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Chapter 646 - Never Disappearing

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Chapter 646: Never Disappearing

After ending the battle, none of them said a single word, and they stood silently on the ground instead, waiting to advance to the next realm. Although the two Rainbow Lion Scorpion Kings in this realm had not brought them too much trouble, none of them were happy, because they didn't think that they would stay as lucky for long.

When they arrived at the next realm, the elves frowned even before spotting any guardians, seemingly conflicted. In this realm, apart from the strong death aura, there was an extremely disgusting stench of decay.

The elves had never so desperately wanted the guardians to appear as they did now. They just wanted to get rid of the guardian as soon as possible and leave this disgusting place.

Although they speculated about the ident.i.ty of the guardians in this realm, they could not help but s.h.i.+ver when they really saw them. They knew that this realm should have belonged to an Undead Lord, but they did not expect there to be not one, but three Undead Lords, who all appeared at the same time.

The Humerus Wyrm in the sky which was physically similar to the Green Dragon King was one of the three Undead Lords. On the ground, there were two other Undead Lords who were commanding the infinite Undead Army. One of them was a Lich King who was s.h.i.+elded in a magical robe, while the other was the Skeletal Lord who did not cover his body.

In Anril, Undead creatures were arguably the toughest opponents to exist, second only to sages. They did not fear death, and would not feel agony or pain. Even if they only had a skeleton left, they would never stop until they defeated their enemies.

Necromagic was also known for its wickedness. It usually targeted either the vitality or the soul of the enemy. It had the ability to rapidly corrode its enemy's body or cause the enemy's soul to suffer in boundless pain.

However, Holy Light, the piece of the debris of the stars that Lin Li owned, possessed the power to purify all filth and put a restraint on Undead creatures. Of course, he was not stupid enough to take out Holy Light directly, nor was he arrogant enough to think that he could destroy the three Undead Lords just by using Holy Light alone.

A battle began instantly, and Elder Randy again transformed into a silver dragon which flew into the sky to fight the Humerus Wyrm, which was one of the Undead Lords. Princess Elune followed closely while holding the Song of Heart. Cheyenne and the other two elves joined forces to resist the Lich King's attack. Although this was their first time cooperating, there was a certain tacit understanding between them.

Lin Li and his two Undead servants were fighting the Skeletal Lord. Although there was a drastic difference in levels, the power of Holy Light was enough to intimidate the Skeletal Lord.

After entering the Seven-Realm Spiral, they had all faced intense battles, and even Elder Randy, the most powerful amongst them, couldn't hide his fatigue after defeating his opponent. None of them could relax, because they were only at the fifth realm.

Everyone sped up to recover, but as the Undead realm collapsed, a new world appeared in front of them again. In this world, there was still substantial death aura. If it weren't for the lack of stench of decay, they would have thought that they were still in the Undead realm.

Apart from the Undead Lords of the Undead realm, what else could there be in such an environment?

Their doubts did not last long; it seemed that the guardians of this realm were not willing to let them wait. The sounds of hooves filled the air amidst the dark mist. Next, they were greeted with the sight of an immaculate cavalry which rushed towards them aggressively.

Everyone couldn't help but take a deep breath, because the sprinting cavalry was not composed of ordinary knights. They were all riding on Nightmare beasts with crimson horns and h.e.l.l Fire hooves. Everyone knew that the Death Knights were the only ones who could tame and control Undead creatures.

One of the Death Knights stood out from the rest because he was rather tall and exuded a terrifying aura.

Although no one except Lin Li had seen the Retribution Knight before, the rest did know quite a bit about the Retribution Knights who were mutants among the Undead creatures. The cla.s.s of Rules had no effect on them, and they had their independent systems. No external force could dominate them, either.

Only legendary Retribution Knights could lead Death Knights. Although Lin Li had subdued a batch of Death Knights, there were too many coincidences that couldn't be replicated involved in that. Hence, he might not be so lucky as to manage to do it again. Even the three powerful Undead Lords did not manage to summon a Death Knight in the Undead Army.

Although the few Legendary-mages were exhibiting their own Magical Domains at the same time and using the Rule Power of the Magical Domains to create ent.i.ties that could rival the Death Knights, when faced with the attacks of the Death Knights, any retaliation would seem weak and fragile like paper.

The Death Knights were above level-15, and would usually grow up to level-17 or level-18. Under the leaders.h.i.+p of the Retribution Knight, the Death Knights might not evolve, but the attacks that the Death Knights displayed were definitely level-19 in power.

The Angels of Light and Dark could still dish out some resistance against the Death Knights. However, Lin Li's power was only at level-21; hence, he could only produce a limited number of Angels of Light and Dark.

If the battle with the three Undead Lords were considered the last tough battle in the Seven-Realm Spiral, this one would be full of danger and terror. Although there was only one Retribution Knight, Rodhart was the only one who could lead the hundreds of Death Knights.

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With the power of Holy Light, Lin Li led the forces of the Tower of Dusk and killed most of the Death Knights. As the strongest amongst them, Elder Randy naturally became the opponent of the Retribution Knight.

While Lin Li didn't have much of a reaction or expression on his face, Stephen behaved differently. After catching sight of Lin Li and the rest who appeared suddenly, he focused all of his attention on Lin Li, with no intention of hiding the hatred in his eyes.

Stephen's resentment towards Lin Li had never weakened; he had only hidden it throughout the journey because of his father's warning. At the same time, he also knew that his strength at that time was too weak to fight Lin Li, and he would only be embarra.s.sing himself by taking revenge without the help of his elders.

However, there was no need for him to hide his emotions now! He thought, You must be surprised, eh! You probably didn't expect this. So what if you're in the Legendary-realm?! I've had enough after tolerating this for so long. Now we're both Legendary-mages. There's no need for me to hide anymore!

Stephen did not just show his infinite hatred for Lin Li, he also caused his mana to break out while exuding his formidable aura without reservations.

At this moment, Lin Li frowned, and a mysterious look formed in his eyes. He finally knew the reason that Stephen's aura felt familiar. Isn't it the aura of the Lord of Souls!

However, after arriving at the answer, Lin Li began to feel even more muddled up. Back in the Throne of Darkness, he had devised a plan to lure the Lord of Souls and used his sword to destroy the Lord of Souls into bits. He'd then used the Summoning Lamp to seal everything. But how could Stephen's aura be explained? Did he really obtain the Lord of Souls's power?

However, a familiar voice sounded in Lin Li's mind at this time.

“Hey, is it me, or am I sensing that Mephistos' unlucky aura has appeared again?” Connoris said in disdain. Back then, he was the main accomplice in luring the Lord of Souls; hence, he had the right to show disdain for the stupid and foolish Lord of Souls.

Lin Li smirked, and said, “Do you still remember Stephen?”

“Hah, that idiot who thought he's so smart and wanted to benefit from Mephisto? He really doesn't know what death is.” Connoris was full of contempt for Stephen who worked with the Lord of Souls.

It would always be stupid to cooperate with demons, and working with the Lord of Souls Mephistos was even more brainless. When signing a contract with a demon, one had to be careful of the countless traps in the contract. However, when it came to Mephistos, no amount of consideration would be enough, because the contract wouldn't work at all. While one had to fulfill the terms in the contract, the same rule didn't apply to Mephistos.

“Then you guessed wrong this time. Stephen has really gained some benefits from Mephistos, and he has now reached the Legendary-realm,” Lin Li said casually. Lin Li was simply curious about the aura of the Lord of Souls that Stephen was giving off, and he was barely interested in Stephen's Legendary-realm powers.

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