy ought to intervene. After all, in the current situation, there were four Legendary powerhouses from the Dark Blade which were now stronger than the Malfa Family. However, after interacting with Lin Li, Elder Randy knew that he was definitely not a person who could be controlled easily. Instead of allowing Lin Li to play the role of balancing the Dark Blade and the Malfa Family, he decided that it would be better to let him die and let the elves be the ones to provide the balance.

At this very moment, the hundreds of Soul Arrows and the Soul Storm were extremely close to Lin Li in the Soul-devouring Domain. It was as if Lin Li would be completely engulfed in the next instant. Stephen had even stopped laughing and was waiting to hear Lin Li's shrieks. Be it to Stephen or Mephistos, that would be the most wonderful enjoyment in the world.

However, Lin Li suddenly shot out the Light and Darkness Domain, which was only black and white. The continuous collision of black shadow and white light merged into countless Angels of Light and Dark who flapped their black and white wings while flying around Lin Li.

As the Angels of Light and Dark flew around, the Light and Darkness Domain continuously expanded within the Soul-devouring Domain. The souls which had been devoured and tortured by the black flames of the Abyss of Tharlen suddenly stopped wailing, and began heaving sighs of relief under the purification of white light.

The hundreds of Soul Arrows disappeared at the instant that the Light and Darkness Domain was induced, just like ashes falling into water without even the slightest ripple.

The sudden change surprised everyone, and the weird soul arrows disappeared so silently. The Light and Darkness Domain was beyond the imagination of all, even though they knew that it was the nomological power of Light and Darkness. However, that was the reason for their disbelief.

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