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Zhuang Bifan

Chapter 632 - Dragon Graveyard

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Chapter 632: Dragon Graveyard

Borg put a few magical crystals into the magic nodes and activated the Teleportation Portal. With a flash, the four people disappeared from the Teleportation Portal, and only left the few magical crystals that had exhausted their mana.

Undoubtedly, there was only one Immortal King's treasure. Although the first person to go in wouldn't get all the items in the treasure, he definitely had the advantage of choosing first. The Dark Blade could share this treasure with the other factions, but it didn't mean that they would give up all the advantages, not even to the elves.

After all, only the elves themselves knew if they were really here for the lost sacred relic. Although people wouldn't be stingy with compliments whenever they mentioned the elves, which intelligent race would really be straightforward in their thinking? Even if there was one, it would probably be already long extinct in this cruel world.

Thus, the Dark Blade changed their att.i.tude of keeping a low profile, and didn't hesitate to turn hostile to the elves when faced with the problem of who was to enter the Immortal King's treasury first.

Chief Elder Randy contemplated for a while, and turned to look at Cheyenne, who was walking over slowly. He said to Princess Elune, “Princess, let's go.” With that, the elves' team stepped into the Teleportation Portal.

When Lin Li and Cheyenne arrived at the Teleportation Portal, the Dark Blade and the elves had already left.

Cheyenne hesitated for a second before turning to Lin Li. He said, “Let's go, Mage Felic.” No matter what, the Tower of Dusk and the Malfa Family were the first to form an alliance with each other out of all the factions on this mission. Now, although Cheyenne was anxious to enter the Immortal King's treasure hideout, he didn't forget about his ally, the Tower of Dusk.

Lin Li shook his head, and replied, “See you later.”

Cheyenne was stunned by Lin Li's reply. But thinking about it, although the two factions were allies, they were still not a single ent.i.ty, after all, and n.o.body knew what would happen after the teleportation. Thus, it was normal for Lin Li to be holding back something. Cheyenne nodded and stepped into the Teleportation Portal. Like the others before him, he placed a few magical crystals in the nodes and activated the portal.

After everyone had left through the Teleportation Portal, only Lin Li and his two Undead subordinates remained in the dragons' den now. However, Lin Li didn't enter the Immortal King's treasure hideout directly via the Teleportation Portal. Instead, he turned back towards where they had come from.

What was the hurry with the Immortal King's treasure? Osric's underground palace in the Dragon Mountains already had so many fatal traps. Would the Immortal King's treasure be so easy to reach? Although Lin Li wanted to get Thunderbolt as soon as possible, it was better to let others clear the minefield for him. Of course, he didn't turn back just because he wanted to avoid those traps waiting for them at the other end of the Teleportation Portal.

In the vast and empty den, Lin Li's footsteps sounded very clearly as he walked back. The two subordinates followed Lin Li silently at the back. Neither of them asked why he chose to turn back. To them, there was a reason behind every decision their master made. They just had to follow.

However, Ujfalusi turned to look at Norfeller from time to time, feeling rather bitter. Until today, Ujfalusi who was at the peak of level-20 was considered Lin Li's prime a.s.sistant. Meanwhile, Vampire Norfeller was only level-19, and hadn't even reached the Legendary-realm.

However, how long had it been? With the blood from three green dragons, Norfeller's power shot up to level-21 and left Ujfalusi far behind. Although he didn't mean to fight for Master's favor, Ujfalusi couldn't help feeling sad given that Norfeller who had been much weaker than him had now gotten ahead of him by so much.

Unfortunately, Lich Ujfalusi wasn't a Vampire. Thus, he couldn't increase his power in the same way as Norfeller.

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After Lin Li walked for a few minutes, he reached a fork. Without much hesitation, Lin Li chose the path that seemed to be rarely trodden and walked in that direction.

Although Lin Li wasn't too interested in treasures, it was a crime not to take a treasure that was put right into his hands. Moreover, Xiao Hua was the one who had alerted him so he didn't have to share it with anybody else. Thus, Lin Li hadn't revealed anything earlier, and continued towards the Teleportation Portal with the rest of the team.

After all, those people wouldn't be able to get the Immortal King's treasure in a short time. After everyone had left via the Teleportation Portal, it was the perfect time for Lin Li to head back and retrieve the treasure that Xiao Hua had alerted him about.

However, Lin Li didn't at all expect Xiao Hua to bring him to the dragon graveyard. Those wyrm skeletons, those s.h.i.+ny wyrms' magical crystals… Lin Li couldn't help mumbling in his heart. If the Green Dragon King knew that this little thing had brought him to dig their graveyard, would it still leave so easily?

No matter what legends said, nothing could compare to the real thing. Lin Li stared at the dragon graveyard and exclaimed. He had heard about the ancient wyrms' dragon graveyard before. It was said that the dragon graveyard was hidden in the endless time and s.p.a.ce. Every dead ancient wyrm would concentrate all its spirit into the dragon's soul and enter the dragon graveyard. However, the ancient wyrms' dragon graveyard was clearly not so easy to find. Even if he had found it, he would face the attacks from countless powerful dragons' souls.

As the descendants of the ancient wyrms, the wyrms seemed to have inherited such a tradition. However, they didn't have the right to enter the dragon graveyard hidden in endless time and s.p.a.ce. Thus, they built a place where they could rest in the last stage of their lives. Although wyrms were extremely long-lived and possessed impressive power, they still couldn't escape aging and death eventually. In order to rest in peace after their death, every wyrm would return to this dragon graveyard when they felt that their lives were reaching an end, and would await their last moments quietly here.

n.o.body knew whether the significance of the dragon graveyard was just for them to rest in peace after their death. However, each dragon graveyard certainly buried countless wyrms that used to be extremely powerful. Although this dragon graveyard was only one for the green dragons which ranked the lowest out of all wyrms, they were still wyrms, after all, and the shock it brought Lin Li was still significant.

Lin Li finally managed to suppress his excitement with much effort, and his eyes cautiously swept the wyrm skeletons. He could tell that this dragon graveyard wasn't too old. It was likely formed at the end of the Dark Age. Judging from the time, it was probably only 1,300 years old, and not many wyrms had rested here. However, any wyrm skeleton or magical crystal could be considered a rare treasure, not to mention so many of them here.

The wyrms' magical crystals hanging in the middle of the skeletons shone a luring brilliance and radiated strong mana waves. Lin Li uncontrollably caressed the Dream Garden ring on his finger. Evidently, that greedy little thing had smelled the scent of wyrms' magical crystals. That was why it had prompted Lin Li to come here.

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