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Chapter 635 - Double Death Dragons

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Chapter 635: Double Death Dragons

Lin Li's heart wrenched up. No one knew better than he did. Although the figure seemed to be a human mage, it was what the Dracolich looked like when it cast magic spells. When the Dracolich used the talents and abilities that it had when it was a wyrm, it would become a wyrm again. Although its body looked a bit illusory, both its aura and menace were the same as that of a real wyrm. They could also deal ma.s.sive damage.

Lin Li was lamenting in his heart. He was clearly already in such an obscure corner. How did he end up alarming a Dracolich? Did Dracoliches in Anril like sleeping near the edges of the graveyard?

However, Lin Li soon found the answers to his questions. It was because on the other side of the graveyard, there was an extremely strong Undead aura that overwhelmed him instantly.

At this moment, Lin Li was no longer just lamenting—he was yelling miserably how unlucky he was. This is just a green dragons' graveyard. G.o.d knows why I'm so unlucky. Not only do I have to face a terrifying Dracolich, I also have to face two of them in one go.

Double Death Dragons! How could the Double Death Dragons appear here!?

Lin Li couldn't believe his eyes at all. The awakening of the Dracolich had taken him by surprise, but he had never imagined that there would be two in the low-level green dragons' graveyard. I'm so far away from the middle, yet I still alarmed the Liches. Could it be that these two things haven't been sleeping in the center at all, and were both sleeping at the edges?

It wasn't impossible to have more than two Dracoliches in one dragon graveyard, but the appearance of the Double Death Dragons did not mean that there were only two of them.

The conditions for the emergence of the Double Death Dragons were extremely harsh, and their appearance was even said to be possible only in theory because the Double Death Dragons had to be twins, which was very rare for dragons with their extremely low reproduction ability. Next, the twin dragons had to rest in the dragon graveyard at the same time, and there could be no difference in the time of their deaths.

Besides, after those conditions had been satisfied, all local conditions had to be the same when the twin dragons qualified to become Dracoliches. However, even identical twins would grow up to be different from each other due to some external factors that they were exposed to during adolescence. Once there was a single difference, two Dracoliches would be formed, and not the special Double Death Dragons.

If this were to happen to humans, perhaps it wouldn't be too surprising, since the human population was so vast. However, wyrms had a low reproductive ability even though they had many descendants[1]. Hence, it was almost impossible for there to be twin dragons that'd then become Double Death Dragons, even if it were arranged by deities.

Hence, even though Lin Li had experienced so many things in the Endless World, the Double Death Dragons were still a myth to him. Compared to ordinary Dracoliches, the Double Death Dragons enjoyed a tacit chemistry that could not be developed with mere practice.

The Double Death Dragons could cast spells seamlessly—once one of them was interrupted, the other would finish. They could also split up and disintegrate half a portion of a powerful spell each. Together, they would be able to destroy spells stronger than themselves. They were two individuals, but also a whole at the same time. That was what made them terrifying and difficult to deal with.

Lin Li could clearly sense that the two Dracoliches were definitely the legendary Double Death Dragons. Their auras were identical, and they were so similar that Lin Li almost thought that he was hallucinating because he could not differentiate between them.

The only thing that made Lin Li feel a little comforted was that the power of the Double Death Dragons was not as terrifying as that of the Dracolich that he had encountered in the Endless World—they seemed to be only level-22. However, that did not mean that they were easy to deal with. Back in Roland City, he'd battled Vidas who was also level-22, yet the latter managed to drive him to despair. Moreover, the power of the level-22 Double Death Dragons was definitely beyond level-22.

Lin Li did not have time to think anymore. When he saw the two Dracoliches, he immediately unleashed his Magical Domain. At this very moment, he realized that he couldn't get up to any scheming tricks with the Double Death Dragons at all. He could only tide through by using all of his power.

In the blink of an eye, the snow buried the dragon skeletons around Lin Li. Like the surface of an ocean, there were countless waves in the snow, and numerous snow magical beasts suddenly emerged and darted at the Double Death Dragons.


The Double Death Dragons turned into dark green wyrms that were covered in black fog. The two wyrms opened their mouths at the same time and roared loudly, and it was as if the entire graveyard was going to crumble.

Countless snow magical beasts roared and dashed in. They then disintegrated. With Lin Li's current power of level-21, the snow magical beasts that he had created were at least level-15. However, they could not even withstand the roar of the Double Death Dragons.

The snow waves that kept rolling forward also suddenly rolled while the dragons roared. The waves of snow then swept towards Lin Li as if the owner of the Magical Domain was the Double Death Dragons, and not Lin Li.

The dragons roared, and Lin Li almost vomited blood as he unfolded all of his mental strength to control his Magical Domain. The overwhelming snow waves finally stopped in front of Lin Li, but before the waves could dissipate, countless skeletons had already showed themselves, and were attacking Lin Li.

The layers of light lit up in front of Lin Li immediately. The light layers created by the Holy Light had a strong purification effect, and barely endured the attacks of the Bone Spears.

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If Lin Li were in the Endless World, it would be a piece of cake for him to destroy the Double Death Dragons with Holy Light. However, Lin Li was only level-21 now, and could not fully exert the power of Holy Light.

“Poison Domain!” Lin Li exclaimed with a frown as his face turned green.

The power of destruction had already made the poison extremely lethal, and it was a true Rule Power. Poison that contained Rule Power was not comparable to the poisonous mist the team had encountered along the way. Even the green dragons' breath could not be compared to it.

It was practically impossible for a Legendary figure to press on. Lin Li didn't dare to hesitate, and quickly took a few potions from the Ring of Endless Storm. Not only were there high-level Detoxification Antidotes, there were also Master-level potions. In addition to taking them himself, Lin Li also shared the potions with Ujfalusi and Norfeller. Although they were Undead creatures, they could not resist the poison at all.

The Master-level potion was no less valuable than a level-20 magical crystal. However, at this moment, no one would bother to think about its value, because the most important thing now was to survive the attacks of the Double Death Dragons. Lin Li poured the potion into his belly, after which he felt that the erosion was constrained, slowly expelled, and eliminated by the potion's power.

However, the Poison Rule clearly affected Lin Li's Magical Domain. The snow magical beasts condensed at an extremely slow rate in the poisonous fog, and had yet to form a silhouette. Clearly, Lin Li had again lost the upper hand. The Double Death Dragons induced their Poison Domain into the Light and Darkness Domain, thus bearing a huge suppression on Lin Li's domain.

Apart from the Poison Domain, Lin Li also felt the power of the Death Rule. It was the domain of the Double Death Dragons. In this domain, the Double Death Dragons were the supreme controller of life and death. The snow magical beasts did not crumble only because of the corrosion, but also because of the invasion of Death Energy.

At this moment, a swirling black vortex slowly opened, and countless Undead creatures surged out of it. Ujfalusi showed his prowess as a Lich. After he returned to the Legendary-realm, his power had greatly increased beyond what he had had back in Syer town. Low-level Skeleton Warriors, h.e.l.l Ghouls, Vampires… Undead army was continuously summoned.

Ujfalusi, too, knew that the low-level Undead creatures could only play a very limited role, and might even be unable to qualify as meats.h.i.+elds. However, he still hoped that Tide of Death could help buy some time for Lin Li, even if it was only a few minutes or just a few seconds.

The Undead creatures were not afraid of the poison itself, but the corrosiveness of that poison was really impossible for the Undead to resist. The Skeletal Warriors were stained with green right after they emerged from the vortex. They then fell onto the ground, corroded beyond recognition.

Dozens of h.e.l.l Ghouls continuously fired infernal fire bombs, but the bombs could not even exit the radius of 10 meters, and were soon destroyed together with their masters. The mana of Liches was stronger, so defensive spells were erected as soon as they left the portal. However, the spells instantly burst like a bubble.

The Double Death Dragons needed not do anything at all. The strong corrosive effects of the poison were enough to defeat Legendary powerhouses and render the Tide of Death useless. Although the Undead army attacked endlessly, they would be destroyed in no time.

[1] In other words, it's hard for pure-blooded dragons to be born, but easy for them to have a one-night stand with some other magical beast resembling a dragon and make a kid out of that. The descendants mentioned here are the latter type.

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