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Chapter 628 - Taste of Dragon’s Blood

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Chapter 628: Taste of Dragon's Blood

Judging from the exterior, the Song of Heart was designed in cla.s.sic elven style. With the intricate patterns on its arch arm and gems embedded on it, the Song of Heart looked arrogant and exquisite. On the other hand, the Stars of Fury looked far less attractive. It was designed in a rather primitive style. Though it didn't look very beautiful, it gave people a sense of solemnity. Hence, it could be said that the outer appearance of these two weapons was polar opposites.

Speaking of power, the Song of Heart couldn't match the Stars of Fury even though it was a weapon that was pa.s.sed down generations of elves and possessed considerable power. Wind Whisperer Hull had once shot an arrow from the Song of Heart and killed the Ledin Kingdom's ruler thousands of miles away. However, if the arrow was shot from the Stars of Fury, even a normal arrow without using the debris of the stars could destroy the entire Ledin Kingdom.

However, Lin Li still felt that there were some slight similarities between these two. This made him suspect that the Guru-level master who constructed the Song of Heart had probably seen the Stars of Fury before.

Lin Li believed that n.o.body could completely replicate the Stars of Fury—even a legendary Divine Smith couldn't do that. However, it was possible for a clever Smithing Guru to construct the Song of Heart after drawing inspiration from the Stars of Fury. Otherwise, Lin Li wouldn't have found the Song of Heart familiar as the possessor of the Stars of Fury.

Several thoughts emerged in Lin Li's mind, but his actions weren't affected by his thoughts at all. After all, even with the a.s.sistance of two Undead creatures and two Humerus Wyrms, he couldn't afford to make any mistakes when battling seven adult green dragons.

At a time like this, what was the use of holding back? It would be worse if he died while holding his trump card. Lin Li's robe suddenly stopped moving as if the turbulence caused by the green dragons' flapping wings had totally disappeared. Next, he raised his Helios' Scepter slowly, and powerful mental strength radiated throughout the area.

Following the recitation of spells, dark clouds loomed over the sky, and the battlefield on Lin Li's side was covered in darkness. Snow fell into the darkness, forming a frosty world almost instantly. This frosty world was in a stark contrast to the Culofen's Flame Domain.

After the Magical Domain of frost, light, and darkness had been unleashed, snow monsters rushed towards the green dragons once they were formed. The Angels of Light and Dark flapped their black-and-white wings and stabbed their Frost Spears at the green dragons.

With Lin Li currently being level-21 and his new knowledge obtained from the Book of Eternity, his understanding of Rule Power was much higher than before. Even if he hadn't integrated Holy Light and Gloomy Dark, his Magical Domain would've still been much more powerful than before.

However, these green dragons also possessed power above level-20. Moreover, they also had very high magic resistance and defense. Hence, they were equally violent despite being in the Magical Domain of frost, light, and darkness. The countless snow monsters and Angels of Light and Dark could only combat the green dragons for a little while. In less than 15 minutes, their bodies were torn into pieces and disappeared in the Magical Domain.

After putting in his all to stabilize the Magical Domain, Lin Li looked at the Dark Blade's battle again. If there was a faction most likely to become his enemy, it would be the Dark Blade. Hence, Lin Li had to understand the Dark Blade's abilities a little more. Although that would put more pressure on himself, Lin Li wouldn't miss this opportunity to know more about the Dark Blade's abilities.

In fact, Lin Li was shocked by what he saw. In the elves' battle just behind him, the silver wyrm Chief Elder Randy had shapes.h.i.+fted into could barely resist the attacks from seven green dragons even with the help of three other elves. However, the three Legendary chiefs of the Dark Blade seemed to be facing the seven green dragons at ease.

Lin Li couldn't help but gasp. No wonder the three chiefs of the Dark Blade were Legendary powerhouses. Given that Cheyenne had led the Malfa Family thus far, it was remarkable that he could protect the Malfa Family from being wiped out by the Dark Blade for such a long time.

Legendary Sword Sage Baldela's moves were powerful and big. Although he waved his sword at the dragons directly, he didn't seem to be at disadvantage at all; G.o.d knew how much power was contained in his body. His sword might not be able to harm the green dragons directly, but every attack would make the mammoth green dragons move back.

The green dragons roared continuously as if in disbelief as this worm-like intruder had so much strength that forced them to move back involuntarily.

Meanwhile, the elegant Bandit Lansdale waved his thin sword agilely and didn't change his demeanor. A green dragon waved its claws as if chasing after a mosquito, but it could only catch air.

The Legendary-mage Borg that Lin Li had most contact with couldn't be underestimated, either. He waved his magic staff continuously, releasing high-level spells one after another like a thunderstorm. This level-21 Legendary-mage was probably on the verge of level-22.

With the abilities of the three Legendary chiefs, it was only a matter of time before the Dark Blade wiped out the Malfa Family. Cheyenne was probably aware of that too. Thus, he seized on the opportunity of finding the Immortal King's treasure, hoping that it would give the Malfa Family more breathing room to survive.

However, what really surprised Lin Li in the Dark Blade's battle wasn't the three chiefs' true power, but Stephen Borg had added to the elite team later on. Lin Li knew that Borg wouldn't let his son die here. However, he hadn't expected that Borg's confidence didn't come from his ability to protect Stephen, but rather Stephen's own power. Surprisingly, Stephen wasn't a burden to anyone during this battle.

How could Lin Li not be surprised? After all, he knew about Stephen's level. Back when they were contending for Geresco's relics, Hutton, Stephen, and Lin Li had been sent into the Abyss of Tharlen by Tutankhamun. Although Stephen was called the most talented genius in the Breezy Plains together with Hutton, he had just been a level-17 or 18 Archmage back then, not even a match for Hutton.

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How long had it been since then? Stephen's power had already undergone such drastic changes. Now, he seemed to be one step away from reaching the Legendary-realm.

At the surface, the Tower of Dusk seemed to be powerful and strong since it had both Undead creatures and Humerus Wyrms at its disposal. However, even if each of them could battle one dragon, Lin Li still had to deal with three green dragons all by himself. Lin Li was just a level-21 Legendary-mage. Even with all the techniques he was using and the experience he had gained from the Book of Eternity, the pressure he faced when battling with three Legendary dragons was still immense as the difference in power between them was too huge.

He had to break out of this situation fast. If not, his mana would be depleted even with the Star-scarred Robe. Lin Li turned back and dealt with the current circ.u.mstances wholeheartedly, thinking of ways to change his situation.

With the current situation, the whole team would perish within minutes if Lin Li didn't deal with three or even four green dragons at once. As such, Lin Li didn't have time to release more powerful Legendary magic. As for instantaneous Legendary magic, it was too weak to take down the green dragons.

Now, the most urgent problem was that there was no warrior in the Tower of Dusk who'd be able to cause any real damage to the dragons or resist their attacks directly. The elves had the silver wyrm, the Dark Blade had Sword Sage Baldela, but what about the Tower of Dusk?

The only one who could be considered a warrior was Vampire Norfeller. However, he hadn't reached Legendary-realm, and couldn't even deal with a green dragon by himself. How could he withstand so much pressure to give Lin Li time to release sufficiently strong Legendary magic?

However… Lin Li's eyes flashed. Since n.o.body could withstand the green dragons' attack directly and buy time for him to release Legendary magic, how about the reverse? He could be the one to withstand the attacks and let others deal the killing blow.

“Norfeller, do you want to have a taste of the dragon's blood?” yelled Lin Li. As he pointed the Helios' Scepter forward, powerful magic swarmed out. It didn't just aim at the dragons he was battling, but also the other green dragons.

The seven green dragons fighting against the Tower of Dusk roared at once. They ignored their original opponents and pounced towards that insignificant human who was provoking them.

Ujfalusi and the two Humerus Wyrms hurried to Lin Li's side and helped their master to battle the seven dragons. Now, all of them started dealing with the dragons' attack together. Lin Li, Ujfalusi, and the two Humerus Wyrms withstood the seven green dragons' attacks with all they had. Under such circ.u.mstances, Vampire Norfeller seemed to have become an outsider.

Just like what Lin Li had thought, others were watching him as well while he was watching the others. Seeing that Lin Li had made such a bad move, be it the elves or the Dark Blade, they couldn't help but scold Lin Li internally. As for Cheyenne who was battling two green dragons, his expression got more bitter. If the Tower of Dusk perished just like this, what good could he get even if the team had found the treasure?

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