Another World's Versatile Crafting Master

Zhuang Bifan

Chapter 637 - Purification

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Chapter 637: Purification

Lin Li waved the Helios' Scepter in his hand, and rays of Light of Purification fell from the sky and projected themselves at the Double Death Dragons. Although Holy Light, a piece of the debris of the stars had the ability to exude the Light of Purification, which could destroy all evil, it had no effect on the poison of the Double Death Dragons.

The Angels of Light and Dark condensed again, and flew silently towards the Double Death Dragons as their large spears radiated eye-catching bright rays of light. However, the 30-odd Angels of Light and Dark could not even make the Double Death Dragons stop for a second, and all they did was make the Double Death Dragons roar.

The difference in power was too huge, and Lin Li could not even struggle much. Lin Li's retaliation seemed useless, and the scheming tricks that he used to use were weak and ridiculously useless against the Double Death Dragons.

However, he was not going to give up just like that. Lin Li made up his mind, and the Angels of Light and Dark continuously condensed like moths fighting on fire as they continuously dashed towards the Double Death Dragons. They were h.e.l.l-bent on inflicting some harm on the Double Death Dragons even if they died.

The jewels on the top of the Helios' Scepter continuously flashed, and every glisten signified a strong and powerful magic. With every flash, the light would become dimmer. Although Lin Li felt distressed, what else could he do? As long as he could escape today, it would be worthwhile, even if it meant that the Helios' Scepter had to break.

All of a sudden, the entire graveyard was filled with Death aura, and a huge vortex opened in front of the Double Death Dragons. Countless skeletons of humans and magical beasts surged out of the middle of the vortex, and the deafening and shrilling howls filled the entire graveyard. They then swarmed towards Lin Li.

“The Rune Of Death!”

Looking at the oncoming legendary Necromagic, Lin Li waved his staff, and an ice wall fused with the Holy Light was instantly erected.

The ice wall shattered with a loud explosive sound that filled the air. However, the countless skeletons seemed to break through the ice walls.

Lin Li again whipped out the new piece of the debris of the stars, Rebirth, and put up a defensive layer in front of himself.

As the roars continuously sounded, Lin Li slowly retreated backwards. The Death Energy contained Life Rules, and the power of the Rules of the earth system was known for its powerful defense against the elements fire, water, and wind. Therefore, under the powerful attack of the legendary Necromagic spell Death Rune, Lin Li continuously retreated, but he still managed to forcibly support himself.

Lin Li was shot far, far away, and the Double Death Dragons flew over the heads of Ujfalusi and Norfeller in their pursuit for Lin Li. However, they did not pay attention to what was going on below. In the eyes of the Double Death Dragons, only the powerful object was worth paying attention to, and what they wanted to do was to kill the intruder and s.n.a.t.c.h the object.

Ujfalusi, Norfeller, and the two Humerus Wyrms had already been surrounded by the animated dragon skeletons. Hence, they could only watch the Double Death Dragons fly over their heads without being able to stop them. Of course, with their current power, they probably wouldn't be able to do anything even if they were to rush forth.

Lin Li finally stopped retreating, not because of the explosion of power, but because he had already reached the wall of the cavern, and even made a huge indent in it. He was almost buried.

Staring at the Double Death Dragons that were approaching him, Lin Li broke apart the rubble around his body and stood up. The dimmed gemstone on the top of the Helios' Scepter once again radiated a dazzling ray of light that caused the magic in the entire Magical Domain to surge. Holy Light and Gloomy Dark, the two pieces of the debris of the stars, appeared beside Lin Li, giving off a destructive aura with Lin Li's activation.

The Double Death Dragons stopped and turned into humans again, seemingly having sensed the energy and power coming from Lin Li's side. The two identical Dracoliches also appeared solemn.

The two Dracoliches raised their arms at the same time and moved in unison. As they moved, the strong energy slowly rose too.

It was because he survived the rune's attack that he managed to gain the respect of the two of them. In fact, they did not wish to wait any longer. Lin Li smiled wryly, and thought to himself, Seems like the Double Death Dragons are ready to kill me now.

Despite seeing that the Double Death Dragons were going to launch a quick and powerful attack against him, Lin Li did not take the lead to interrupt them, and instead continued to use his mental strength to activate the power of the debris of the stars. He then instilled all of his mana into the Helios' Scepter with no regards for his own life or safety.

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Battling the Double Death Dragons with magic? Lin Li was deep in despair, but his brains were not fried, so he knew better than that.

He'd been waiting for this chance! Lin Li had wanted to make the Double Death Dragons join the battle. Otherwise, if the Dracoliches were to rely on the Poison and Death Domains, as well as the 20-odd wyrm skeletons, without entering the battle directly, it would only have been a matter of time before Lin Li's team got destroyed without an opportunity to counterattack, let alone break out of the tricky situation.

Since his own powers coupled with Holy Light and Gloomy Dark were not enough to launch the t.i.tan Dragon Spear, how would things change if the Double Death Dragons joined in? Lin Li already saw the result. Four powerful forces bombarded the t.i.tan Dragon Spear at the same time, but although the t.i.tan Dragon Spear cracked, it did not immediately become fragmented. However, a thunderbolt darted out of the crack all of a sudden and shot at the Double Death Dragons without hesitation, seemingly having been attracted by the wyrms' aura.

It was a thunderbolt that had once broken the ground, and had been incorporated into the t.i.tan's consciousness. It had also been stained with the blood of many ancient wyrms that it'd destroyed.

The Double Death Dragons had no time to respond at all; they seemed to have been shocked by the terrifying aura given off by Thunderbolt. Suddenly, the thunderbolt blasted the indestructible Poison and Death Domains, and ruthlessly invaded the bodies of the Double Death Dragons to destroy them.

For the first time, the Double Death Dragons wailed in agony, but regardless of how they struggled and shapes.h.i.+fted, they could not stop the thunderbolt from destroying their bodies.

Lin Li wiped the blood off of the corners of his lips and flew away from the wall. He then grabbed Holy Light and injected mental strength into it. Holy Light suddenly shone and engulfed Lin Li like a sun that had descended onto the dragon graveyard.

The power of Holy Light engulfed the Double Death Dragons, and the howling gradually became weaker, until they vanished completely. The skeletons surrounding Ujfalusi also crumbled, and silence was restored.

The light of Holy Light slowly converged, and Lin Li slowly landed on the ground with no trace of joy on his face. He staggered forwards for a while before regaining his balance. He quickly took out a few healing potions and poured them into his mouth like he was drinking water.

Lin Li heaved a long sigh after sensing that his wounds were slowly recovering. Staring at his Undead servants, he said, “Take them now!”

Upon hearing Lin Li's words, Ujfalusi and Norfeller finally heaved sighs of relief too. Recalling the battle just now, they could not help but feel a little bit nervous even though they were Undead creatures.

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