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Chapter 634 - Dracolich

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Chapter 634: Dracolich

Although the venture was very rewarding, Lin Li dared not explore the center of the graveyard. He knew that while there were higher-quality Dragon Soul Herbs there, there were probably also Dracoliches hibernating nearby. Although the death aura spread through the entire dragon graveyard, it was stronger closer to the epicenter. Since the Dracolich was on its own territory, it would obviously sleep wherever it was comfortable.

After obtaining the Dragon Soul Herb, he returned to the dragon graveyard and stared at the dragon skeletons and crystals in front of him. They made him begin to hesitate. He could be careful and gentle with picking herbs, and he reckoned that nothing should go wrong if he were to be careful despite the fact that the dragon skeletons and crystals were large. Most importantly, he could do his best to avoid the epicenter. Anyway, the skeletons and magical crystals around the area were at least of the Legendary level, and even if they were only level-20, they were still treasures.

After making up his mind, Lin Li got ready to continue scouring carefully. However, Ujfalusi began stuttering at this moment. “M-Master, I need your permission for something, and… and I also need your help.”

Ujfalusi then waited for his reply. Actually, the last thing a servant should do was to trouble his master. However, he needed help for something that he could not manage on his own.

Lin Li glanced at the many dragon skeletons in the dragon graveyard, seemingly having understood Ujfalusi's intentions. The Humerus Wyrm was the most important component that decided the strength of a Lich—in addition to its own level. The reason why a Legendary-realm Lich was terrifying to others was that facing a Legendary Lich meant facing a Legendary Humerus Wyrm. Therefore, the real strength of a Lich should be derived from himself and the Humerus Wyrm that he had summoned. Ujfalusi probably wanted some skeletons of wyrms in order to strengthen his body.

“What's the matter? Do you want to change Crimson's body? Don't look at these skeletons anymore. Aren't there still those green dragons that Norfeller had sucked dry? They may not be alive anymore, but the bodies are still complete. At least, it could help increase your Crimson's abilities by at least half a level. It's much more durable and useful compared to these skeletons.” Of course, it was not that Lin Li could not bear to lose the skeletons, but rather that he wanted to give Ujfalusi a better suggestion.

Lin Li had initially heeded Connoris' suggestion and used the corpse of the Crimson Dragon that he had obtained from the underground palace to reshape his Humerus Wyrm, which now was much stronger than before. Although it could not compare to an actual wyrm of the same level, there was definitely a huge difference.

The Humerus Wyrm summoned by Ujfalusi inherited a powerful dragon crystal which was much stronger than Lin Li's Humerus Wyrm's. If it were to be reshaped by the complete corpse of the wyrm, there would definitely be a great improvement in strength. An increase by half a level would be an understatement.

Ujfalusi had always been envious of Lin Li's Crimson Dragon, but wyrms were hard to find in this world. The Lich was naturally thrilled to hear Lin Li's promise. If the Humerus Wyrm had flesh, it would really deserve to be called a wyrm.

However, that was not what Ujfalusi wanted. After some hesitation, he said, “Master, I was referring to something else, it's about my own power.”

Ujfalusi was now at the peak of level-20. To put it nicely, he was a step away from Level-21. However, he might never reach level-21 if he did not find a way to break through the bottleneck. Although he managed to return to the Legendary-realm based on his current experience, it would be much harder to advance further.

Lin Li was aware of Ujfalusi's situation too. However, he did not research or have much knowledge about Necromagic; hence, he could not come up with a solution. Although he had had quite a few conversations with Sendros before, Ujfalusi had yet to encounter such a problem at that time. Besides, most of those conversations had consisted of him answering Sendros' questions about pharmaceutics and addressing some rumors about Anril.

When Ujfalusi returned to the Legendary-realm and hit the plateau, Lin Li did not have the time to go to the Darkness Shrine to look for Sendros. Upon hearing Ujfalusi saying that he finally had a solution, Lin Li immediately felt interested. Who wouldn't wish to have a strong subordinate? If he had to do everything himself, it would be pointless for him to have servants.

“Tell me, what's the matter?” Lin Li asked curiously.

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“Here's the thing, Master. I know of a secret solution that can help me break through the bottleneck now and let me advance to level-21. However, I would need a powerful skeleton and soul.” Ujfalusi then glanced at the dragon graveyard which contained dragon skeletons that were undoubtedly the best material.

Lin Li gently waved Holy Light to see the dragon souls that could not escape in time. They had lost their mobility, and could only struggle beneath the light. Although Lin Li could not maximize the power of Holy Light with his current abilities, he could manipulate it to his desire. Hence, he was now just restraining the dragon souls without doing any damage to them.

After receiving Lin Li's instructions, Ujfalusi quickly took a step forward and rapidly chanted a spell while suppressing his fear of Holy Light. Finally, a bunch of dragon souls was dragged away from the envelope of Holy Light, flying towards Ujfalusi's magic staff. In the blink of an eye, they entered the grayish-white gemstone on the top of the magic staff.

Lin Li naturally wouldn't waste the remaining dragon souls in the beams of light after helping Ujfalusi collect some. He planned to collect the remaining ones for future use in case he needed them after creating Black Front Fortress.

However, at this moment, a ma.s.sive pressure suddenly descended in the area outside the envelope of light created by the Holy Light. Before Lin Li could react, the beam burst like a bubble under the pressure.

Next, there was an extremely chilly gust of aura flying towards Lin Li's face, making his heart skip a beat. It was the aura of a curse; someone was clearly attacking him.

Lin Li quickly put Holy Light in front of his chest to form a huge s.h.i.+eld of light around him, blocking the attack. Lin Li then looked forward and saw that there was a twisted shadow rising slowly from the ground. There seemed to be a person who was shrouded in a magic robe composed of dense dark green fog. It was also emitting powerful magical aura. As the figure appeared, the death aura in the dragon graveyard instantly trembled vigorously, and a chilly aura filled the entire graveyard.

“d.a.m.n it, we've alarmed the Dracolich…”

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